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Study of links between biogenic VOC emissions and concentration of tropospheric ozone
Zemánková, Kateřina
Title of dissertation: Study of links between biogenic VOC emissions and concentration of tropospheric ozone Kateřina Zemánková, 2010 Dissertation directed by: doc. RNDr. Josef Brechler, CSc. Dept. of Meteorology and Environment Protection, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University in Prague Presented work focuses on influence of volatile organic compounds from biogenic sources on concentration of tropospheric ozone. Volatile organic compounds (VOC) play an important role in the tropospheric chemical system. Together with oxides of nitrogen they form two major components of reactions leading to low-level ozone formation. Volatile organic compounds are emitted into the atmosphere from an- thropogenic as well as from biogenic sources. In global, VOCs from natural sources are approximately ten times higher in magnitude than those of anthropogenic origin. Biogenic VOCs are emitted from various sources among which the forest ecosystems predominate. Group of VOCs of natural origin comprises wide range of chemical com- pounds. Those emitted in highest concentrations are isoprene and group of monoter- penes. Emissions of biogenic VOCs from the area of the Czech Republic have been es- timated based on the high resolution land cover data giving detailed information of sigle tree species...
Acoustic emissions of buildings
Smažinka, Josef ; Uher, Pavel (referee) ; Rubinová, Olga (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with acoustics with the main focus on acoustic emissions of buildings. The first part of the thesis aims to familiarize the reader with the field of acoustics as a whole. They will learn the basic concepts, quantities and relations that exist in acoustics. In the second part I focus specifically on the sources of noise in buildings and their surroundings, how can excessive noise affect health, what standards must be met and how to prevent excessive noise. The last part is devoted to practical measurements in the field, which is focused on real sources of noise in the city of Brno. The aim of this measurement is to compare the noise generated by buildings with other noises in the urban environment.
Corporate Bonds as a Source of Financing for Development Projects
Hruška, Tomáš ; Andrlík,, Břetislav (referee) ; Ptáček, Roman (advisor)
This dissertation discusses external financing for a corporate development project using bonds. It summarises key characteristics of bonds and outlines their emission. It also contributes to the organisation's board of directors' by providing a strategy for its development project in the property market.
Dopady redukce externalit na hospodaření vybrané firmy
Muchová, Sabina
The bachelor thesis deals with the impacts of reduction of externalities on the economic activity of selected company. The thesis is divided into two parts. The first part is devoted to the theoretical definition of concepts such as externalities, emission allowances, subsidy manifestations and emission allowances in accounting. The second part deals with the assessment of the impact of individual instruments used by the company for improving the air quality in the region, on selected indicators. Finally, the overall assessment of whether the tools actually used help to reduce the amount of emissions emitted into the air relative to the amount of production.
Externí náklady osobní silniční dopravy v Brně
Červenková, Pavlína
This bachelor thesis deals with the external costs of passenger road transport in Brno. In this work are at first defined types of negative external effects of road transport, instruments used to regulate the negative effects of transport and it describes the methods used to quantify the external costs of transport. The external costs caused by congestion, accidents, noise and emissions in Brno are quantified in the practical part. The work also includes mention of specific measures that are implemented in Brno in order to reduce the negative impacts of transport.
Hodnocení provozu kotle na biomasu z pohledu emisí
Zbojková, Monika
This thesis is aimed to evaluate the biomass combustion boiler service in the emission point of view. There is summarized description and features of biomass energy utilizati-on in termochemical transformations as well as in-the-house use within solving of advantages and disadvantages. In theory part the biomass boiler distribution is descri-bed. The practical part is aimed to monitor and evaluate service modes of biomass boiler in the way of energetic use, individual polutant monitoring especially in the human health and air protection. In the conclusion the municipality use is mentioned.
Snižování pevných částic ve výfukových plynech
Vozdecký, Ondřej
Bachelor work is focused on reducing particulate matter in exhaust gases. The work is divided into several parts. The first part deals with an impact of solid particles on the environment and their effect on human body. The second part deals with standards and emissions of internal combustion engines. The third part deals with a particle filter system, its composition and methods of regeneration. In another part of the work is focused on life of particulate filters, the renovation and cleaning. The work identified producers of solid particles and their products. The last part deals with the evolution of the particle filter for petrol engines.
Emise přeplňovaného zážehového motoru
Pospíšil, Jan
This diploma thesis is focused on emissions and emissions measurements of petrol engines. At the beginning the way of emissions genesis and composition in the combustion space were explained. The following part explains the ways of measuring emissions for the petrol engine, both in Europe and in the United States. Finally legislative and homologation claims for gasoline engine, including an analysis of measured data on a roller dynamometer were described. An experiment based on measuring of power and emissions of Skoda Octavia was carried out on chassis dynamometer. The results were compared with legislative emissions requirements.

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