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Lunar Exploration and Rovers on the Moon in the 21st century
Čuhel, Radek ; Rujbrová, Šárka (oponent) ; Froehling, Kenneth (vedoucí práce)
This thesis focuses on the past and present missions to the Moon. The historical part focuses particularly on the programs of the Soviet Union and the United States involving impactor probes, landers, and the Apollo program. The present section deals with the Chinese Chang’e program, and the Indian Chandrayaan-3 mission. The chapters in this paper provide a comprehensive description of the design of spacecraft, science experiments on board, and the execution of missions.
Innovations in the transport industry
Kremiec, Tomáš ; Rujbrová, Šárka (oponent) ; Jašková, Jana (vedoucí práce)
This bachelor thesis deals with the development of innovations in road, rail, and air transport. These common transport methods, crucial for both passengers and freight, are expected to see further technological development. The aim of this thesis is to study the historical development in the different sectors and then discuss current topics regarding the implementation of AI and the handling of environmental issues. Every mode of transportation contributes to the complexity of the broader transportation scene by providing a different set of advantages and difficulties. The operation of our increasingly interconnected world is facilitated by each of these means of transport, forming a dynamic and interconnected system. Practical part of the thesis also examines in more detail the development of some of the key components of transport. These are in this case signals and signal repeaters. Both of these devices represent an integral part of rail transport. These developments are the subject of this work, which aims to explore the benefits of each generation's innovations and the issues associated with putting them into service.
Functionality of corporate information systems ERP
Zainutdinov, Ilnaz ; Rujbrová, Šárka (oponent) ; Šťastná, Dagmar (vedoucí práce)
This thesis offers a comprehensive analysis of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, emphasising their architecture, functionalities, and significance in contemporary business. It explores the evolution, principles, and critical components of ERP systems, including modules for sales, marketing, finance, IT and cyber-security, supply chain, and service. Particular attention is given to the examination of prominent ERP examples such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Oracle NetSuite, highlighting their application across various business domains. Additionally, this study extends into the realm of Business Intelligence (BI) within ERP systems, evaluating its significance and influence via analytics and reporting mechanisms. A significant contribution of this thesis lies in its integration of practical insights gained from a comprehensive case study at Tricentis. This examination elucidates the real-world challenges and advancements in ERP system utilisation, emphasising the nuances of implementation, such as delayed responsiveness, artificial decentralisation, and the effects of user interaction on system efficiency. By bridging theoretical knowledge with practical experiences, the thesis aims to fill a gap in the existing literature by offering an in-depth look at the architecture and functionality of ERP systems and their alignment with business strategies.
Drones (UAVs) Used in the Commercial Sector
Roman, Maroš ; Krhutová, Milena (oponent) ; Rujbrová, Šárka (vedoucí práce)
The goal of this bachelor’s thesis is to provide a short overview of drone types in mainstream use along with several drone types in the prototype stage of development. The thesis then continues by listing drone uses in four major sectors which include the agricultural sector, which concerns drone use in farming and animal handling. The second sector is industrial, where drones are described to be used as monitoring devices and the work goes into detail on how drones can be used in the transport industry. The third sector is scientific and concerns drone uses in geology, forestry, archaeology, biology, and meteorology. The last sector to be analyzed is the entertainment sector where drone use in entertainment and personal use is described. The thesis also lists some of the other specific uses of drones, such as urban planning and disaster response. The last topic discussed by the thesis are the various issues associated with the use of drones in the commercial sphere. Namely, these are privacy concerns, technical limitations, and cases of airspace incursions due to insufficient government regulation.
Implementation of a lunch ordering system in ERP K2
Šnajdr, Ladislav ; Rujbrová, Šárka (oponent) ; Krhutová, Milena (vedoucí práce)
The bachelor’s thesis deals with the design of a lunch ordering system in the enterprise resource planning software K2. The theoretical part of the thesis consists of an overview of the K2 software, its architecture, and tools. The second part consists of an analysis of the current lunch ordering system in the company Omnika s r.o., which is based on paper. Data from this analysis is then used to create an abstract design document for developing a paperless lunch ordering system in K2. The design consists of diagrams, development plans and resource estimations. The practical part uses this document as the basis to develop a paperless lunch ordering system suitable for the company. The system utilizes a Symfony framework present established at the company.
Current trends in the airline industry
Štourač, Filip ; Sedláček, Pavel (oponent) ; Rujbrová, Šárka (vedoucí práce)
The goal of this bachelor thesis is to describe current technological trends in the airline industry and outline the expected future development in the aviation sector. The introduction starts with brief overview of aviation history followed by short depiction of a modern age aircraft. The next chapter deals with green technology and sustainability of aviation with focus on 3D printing, alternative jet fuel and two types of modern engines- Leap engine by CFM and geared turbofan by Pratt&Whitney. Third chapter about safety technology covers Ground Proximity Warning System and runway sensors. The following chapter focuses on current changes in maintenance technology regarding the growth of Internet of Things. In the last chapter, the reader is introduced to the expected future development of aviation.
The Language of Advertising
Chromý, Pavel ; Zmrzlá, Petra (oponent) ; Rujbrová, Šárka (vedoucí práce)
The bachelor thesis deals with the analysis of the language of advertising from the linguistic point of view and further specifies linguistic means that occur in contemporary advertising. The thesis summarises knowledge about linguistic means used in advertising for both printed and online versions.
Special Effects in Cinematography
Frkáň, Lukáš ; Rujbrová, Šárka (oponent) ; Ellederová, Eva (vedoucí práce)
The aim of this bachelor’s thesis is to frame the concept of special effects in cinematography, provide basic information about special effects at the theoretical and practical level, divide special effects into categories and subcategories including the detailed description of special effects mentioned in the thesis and the historical background. The thesis also deals with the design of special effects and their limitations, applications in the film industry and other industries where applicable. At the beginning, the study examines the history of cinematography. Furthermore, this study first draws attention to the description of visual effects used at the early stages of cinematography, while it concludes with the modern effects that are being used currently. Subsequently, the description of practical effects is discussed to conclude the theoretical part. In the last part, the knowledge of the concept of special effects acquired in the theoretical part is reflected and applied in an analysis of movies awarded by the Academy Award for Best Visual Effects.
Electronic Security Systems
Tomek, Dominik ; Baumgartnerová, Alena (oponent) ; Rujbrová, Šárka (vedoucí práce)
The aim of this thesis is to give the reader basic understanding of the most common electronic security systems. The fundamental principles, characteristics and applications of modern electronic security systems used in homes and corporate environment are covered in this work. Moreover, it compares the security devices that are used in the systems and demonstrate their advantages and disadvantages. This work is suitable for students, individuals that want to start working in this field, or for those just interested in the topic.
Medical Robotics
Herman, Michal ; Rujbrová, Šárka (oponent) ; Ellederová, Eva (vedoucí práce)
Medical robotics is an area of robots used in medicine and its main purpose is to provide assistance and expand the capabilities of medical personnel. It is also used to help and assist patients and the elderly who are dependent on the help of others. Although it is still a very young field, medical robotics has changed the way in which medicine has been perceived in the last few decades. Due to its high accuracy and ability to help people, its potential is enormous. Specialists and developers are therefore trying to further expand and improve this area. The aim of this work is to provide a comprehensive survey of medical robots’ evolution including concrete examples of robots that are used in this area and to explain how individual robots work and how some of them are programmed.

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