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Brick Dust Arising During Grinding of Burnt Brickwork and Possibilities of its Utilization
Kocmánek, Tomáš ; Sokolář, Radomír (referee) ; Nevřivová, Lenka (advisor)
The diploma thesis focuses on the brick dust arising during grinding of burnt brickwork and the possibilities of its utilization. In the theoretical part origin and basic properties of brick dust is described. Some published results of research on the potential utilization of brick dust in various industries are presented here. Also proposal of utilization of brick dust in the ceramic industry is presented. In the practical part two ceramic raw materials and the two brick dust with different granulometry arising during grinding of burnt brickwork (made from these two ceramic raw materials) were selected. The effect of the addition of brick dust to the ceramic raw materials on the physical - mechanical properties of ceramic body after sintering was investigated.
Development of pelletization conditions for secondary energy products
Burešová, Eliška ; Batelka,, Michal (referee) ; Sokolář, Radomír (advisor)
This thesis deals with the use of secondary energy products. The teorethical part describes methods of separation of fine particles, characteristics and properties of secondary energy products and equipment suitable for pelletizing. On the basis of the theoretical part, the practical part designed and created suitable conditions for pelletizing two types of secondary energy products, namely brick dust and fly ash. These suggestions have been verified and both feedstocks and resulting pellets were tested. In accordance with the results, it is possible to say that the pelletized raw material has better properties than the raw material in its original powder state.
Possibilities of using recycled brick in binders systems with p-clinker content
Tušla, Václav ; Ptáček, Petr (referee) ; Opravil, Tomáš (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with the preparation binder systems based on Portland clinker and recycled brick. Recycled brick is considered a waste material from construction or production of brick products. This thesis uses finely grounded brick recycled and brick dust, which is produced during final processing of burnt bricks. By incorporating brick dust in alternative system based on Portland clinker could bring ecological and economic benefits. This diploma thesis deals with option using brick dust as pozzolan admixture to Portland clinker, with the aim to prepare and test Portland cement, which is defined in v ČSN EN 197-1. This thesis also deals with possibility preparation of alternative binders based on p-clinker, but those not defined by ČSN EN 197-1. Specifically these are ternary binders with fluid bed ash and binders based on hybrid cements containing sodium sulfate.
Effects of the different grinding technology and of mechanical activation on the properties of hydraulic binders
Hladík, Václav ; Dočkal, Jakub (referee) ; Dvořák, Karel (advisor)
This diploma thesis mainly tracks the effect of grinding technology on the final properties of portland cement and selected pozzolanic materials. For grinding of portland cement, was also observed the effect of storage time on the final mechanical properties and hydratation process. Pozzolan activity of selected materials was monitored by evaluation of the reaction with CaO by differential thermal analysis.

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