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The other living being: Trends of animals' integration into society.
Štiková, Irena ; Hájek, Martin (advisor) ; Šanderová, Jadwiga (referee)
The thesis deals with a relationship between humans and animals. In particular, it focuses on a trend of inclusion and exclusion of animals to/from society. Main research questions are designed to answer a question how the dynamics of this trend looks. A dynamic of moral status of animals, legal status of animals, symbolic status of animals and a status of another living being is examined on the European society from antiquity to the present. This time period is divided into 7 parts. The thesis explores not only the dynamics of the statuses, but also their interaction. The symbolic establishment of human - animal boundaries in the European history is considered as well. The thesis reflects essential turning points and tendencies which had the influence on the trend of inclusion and exclusion of animals to/from society. Reader should get the basic knowledge about the development of human - animal relationship through the history.
Time and society. Social time over the centuries
Štiková, Irena ; Petrusek, Miloslav (advisor) ; Svobodová, Ludmila (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the phenomenon of time from a sociological perspective. More specifically it investigates the social time in contemporary and medieval western society. The theoretical and methodological framework is based on the Sociology of Time and on the Historical sociology. These two fields of study provide an adequate basis for research in this thesis. It is used study, compilation and comparative analysis of relevant sources. It means historical, sociological papers and fiction, which deal with the problematic of time. The social time in medieval society is examined from the following views: attitude to history, transience, structuring activities, labour and religion. The second part reflects social time in contemporary society from a little bit atypical point of view. Aspects of immortality and goals of our contemporary fast period are pointed out. The main vision of these sites it to explore the social time itself and in context of medieval and contemporary society.

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