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Evaluation Report of Conference on Grey Literature and Repositories 2017
Vyčítalová, Hana
Evaluation od the 10th Conference on Grey Literature and Repositories.
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10th Conference on Grey Literature and Repositories
Národní technická knihovna
Conference programme and abstracts.
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Changes in the area of extended collective management in relation to memory institutions
Straková, Lucie
The submitted contribution will focus on the changes brought by the amendment to the Copyright Act (Act No. 102/2017 Coll.) and the relation between extended collective management and memory institutions. In particular, the focus will be given to conservation and teaching purposes and the associated extended collective management. The paper shall analyze the adopted regulation, compare it with the previous state, analyzes its effects and infl uences especially on the GLAM area. Attention will also be paid to the forthcoming changes at the level of the European Union, in particular to the proposal for a Directive on copyright in the digital single market.
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Research and Development in the Field of Research Data and Dissertations: The D4Humanities Project at the University of Lille (France)
Schöpfel, Joachim ; Prost, Hélène ; Malleret, Cécile
The paper presents the research project D4Humanities conducted by the GERIICO laboratory at the University of Lille in the fi eld of research data management (RDM). In particular, we will describe the development of a local workfl ow for the submission of research data related to PhD dissertations and the connection to the national RDM infrastructure Huma-Num (deposit, preservation and dissemination of research data via the NAKALA service), along with our RDM training program for PhD students.
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Data deposit into the ASEP repository
Chmelařová, Zdeňka ; Doleželová, Jana
The ASEP repository has provided bibliographic records deposit for the results of scientifi c research at the Czech Academy of Sciences since 1993. In 2012, the database was expanded to include a repository in which full text documents are stored. Since 2017, ASEP also supports data records and data fi le storage. The bibliographic records of the results can be linked to metadata records so that the user gets not only the full text of a result, but also the data on which the result is based. Each dataset has its own description and metadata follows international standards. In the paper, we will introduce the repository workfl ow, describe dataset deposit and international standards used as well as different types of user interfaces.
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Grey abART
Hůla, Jiří
The Archive of Fine Arts collects, processes, and provides a large collection of documents pertaining mainly to Czech and Slovak art of the 20th and 21st centuries. We distinguish 200 various types of documents; some of them belong to the category of “grey literature” (e.g., press releases, theses, bibliographies, exhibition catalogues, and annual reports). In our paper, we introduce our collection of grey literature and its processing and archiving in the abART Information System, provided by The Archive of Fine Arts since 1993. We’ll focus on grey literature, searching in the abART system, records linking with all other related information, and availability of documents.
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Rethinking the Role of Grey Literature in the Fourth Industrial Revolution
Savić, Dobrica
This paper examines the potential impact of the emerging Fourth Industrial Revolution on grey literature and the challenges it will bring to the information management profession. Based on analysis of the most prevalent current trends and developments, it appears we will need to rethink the defi nition of grey literature, its creation and types, processing, storage, sustainability and usability. Information professionals, including the grey literature ones, will require training and new knowledge.
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Attitudes of Charles University academic staff to data sharing
Jarolímková, Adéla ; Drobíková, Barbora ; Souček, Martin
Data management and sharing are an integral part of contemporary research work. At Charles University, we carried out a survey of selected aspects of current data management practices and researchers’ attitudes to data management and sharing. In our paper we present a part of its 'results focused on academic staff and comparison of their answers with the answers of doctoral students, interdisciplinary comparisons, selected comments and recommendations based on survey results.
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