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Transformation of political elites in the Czech Republic
Čápová, Lucie ; Mlejnek, Josef (advisor) ; Švec, Kamil (referee)
The diploma thesis focuses on the examination of political elites with the field of focus being the members of the government of the Czech Republic, the leadership of the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic. And selected political groups with selected members. The people in question are the chairman of the political groups. The oldest and youngest men and the oldest and youngest women. This is applied to three selected periods, which are being the years of 1995, 2005 and 2015. First of all, every period will be examined separately, then the periods will be compared. The comparisons will be as follows: 1995-2005, 2005-2015 and 1995-2015. The diploma thesis is divided into five chapters. The first chapter focuses on the theory of elites, where are described chosen theories. From the second up to the fourth chapter, the diploma thesis is devoted to the descriptions of the members of the Czech government, leaders of the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech parliament and selected political groups with selected members in the years of 1995, 2005 and 2015. The last fifth chapter is focused on the mutual comparisons of the years of 1995-2005, 2005-2015 and 1995-2015. The diploma thesis purpose is to record the changes of the political elites in the government of the Czech Republic...
Specification of the geothermic model in the environs of several selected boreholes
Čápová, Lucie ; Dědeček, Petr (advisor) ; Procházka, Martin (referee)
With the advances in research of the Hot Dry Rock environment and Enhanced Geothermal Systems, geothermal energy is soon going to compete with other unconventional energy resources in Europe where Germany and France are pushing the research ahead. In the Czech Republic, the geothermal exploration borehole drilled in Litoměřice in 2006 - 2007 provided information that contributed greatly to the understanding of geothermic conditions in the country. In addition to Litoměřice, two other areas have been recently subject to geothermal exploration: Semily and Liberec. These three areas have been studied in detail in this Master's thesis to assess their geothermal potential. Information on the geology of the selected areas was gathered from numerous scientific papers and reports and was compared with information from geological maps and boreholes. On the basis of this information, geological sections of the area of Litoměřice and Semily were compiled. Drill core samples from five boreholes from the geological units in the areas under investigation were collected and measured using the Lippmann & Rauen Thermal Conductivity Scanner. Thermal conductivity of geological units inferred in the basement but not intersected in the boreholes was estimated on the basis of values presented in literature. Finally,...
Geothermal energy
Čápová, Lucie ; Kobr, Miroslav (advisor) ; Datel, Josef (referee)
Geothermal energy is a perspective renewable source of energy. Its usage is undergoing vast development, focused especially on geothermal heat pumps and Enhanced Geothermal Systems. Basic information on the sources of Earth's heat, geological conditions and other factors influencing how geothermal energy may be exploited and processed, is presented in this paper. Various scientific papers and information resources of relevant companies have been investigated in order to obtain data on the usage of geothermal energy, focusing mainly on different types of thermal environment. One of the chief aims of this work was to provide examples of significant geothermal fields worldwide (Italy, New Zealand, USA, Philippines, Iceland, France), including specific information on each of the sites. In addition, the possibility of the use of geothermal energy in the Czech Republic has been discussed, based on the current knowledge of heat-flow density throughout the territory of the Czech Republic. As for this country, district heating in Děčín and a geothermal project in Litoměřice have been mentioned as examples. Keywords: geothermal energy, geothermal power plant, geothermal field

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