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The Use of Digital Technologies in Seniors' Leisure Time
ŠACHOVÁ, Viktorie
This bachelor thesis describes how digitization is reflected in seniors' leisure activities and how it has changed in connection with the Covid Sars 19 pandemic. It is a theoretical work dealing with aging and old age as well as the changes and needs associated with this natural process. It also describes free time and leisure activities of seniors, and in the last part it focuses on digital technologies in free time and during the pandemic, specifically robots as social companions, and the phenomenon of virtual reality.
Physical condition of children in relation to leisure activities
This bachelor's thesis deals with children's physical condition based on their leisure activities. It contains topics as free time, leisure activities, sports and characteristics of older school-age children. These topics were described by using specialised literature. There is also used a quantitative research method in the form of a questionnaire and simple physical tests for children of the 2nd grade from two elementary schools. The aim of the work is to find out how a selected sample of children spends their free time and how the activities and physical condition of children living in the village differ from children living in the city.
Use of leisure activities for older school-age children in České Budějovice
The bachelor thesis deals with the use of leisure activities for older school-age chil-dren in České Budějovice. The thesis contains a literature search related to the re-search on the use of organized leisure offers. The literature search characterizes the older school-age children, it also deals with leisure education and leisure time of chil-dren and youth, institutions for leisure time of older school-age children and describes leisure activities. The research section includes the research objectives, research que-stions, hypotheses and the research itself. The main aim of the research was to find out whether and to what extent older school-age children use leisure facilities in České Budějovice, and if they do not, for what reason.
Leasure activities in village Skalice in the years 1975-2012.
The bachelor thesis deals with leisure activities in the village of Skalice near to the city called Soběslav in southern Bohemia in the horizon from 1975 to 2012. The thesis will also provide an overview of those who operated leisure activities in the village of Skalice. The first part describes theoretical level of leisure time, its functions, history and possibilities of spending free time. Individual terms are described on the basis of professional literature. The second part of the thesis is devoted directly to the village of Skalice, its history, facilities used in spending free time and folk traditions and habits, which are still followed. At the same time, the work will focus on municipal organizations and associations, for example a Voluntary Firefighter Unit or a Hunting Association.
Leisure activities as prevention of socially pathological phenomena
This thesis deals with the relationship between leisure activities and socially pathological behaviour. The text is divided into theoretical and practical part. The theoretical part defines the basic concepts, different perspectives on leisure time and leisrue time functions are presented. Theoretical part also deals with the offer of leisure activities in Třebíč. There is also a list of the most frequently occurring socially pathological phenomena and a brief introduction to the low-threshold club called BARÁK. The practical part is realized using a qualitative method of research, specifically an interview. Interviews are directed to clients of the low-threshold club aged 15-20 years. The aim of the thesis is to find out whether the interviewed individuals are aware that spending free time can have preventive consequences against socially pathological behavior. Satisfaction with the offer of activities in the town of Třebíč is also ascertained
Selected Awarded Works for Children and Youth from the Albatros Publishing House and their Application in Leisure Education for Reading
The bachelor's thesis is focused on leisure literary educational activities in the lessons of reading clubs with the aim of preparing worksheets for these lessons. Individual lessons are focused on selected award-winning works from the Albatros publishing house. The works were selected on the basis of their suitability according to the age of the participants, namely for the primary and lower secondary schools. The work briefly describes the history of the Albatros publishing house, the individual awards that are given to the works and a list of the awarded works. The next chapter contains analyses of individual works that were used in the thesis. The analyses are followed by a chapter listing the methods used. In the following chapter, which is already a practical analysis of lectures, lessons of reading clubs for the primary and lower secondary school took place with the help of prepared worksheets. Their overall evaluation is at the end of this chapter.
Modern dance instructor as a leisure time teacher
The bachelor thesis is concentrated on the instructor of modern dance who is influencing other people as the leisure educator. The author defines the term modern dance and also characterize particularities of this sports field. The thesis also deals with the dance as type of a leisure activity and it briefly characterizes the leisure education concentrated mainly on the dance and education of leisure activities. The piece of work is focused on the children at the age between six and eleven years. The author also characterizes the evolution of the children and their physical abilities and the readers of the thesis are able to find out something about the educational methods of the leisure educator as well. The last chapter focuses on the personality of the leisure educator. Furthermore, this part defines the aims of his work and the scope of his activity. The bachelor thesis also concentrates on the leisure educator in the field of dancing, mainly the modern one.
Evaluation of sports gymnastics training of children of younger school age in Milevsko.
The bachelor thesis looks into the evaluation of gymnastics training for children of younger school age in Sokol Milevsko. The theoretical part characterizes leisure activities, as well as organizations that are focused on those activities, especially organizations called T. J. Sokol. The thesis also describes gymnastics. It also describes the younger school age in general, the mental and physical development of children and also the environment in which the child grows up. Last but not least, the thesis describes the relationship of parents to leisure activities of children and their motivation to sport. Practical part of bachelor thesis looks into younger school age gymnastics training from three different views. The aim of this thesis is to evaluate the whole process of training at Sokol Milevsko, based on chosen factors, which are children's participation in training, material equipment and financial support. Another goal is to deduce from the results what to do better in the future as a gymnastics coach.
Free time activities in Jindřichův Hradec from year 1900 to 1950
The bachelor thesis is dealing with leisure activities in Jindřichův Hradec in the years 1900-1950. The thesis consists of eight chapters. The first chapter describes the concept of free time. The second chapter describes the history of city Jindřichův Hradec. Third to eight chapter is dedicated to free time in the city and leisure clubs in time periods.
Leisure activities at selected schools in České Budějovice between 1900 and 1950
The diploma thesis on the topic of leisure activities at selected schools in the region of České Budějovice in the years 1900-1950 describes all available information about leisure activities at schools in the town of České Budějovice in the period 1900-1950. The work deals with the changes in the educational system regarding the socio-political situation and also deals with interesting events, celebrations, anniversaries and other interesting things related to school development and leisure activities. The broader topic of the thesis includes an introduction to the issue, terminological definition of leisure and leisure activities, an approach to the historical milestones of the period, a description of the city of České Budějovice in a historical, social, religious context. The main chapter of this diploma thesis is based on the study of relevant sources. It describes the leisure activities which often developed either from the school's focus or on the activities of associations currently active in České Budějovice at selected schools in České Budějovice in the period 1900-1950.

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