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Design of production technology of the Cover
Jelínek, Jakub ; Ohnišťová, Petra (referee) ; Žák, Ladislav (advisor)
The thesis deals with the design of the production technology of the cap, the volume of which is 700 pieces, for use in low-voltage and high-voltage equipment, including switchboards, for the production of semi-crystalline plastic polyamide 6. The component will be injection moulded into a single layer mould, which will be composed of purchased normals from Meusburger. A KraussMaffei 110-380CX machine will be used for production, which will exert a clamping force of up to 1100kN. The economic evaluation showed that for the specified production run of 700 units, the cost of the part is 479,85 CZK, the price of one piece without the initial investment in the mould and without any depreciation is over 11 CZK.
Design of injection moulding production
Škrkoň, Vít ; Seknička, František (referee) ; Sedlák, Josef (advisor)
The aim of the bachelor thesis is to acquaint the reader with the process of production of plastic parts using injection moulding. Emphasis is placed on understanding the order as a whole, or what needs to be considered before and after the production of the plastic parts. The production takes place in the company Josef Škrkoň – Techplast a.s. First, the theoretical model is analyzed in the auxiliary software SolidWorks and CadMold. From the collected data a mould is created, which is fixed to the injection moulding press. The chamber with a screw, which is a part of the injection moulding press, is also described in the work, including the basic phases of the injection cycles that take place in the chamber. Measurement of the main qualitative parameter of the coupling strap was carried out using blast tests. In the last chapter of the bachelor thesis there is a technical-economic evaluation, where the approximate price costs for the production of the coupling strap are analyzed. More precisely, these are the costs of the production of tools, the costs of the production material and the production of the connection strip itself are analyzed. The time demands are given indicatively. Finally, the bachelor thesis is supplemented by analyzing the transport between the production company and the customer.
Injection moulding machine prototype
Cikryt, Adam ; Jirgl, Miroslav (referee) ; Arm, Jakub (advisor)
This work deals with the design of a prototype injection molding machine for the company Elzaco s.r.o. The work includes theoretical analysis which breaks down injection molding machine into individual components and describes their functionality and their important parameters. Based on the analysis and determination of critical parameters of the injection molding machine, a detailed model of the injection molding machine is created. There are also requirements for electrical components such as motors, power supplies, heaters, temperature sensors, control electronics. The method of controlling such a machine is also discussed.
Production of corner cover
Hrdina, Vojtěch ; Ohnišťová, Petra (referee) ; Žák, Ladislav (advisor)
The project elaborated design of injection mould for production of corner cover, which serves to protect a reprobox from mechanical damage. The production possibilities were considered at the beginning. The injection molding technology was chosen from available technologies. The first part of the thesis is theoretic, plastics and injection molding are investigated. The choice of suitable polymer and the entire draft of mold is in the second part of thesis. The final mold is two-cavity with cold runner system. The technical and economic assessment of the proposal is carried out in the last part of thesis.
Production of part Fixing washer
Para, Marcel ; Kandus, Bohumil (referee) ; Žák, Ladislav (advisor)
Order was given for the prodiction of 20 000 pieces of fixing washers. In this case was chosen injection moulding technology. Based on the research, a structural design of the mold was prepared together with the drawing documentation. From the range of materials, it was chosen polypropilene MOSTEN GB218, which is suitable for the given produstion. The simulation verified the reliability and quality of production. The parameters of injection moulding were determined by calculations, and the machine J180ADS – 180U was selected base of them. In the economic evaluation, the total costs for the production of the entire series were established on Nc=19626,43€.
Design of a robotic workplace for the operation of injection molding machines with subsequent assembly and inspection
Musil, Marek ; Vetiška, Jan (referee) ; Bradáč, František (advisor)
The thesis deals with the design of a robotic workplace for the operation of injection moulding machines. It is concerned with the design of the workplace component deployment and the evaluation of the best variant using a multi-criteria assessment. In detail, attention is paid to the end effectors of industrial robots and the assembly workplace, where finishing operations take place. Finally, the risk analysis and technical and economic evaluation of the proposed workplace are carried out.
Optimized lost wax process by using numerical simulation
Svobodová, Radka ; Horenský, Jiří (referee) ; Horáček, Milan (advisor)
The aim of this diploma thesis is to ascertain the process of injecting the wax through an injection moulding machine under certain input conditions and with the help of the simulation program Cadmould 3D-F®, to perfect the injection and the following solidification of the wax. Only thanks to a perfect injection and the following solidification of the wax, a precise wax pattern can be made. In order to compare the process of injecting the wax mixture, we are helped by the Cadmould 3D-F® simulation program and the records of the injection taken by a video camera. In this thesis a simulation program used when simulating the injection of plastics was applied, as a means of comparison. In this case the similarity between the rheological characteristics of both wax and plastic was exploited.
Design of machine for injection molding
Multáňová, Katarína ; Kobosil, Karel (referee) ; Křenek, Ladislav (advisor)
Diploma thesis deals with the development of injection moulding machine design. It is a type of industrial machine, which is designed for production of plastic parts by technology of compression molding. Injection and closing units in the machine are vertical orientated to each other. Injection moulding machine is equipped with rotary table. The main task of diploma work is to design an injection moulding machine with original shape for the future. Conception of the machine is based on present progresive technical solutions. Design of the machine tolerates main ergonomic demands and make the work for operating personnel easier.
Production technology of mobile phone plastic cover
Heralt, Aleš ; Orel, Daniel (referee) ; Kandus, Bohumil (advisor)
The master´s thesis is focused on technology of injection plastics. The specified part is guard cover of mobile phone. The first part of thesis is focused on description of technology with priority on construction of form. The second part of thesis includes calculations of parameters, which are needed for production, along with techno-economic evaluation of selected construction design.
Production of components "Key pouch"
Kašpar, Jan ; Kandus, Bohumil (referee) ; Žák, Ladislav (advisor)
The main aim of this thesis is the production of injection moulds for a given component key pouch. The first part of the work describes the basic division of plastics, plastic injection technology and principles of mould construction. The second part deals with actual mould construction processed in Solidworks. The drawing documentation is the output. In conclusi-on, an economic evaluation is completed that will provide approximate cost of production moulds.

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