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Hacktivism: Politics, Crime, or Fun?
Raška, Jindřich ; Froehling, Kenneth (oponent) ; Kotásek, Miroslav (vedoucí práce)
The aim of the thesis is to analyze the phenomenon of hacktivism, its purpose, its impact on society, and the motivation of its participants. The term hacktivism comprises terms activism, in most cases political, and computer hacking, a criminal act aimed at exploiting a computer system. Hacktivists are mostly, like any other activists, organized in groups to effectively achieve their goals. This study focuses on the origin, motivation, and consequences of the hacktivist actions, especially on actions of an infamous group called Anonymous, including exemplary cases from history.
Technology of Online Voting Systems
Kováč, Michal ; Sedláček, Pavel (oponent) ; Froehling, Kenneth (vedoucí práce)
This thesis talks about the concept of online voting. It briefly describes what other voting methods are used in democratic countries across the world, and then in detail describes what countries are using online voting (nationwide and partially), and what countries have piloted or tried using the system in the past and what was the reason for its cancelation. In the last two parts, the thesis discusses the positives and negatives that online voting systems may represent, including analyzing voting data gathered from Estonia.
Machine Translation Technology
Kadlec, Lukáš ; Kotásek, Miroslav (oponent) ; Froehling, Kenneth (vedoucí práce)
This bachelor thesis is aimed to examine different types of Machine Translation technology and the history of Machine Translations from the 1990s onwards. The thesis focuses on a more in-depth analysis of statistical machine translation (SMT), a brief specification of neural machine translation (NMT) and also two types of NMT – recurrent neural networks (RNN) and convolutional neural network (CNN). The next part of this thesis is about three applications that use neural machine translation – Google Translate, DeepL and SYSTRAN. This research paper also deals with the evaluation of machine translation (BLEU, WER, METEOR, TER, ROGUE).
The Technology of Subtitles in Films and other Media
Tobiášová, Eliška ; Jašková, Jana (oponent) ; Froehling, Kenneth (vedoucí práce)
The purpose of the bachelor’s thesis is to explore subtitling technology. This is analysed from a historical, present, and future perspective. The research also mentions specific ways of using subtitles for certain types of media and it also includes an analysis of the target groups for which the subtitles are intended. In addition to theoretical research of subtitling technology, an experiment is conducted to assess the accuracy of subtitling between machine-generated subtitles, professional work, and amateur work. This is achieved by comparing subtitles from the same film scenes side by side in tables. The result of the research, which is derived from the criteria mentioned in the work, shows that professional subtitles are the most reliable way.
Science Fiction and the Prediction of Technology, Past and Present
Skorobogatova, Margarita ; Sedláček, Pavel (oponent) ; Froehling, Kenneth (vedoucí práce)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to examine if science fiction can predict future technologies. The first chapter introduces science fiction writers of the 19th and 20th centuries, who predicted a variety of technological inventions, that can be found in the present. The second chapter deals with science fiction cinematography, outlined and supported by examples taken from science fiction films and television series. The last chapter is based on diverse technological inventions of the present, which are described and demonstrated by the directors of science fiction movies and which are considered as the most likely examples that can be implemented in the near future. The conclusion describes the outcomes of the conducted studies and defines possible development in the future.
Space Missions to Mercury
Novák, Jakub ; Šťastná, Dagmar (oponent) ; Froehling, Kenneth (vedoucí práce)
The aim of this thesis is to get acquainted with the past and present space missions to planet Mercury, in particular, former NASA´s Messenger mission and a present joint mission of ESA and JAXA, BepiColombo. The thesis outlines their objectives and science results; moreover, it focuses on scientific technology of the missions, including comprehensive instrumental payload description and a survey of the construction design of each spacecraft.
Information and Communication Technology and Brexit Referendum
Šindelka, Dan ; Sedláček, Pavel (oponent) ; Froehling, Kenneth (vedoucí práce)
The aim of this work to describe Information and Communication Technologies used in the 2016 United Kingdom European Union membership referendum. This thesis provides a description of referendums in the UK. Following is the general description of Information and Communication Technologies. The role of AggregateIQ in the 2016 United Kingdom European Union membership referendum is explained. The description of the combination of Big Data and Psychographics is provided, additionally, their role in the 2016 United Kingdom European Union membership referendum.is explained. Furthermore, the possible effect of the Information and Communication Technologies on later democratic elections is discussed.
Industrial Tester for Photometric Values of LED diodes Used in Automotive Signal Lighting
Gaži, Dominik ; Froehling, Kenneth (oponent) ; Baumgartnerová, Alena (vedoucí práce)
Headlamps in cars have been through an enormous technical development in recent years, and with development comes complexity. Various technologies are employed in order to deliver progressively safer and more efficient light output, to satisfy drivers and customers alike. In order to be economical and environment-friendly, companies strive to minimize losses in production. For the sake of the minimalization, this thesis aims to research the lighting technology and design a simple, but effective device to help with determining of faulty LED PCBs in headlamps. Another objective is to research the possibilities of construction of such a device from technological standpoint.
The Juno Mission to Jupiter
Gall, Jiří ; Sedláček, Pavel (oponent) ; Froehling, Kenneth (vedoucí práce)
The semestral thesis focuses on the exploration of the planet Jupiter by the Juno spacecraft. In this paper are outlined missions to Jupiter prior the Juno with the goals they achieved. Then the work focuses solely on the Juno mission, whose goal is to understand the origin and formation of Jupiter. Furthermore, is described mission timeline since launch to the mission deorbit. Following with the description of the spacecraft construction design and the various subsystem, along with the nine instruments implemented for the planet’s investigation. are described and comment preliminary results of the Juno mission.
Life management of power oil transformer
Čechová, Karolína ; Froehling, Kenneth (oponent) ; Sedláček, Pavel (vedoucí práce)
To understand the significance of the life management process concerning power oil transformers, at first, it is essential to realise their role in the electrical grid. They are primarily used to interface step up and step down voltages in the transmission and distribution system according to the contemporary needs. The unreliability of power oil transformers can disrupt the stability of the electric power supply, which represents significant economic and technical losses for companies that manage this type of equipment. Therefore, I decided to write a thesis that provides an overview about the life management process by describing its economic benefits along with technical diagnostics, which help to identify incipient defects at their early stages that may arise during the operation of power oil transformers. The main aim of this thesis is to describe and prove the importance of the life management process itself and the need to analyse transformer parameters by diagnostic methods to detect possible defects. The practical part of the thesis focuses on proposing the most suitable diagnostic methods for measuring the selected parameters of the chosen power oil transformer. The selected parameters are then analysed, and the overall condition of the chosen power oil transformer is estimated.

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