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ZÍSKEJ – national system for sharing and delivering documents
Pokorný, Jan
A software platform called “ZÍSKEJ” (Get it) for documents sharing and delivery was designed and developed at the National Library of Technology as a nationwide system for public libraries in the Czech Republic. The project was supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic. The system ZÍSKEJ is published as open source with a GNU Public License (GPL). ZÍSKEJ is a server application that is capable of managing user’s document requests through its web client or local integration using the available API. The system is based on a request management module that automatically handles the queue of incoming requests to deliver the document requested by end users or by libraries that serve end-users.
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Opportunities and challenges: the current situation of copyright protection for document supply in China
Xing, Zhao
Purpose: This study aims to explore and articulate the copyright problems of document supply resulting from changes in the digital age in China, introducing current Chinese Copyright Law and “fair use” in library services and exploring the challenges and opportunities of copyright protection for document supply in China. Design: From statistical analysis of the changes to document delivery services in the digital age based on the professional experiences of National Library of China (NLC), copyright problems are presented. Current Chinese Copyright Law and “fair use” are introduced. The measures NLC has taken to protect copyright in document supply are summarized. Findings: With increasing digital document delivery, the potential risks of copyright infringement in document supply have become more and more serious; we must take proper steps to protect copyright, especially in the digital age in China. Value: This is the first article in English to describe the current situation of copyright protection for document supply in China. It also presents the problems based on the professional experiences of NLC and recommends solutions for the digital age today.
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Engineering a powerfully simple interlibrary loan experience with InstantILL
Paxton, Mike ; Maixner, Gary ; McArthur, Joseph ; Baich, Tina
IUPUI University Library (UL) has long recognized the need to advance open access and the crucial role resource sharing services play in bridging between the subscription-based world and an Open world. Resource sharing professionals frequently use library services to search for and retrieve known items, and thus have a key role not only in the provision of services but in demanding better discovery systems, promoting new and better discovery and delivery tools, and educating users. As services such as Primo, EDS, and Google Scholar combine with library website design to promote central indexes, it is increasingly unrealistic to expect the average user to search multiple unpromoted channels for what they need, and so libraries must work to make all aspects of discovery and delivery similarly straightforward. Resource sharing professionals can make significant inroads in improving discovery and delivery of open access and subscription content by partnering with Open projects to improve the library user’s experience when searching for known content. This paper will share how UL has taken a concrete step in this direction by working with the Open Access Button to develop InstantILL, a simple, community-owned, search tool for students and researchers to get free, fast, and legal access to articles. With a simple interface that users expect, InstantILL integrates searching library holdings, searching open access materials, and submitting interlibrary loan requests into a single action. Attendees will learn why the library chose to pursue this project, what InstantILL is and how it was designed and developed, and the results of the implementation.
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Digital possibilities in international interlibrary lending: with or despite German copyright law
Clasen, Nicole
The German interlibrary loan service is a good and solid basic solution for the supply of literature between libraries within Germany and some other countries. It has proven itself both nationally and internationally. But in what form will it be needed in the future? Which digital possibilities does it offer our users regarding delivery or electronic media? Copyright law in Germany promises to have the right answers to the demands of modern digital working and studying. But does the copyright law also make this possible for German interlibrary lending? German libraries have the advantage that only a few countries worldwide have a copyright that contains a special section for interlibrary lending, and Germany is one of them. However, this positive effect does not make it easier for foreign libraries.
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Cooperative Storage Library Switzerland (CSLS): sharing of content and resources – providing quick and modern services
Tschirren, Daniel ; Grossgarten, Astrid
In the Speicherbibliothek/CSLS libraries of ZHB Luzern, UB Basel, ZB Zuerich, UZH Zuerich and St. Gallen University Library store parts of their holdings. Storage room is tight and expensive in the cities and holdings are growing faster than sorting out of duplicates is being made. A centralized storage unit in a rural area with good traffic connection seemed a logical solution. In 2016 the Speicherbibliothek came into gear. It is build and equipped like a modern high density fully automated storage unit. With regard to monographs and anthologies the stored items belong still to the giving library and still appear in their catalogue system. These items are the so called individual stock of the partners and can be borrowed. With regard to journals things are different. Most of them are now part of the so called collective stock. The goal is a complete series of a stocked journal title. In case of a user request to copies out of a journal the pages will be copied and sent via a workflow system either to the reader or a library. The journal volume itself will not leave the storage unit anymore. The partners of Speicherbibliothek use the same workflow system (MyBib eDoc®) to manage and monitor their lending processes. In the background this system routes the incoming lending or copy requests from the library patrons to CSLS and manages the automated delivery of scanned pages. In addition to the above described outlines the presentation will include following aspects: Restrictions of copyright, Conservational issues, Deduplication (virtual and physical), Visibility of stored items in the catalogue and for the user/impact on requests, Financial aspects vs. librarian wishes
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Analysis of the development direction of a conceptual academic library resource sharing service based on a case study of DXY
Niu, Xiaofei ; Zhang, Ling ; Han, Li
Under a global environment characterized by open and complex information, academic library resource-sharing practitioners should observe the information-service market beyond a “library-oriented” setting and rethink the development direction of the service. To investigate this issue, this paper presents an analysis of the development trajectory and characteristics of DXY, a Chinese information service enterprise. This study also discusses the development of academic library resource-sharing service from three dimensions, namely, service targets, service contents, and service roles. Findings show that the academic library resource-sharing practitioners should break through the traditional cognitive framework of “academic users on campus” and “document providers,” and furthermore, consider upgrading the service to assume a comprehensive role as information sharer, information connector, and platform operator simultaneously. This change will enable the move toward a knowledge service orientation.
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Cestovní zpráva IFLA ILDS 2017 Paris
Skenderija, Sasha
Tématem letošního ročníku konference bylo "No Library Left Behind: Cross-Border Resource Sharing". Projednávali jsme široké škála témat, od mezinárodního sdílení zdrojů, nástrojů a způsobů sdílení, Open Access a rozvoje zaměstnanců až po technologie v prosíťovaném světě a specializované knihovny včetně případových studií. Autorovi se dostalo ujištění členů IFLA Document Delivery and Resource Sharing Section Standing Committee, že podpoří kandidaturu NTK na pořádání příští 16. ILDS konference v roce 2019 v Praze.
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New digitization workflow of the National Technical Library in theory and practice
Řihák, Jakub ; Kamrádková, Kateřina
This paper describes recent activities in the area of digitization processes at the National Technical Library, Prague (Czech Republic), in particular a new schema of digitization workflow, its outputs and its impact on services provided to the National Technical Library´s users. Furthermore, it presents System Kramerius and cooperation oportunities in eBooks on Demand project for the Czech libraries.
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