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Comparison of legal regulation of notice of termination in the Czech Republic and Poland
Szopová, Magdalena ; Pichrt, Jan (advisor) ; Drápal, Ljubomír (referee)
Title: Comparison of legal regulation of notice of termination in the Czech Republic and Poland The aim of this master thesis is the comparison of legal regulation of notice of termination of employment relationship in the Czech Republic and Poland. This paper provides an overview of the legislation of notice of termination in these two states and in the end contains the comparison and evaluation of legal regulations concerned. The work consists of eight chapters, introduction and conclusion. The first chapter outlines the international and European legislation related to labour law with emphasis on termination of employment. The chapter contains a number of international conventions adopted in particular within the ILO as well as European legislation which deals with this issue. The second chapter contains treatise on termination of employment relationship in general, where the basic sources of national labour law in each country and a brief description of all forms of termination of employment relationship are stated. This chapter also contains a brief description of the relationship between civil and labour law and its development. The third chapter discusses the substantive aspects of notice of termination. It starts with general commentary on the concept of notice of termination, continues by...
Work injury and occupational disease
Šourek, Filip ; Drápal, Ljubomír (advisor) ; Štefko, Martin (referee)
The aim of the thesis is to give a comprehensive view on the issue of occupational accidents and occupational diseases. The work uses the descriptive method, the method of analysis and the comparative method. The entire text is structured into chapters and subchapters. The main focus is on the work with the judicial decisions that are closer discussed and analyzed. The work defines the basic concepts of occupational accidents and related occupational diseases, such as an accident at work, occupational disease, pain or social impairment, discusses the conditions of employer liability for damage at work accidents and occupational diseases, the possibility of exemption the employer for damage and employers liability insurance for damage. The greatest attention in the thesis is paid to types of compensation related to accidents at work and occupational diseases provided to injured employees or bereaved persons. Neglected is not even forthcoming amendment to Act no. 262/2006 Coll., the labor code and long-delayed law no. 266/2006 Sb., of casualty insurance employees.
Non-competition Clause
Kopsová, Adéla ; Drápal, Ljubomír (advisor) ; Bělina, Miroslav (referee)
The aim of the thesis is to be a comprehensive analysis of the non-competition clause in Czech Labour law. The reason for my research is to examine the non-competition clause, compare and contrast its advantages and disadvantages and to make a conclusion, whether the current legislation meets the requirements of both contracting parties. The thesis is composed of four chapters, each of them dealing with different aspects of non-competition clause, its history and its current problems. Chapter One is introductory and describes the competition in general and in Labour law. The chapter is subdivided into two parts. Part One describes the difference between the competition during the employment relationship and after termination of the employment. Part Two describes the basic terminology and the current state of a non-competition clause. Chapter Two focuses on the history of the non-competition clause in our legislation and illustrates the evolution of such institute. This chapter is subdivided into three parts. Each of them focuses on a specific historical period in the evolution of the non-competition clause. Chapter Three examines non-competition clause in the recent legislative history and comprises of four parts. Part One contains the wording of a non-competition clause in the Labour law legislation...
Compensation for Occupational Accidents and Deseases
Kubínová, Petra ; Drápal, Ljubomír (advisor) ; Morávek, Jakub (referee)
English abstract Compensation for Occupational Accidents and Diseases The aim of this thesis is to give a comprehensive view of problematics related to occupational accidents and occupational diseases with attention to the types of compensation of injury and their comparation with legislation of compensation of accidents in civil law. According to author's opinion a deference between legislation of compensation of injury in civil law and in labour law can have a big influence on a victim status. Because of that the author of this work suggest to harmonize legislation of compensation of injury for all cases. The text is structured into chapters and subchapters. In this thesis author defines the basic concepts as occupational accidents, occupational diseases, duties of employers and employees in connection with an accident at work or occupational disease, employer's liability for damage and system of employer's liability insurance for damage. A large part of this work is also paid to the system of work injury insurance, which was to be run through the Czech Social Security Administration in the form of provision of social benefits to employees injured by work injury or occupational disease. Besides that the main attention is paid to forms of compensation for injured employees or in the event of employee death...
Company health-care services
Tomšej, Jakub ; Pichrt, Jan (advisor) ; Chvátalová, Iva (referee) ; Drápal, Ljubomír (referee)
- 193 - Abstract This dissertation theses describes the topic of company health-care services. The thesis provides a complex analysis of providing company health-care services with particular focus on the connection of these services with the employment relations and the legal instruments governed by the Labour Code. The thesis focuses in particular on the topic of medical examinations and medical reports, as well as the unfitness to work due to health-related reasons as a reason for termination of employment or other employment-law consequences. Besides an analysis of the current legislation, the theses further deals with the current case law, and in particular the judicial decisions on medical reports and their review by administrative and civil courts. The thesis also describes related legal instruments in the field of personal data protection and liability for damages, and provides a short comparison of the analysed legal regulation and the regulation of public service.
Liability for a damage in the practise of the courts
Gergeľová, Zuzana ; Drápal, Ljubomír (advisor) ; Pichrt, Jan (referee)
Liability for a damage in the practise of the courts: The aim of the thesis is to analyse liability for damage in the Czech labour law with an emphasis on the case law. The thesis contains examination of various aspects of liability for a damage in the labour law with the highlight on a practice of the courts. There are five chapters included in the thesis. The first one begins with the general conception of the liability in the Czech law. The liability for damage with the specification of its basis is described next. The next part points out that there are basically two kinds of the liability for damage: the liability of an employee and the liability of an employer. The ending of the first chapter is dealing with the significance of the case law in the continental Europe system, particularly in the Czech law. The second chapter characterises the liability for a damage of an employee. The General liability of an employee with a detail analysis of the basis of the liability, which can be found through the whole thesis, is presented firstly. In the next part focuses on the basic requirements for the formation of the distinctive liabilities for a damage, the Liability for a shortfall in things entrusted to an employee and the Liability for a loss of the things entrusted to an employee. The last part of...
General duty of the employee to provide compensation for damage
Langhammerová, Šárka ; Drápal, Ljubomír (advisor) ; Morávek, Jakub (referee)
General duty of the employee to provide compensation for damage Abstract The diploma thesis deals with the institute of the general duty of the employee to provide compensation for damage. The employee's general duty to provide compensation for damage stipulates that the employee is liable to the employer for the damage he caused by breaching his or her duties in performance of work tasks or in direct relation to him. Undoubtedly, the issue is still relevant and highly frequent in practice. This institute of labor law is intended to ensure greater protection of the employee as the weaker party of the employment relationship. This advantage for the employee is justified by the nature of the employment relationship where the employee is in a dependent position, as well as the general social and social context. An employee, if he fulfills the preconditions of the general obligation to compensate for damage, has a more advantageous position compared to other pests, which are responsible for the damage according to the general regulation contained in the Civil Code. The thesis attempts to outline and answer important questions about the nature and application of the employee's general employer's liability for damages by using a descriptive, analytical, and comparative method. The work is divided into ten parts....
Legal status of managers when terminating employment
Kodeš, Jan ; Drápal, Ljubomír (advisor) ; Morávek, Jakub (referee)
Legal status of managers when terminating employment This thesis deals with the topic of the legal status of a manager when terminating employment. The first chapter outlines the gradual evolution of a job position of an employee- manager in between the years 1918 to 2006 and shows conditions under which it was possible to terminate employment with an employee in a managerial position. The next chapter introduces the individual participants to the employment relationships that is an employee, manager and employer. The third chapter describes the two possible ways how to commence employment in case of a manager which is the appointment or the employment contract and defines all the requirements necessary to comply with so the employment is valid. The following chapter concentrates on the rights and obligations of ordinary employees and managers and the obligations of employers. Managers have the same rights and obligations as ordinary employees, but as they also have to fulfil the role of an intermediator between employer and ordinary employees, they enjoy additional rights and obligations. The fifth chapter focuses on the termination of employment of both managers and ordinary employees. The chapter illustrates in detail three ways how to terminate employment. Employment may be terminated by legal...
Redundancy payment
Jeník, Marek ; Drápal, Ljubomír (advisor) ; Morávek, Jakub (referee)
The master's thesis deals with redundancy payment and other compensations that result from labour relations and service relations. The main task is a description of redundancy payment and notice reasons related to redundancy payment. The thesis describes redundancy payment in the Slovak Republic and compares it with redundancy payment in the Czech Republic. Compensation in the service relationship and officials of territorial self-governing units are discussed. The case law of the Supreme Court is included. The diploma thesis is divided into four chapters. The termination of employment is discussed in the first chapter. The chapter focuses on legal action towards termination of employment. The reasons for termination of employment under the Labour Code related to redundancy payment are described. The second chapter focuses on redundancy payment as the main topic of the thesis. The chapter contains definition and purpose of redundancy payment. The legal redundancy payment and its amount are defined. Further, the calculation of redundancy payment is explained. There is also an explanation of contractual redundancy payment where the parties can agree on redundancy payment. The third chapter describes the termination of employment, redundancy payment under the Slovak Labour Code. It also compares the...
The liability of the employee for the damage caused to the employer
Drahovzal, Jaroslav ; Bělina, Miroslav (advisor) ; Drápal, Ljubomír (referee)
The rigorosum thesis is focussed on the responsibility of an employee for damages caused to the employer. The work firstly describes the problem of the law responsibility in general and then responsibility for the damage. The main part of this work is shaped by the description of individual kinds of the responsibility of an employee for the loss and by the question of the extend of compensation. Attention is also paid to the prevention of the damage, labour law of the European Union and the options of the employee to insure against liability for any material damage caused to the employer.

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