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The Technology of Subtitles in Films and other Media
Tobiášová, Eliška ; Jašková, Jana (oponent) ; Froehling, Kenneth (vedoucí práce)
The purpose of the bachelor’s thesis is to explore subtitling technology. This is analysed from a historical, present, and future perspective. The research also mentions specific ways of using subtitles for certain types of media and it also includes an analysis of the target groups for which the subtitles are intended. In addition to theoretical research of subtitling technology, an experiment is conducted to assess the accuracy of subtitling between machine-generated subtitles, professional work, and amateur work. This is achieved by comparing subtitles from the same film scenes side by side in tables. The result of the research, which is derived from the criteria mentioned in the work, shows that professional subtitles are the most reliable way.

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