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Familly in material need
The bachelor thesis on "Family in Material Need" deals with the problems that faced families in the system of material need. The thesis contains a description of the system of material need including an explanation of whom and for what benefits are used. It also focuses on the issue of families in material need, where focuses more on families in danger with material need - a single parent family, a family with an unemployed family member and a family of a child with a health disadvantage. In the practical part of the thesis there are four real cases of families that receive benefits in material need with description of their situation and the problems that they face.
The impact of a chronic disease on the choice of study field and subsequent employment
Svobodová, Julie ; Hájková, Vanda (advisor) ; Mlčková, Marie (referee)
The thesis consists of a comprehensive introduction to the problems of individuals suffering from inflammatory bowel diseases. The main topics comprise of the impacts of the disease on the process of education, the field of study and the highest achieved level of education and furthermore, the issues of employment as well as social and psychological aspects of these diseases. The thesis has focused on the detailed understanding of everyday and long- term problems encountered by the disabled people. The aim of the thesis was to provide information crucial for the decision-making in regards to the selection of the future field of work for individuals with inflammatory bowel diseases. The recipients of the information would be the individuals themselves, their families, as well as the professions of engaged or special teaching. The qualitative methodology implemented by the technique of semi- structured interviews was applied with ten randomly selected respondents diagnosed with inflammatory bowel diseases. An open coding method was used after the examination of the research data. The analysis of the acquired data has shown that most respondents felt a negative influence of the disease on the course of their education, the selection of their field of study or their highest achieved level of education....
Importance of nannies in a family of a child with special needs
Suchá, Zuzana ; Květoňová, Lea (advisor) ; Prouzová-Květoňová, Regina (referee)
This thesis deals with the problems of babysitting children with special needs. The theoretical part is primarily devoted to the characteristics of healthy child development. Consequently, it provides a comparison of optimal child development with the development of handicapped children. It highlights the difficulty of care for disadvantaged children, the importance of preventing parents becoming overloaded and the various possibilities for support of the families. The next chapter focuses on the educational assessment of healthy children and children with special needs. It describes the availability of babysitting services for those children, the offers of current agencies and the profile of good quality carers. The last chapter presents the empirical part of this thesis. The quantitative research was, with the use of questionnaires, addressed to the parents of children with special needs. This section presents the course of the research and the method by which the goals were attained. It presents the views of parents of children with special needs with regards to: their level of interest in, and the problems with, babysitting services. Key words: baby, babysitting, nanny, promotion, prevention, parents, services, special needs, education, development, health disadvantage
Social enterpreneurship and its potential for inclusion of marginalized groups at labour market. The employment impacts of persons with health disadvantages in social firm "Modrý domeček" on their families
Vrbová, Tereza ; Šťastná, Jaroslava (advisor) ; Lejsal, Matěj (referee)
The thesis deals with social entrepreneurship and its potential for integration of marginalized social groups to the labour market. Social economy and its subjects - social enterprises - participate in the market not only to obtain profit but also in order to fulfill socially beneficial objectives. The topic of social economy and supporting its subjects is currently topical in the whole European Union. It presents an alternative way of fulfilling the needs of the society which flexibly complements the instruments of public redistribution as well as private sector. Also in the Czech Republic social economy is a real phenomenon which has recently attracted many practical as well as theoretical activities. The thesis focuses on social firms as one of the types of social enterprises that create jobs for persons that are somehow disadvantaged on the labour market with the objective of their social and economic integration. In the practical part the thesis presents results of a qualitative research aimed on the impacts of the employment in the social firm "Modrý domeček" in Řevnice of a family member with a health disadvantage on his/her family. The research was conducted with members of the disadvantaged employees' families.
Chronically ill child in the primary school
This bachelor thesis describes and analyses the issues of chronically ill children of younger school age in the period of their basic school years. This thesis first mentions the historical aspects and the historical development of the care for the people and mainly children with the health disadvantage focused on the chronical diseases, some personalities, who contributed to the development of the care for chronically ill, and additionally had impact on the foundation of the specialized instituitions for chronically ill people. This thesis also mentions the social attitude and the of the experts toward children with chronical disease and institutions which care of chronically ill children. Furthermore this thesis also desccribes the characteristics, etiology, diagnostics, risks and crisis situations, therapy and treatment and prevention of those chronical diseases, further elaborated in the practical research part of the thesis. The last of the theoretical are the reasonings, hypothesis and reflections about the influence and inputs of chronic diseases on current basic school attendance and teaching at the basic school are further, based on the through questionaires performed research in the practical part of the thesis, either confirmed or disproved, there is also a reflection about possible solutions in the pedagogical practice.
Child with gluten-free diet in Kindergaten
This thesis deals with disadvantaged child in nursery school, particularly in terms of health. Thesis describes how child himself or herself perceives and experiences the difference of food. It answers the questions in psychosocial field. Furthermore, it shows the views of family, other children and teachers. The aim is to facilitate the social integration into the team, explain this problem so that the child shouldn't feel the differences. The practical part is a case study of the child patient with coeliac disease in nursery school. It captures specific situations which highlight the impact of the disease on the child, his/her peers, family and nursery school in general. The main goal of the research was to identify personal experience and inner feelings of children with coeliac disease, their parents and the impact of their disease on the stay in nursery school. Subsequently, there was created so called integrated program to support children with disabilities in nursery schools.
The Integration of Students with Disabilities in the Perspective of Teachers of Basic Schools´ First Level
This thesis deals with the integration of disabled pupils to 1 Primary schools in the region of South Bohemia, from the perspective of teachers who work with these students in regular class work. The work deals with the specific characteristics of each type of health handicaps and their manifestations in the integration process. The aim is to find out how the teachers on the integration process, which are the direct participants, look, what problems they face what they see pros and cons of this process, and attempts to propose steps that teachers at the 1st primary schools in the process helped. The sample consists of teachers first primary schools who currently have specific experience with the integration of disabled pupils in mainstream classes, teachers who have had this experience in the past and have some of the overhead view, and teachers who have integrated with the student in his practice has never met.
Opportunities of Employment in Social Enterprises with Regard to Specifics
Barchelor essay ? Options in employment in social company regarding healt disability? is aimed on incorporate healt disability people in regime of social company. Theoretical part is focused on key words of social economy and social bussines. Also describes legal aspects of employment of health disadvantage people and is focused on options on labour market. Practical part analyzes model standarts of social company and the main characterWhich defining social company. It also follows to see fulfillment and compliance of standarts in Pracovní Sobota company.

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