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Evaluation Report of Conference on Grey Literature and Repositories 2016
Vyčítalová, Hana ; Charvátová, Michaela
Evaluation od the 9th Conference on Grey Literature and Repositories.
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The Catalogues of Records Companies of Early 20th Century
Gössel, Gabriel ; Šír, Filip
Grey literature often contains documents such as publisher or corporate catalogues. Included among these are catalogues of record companies, which provide evidence of all the sound documents issued for sale. Recordings are part of the collections of many institutions, but few of them also own these secondary information resources. Therefore, they are not able to contribute to the overall view of the cultural heritage of the era when the gramophone industry began and developed rapidly.
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Are There Any Digital Curators in Czech Libraries?
Římanová, Radka ; Melichar, Marek
The development of digital repositories reveals the need for new Czech terminologies for library positions. One such job title or specialization is “digital curator”, a term which refers to a specialist responsible for digital collections. Competencies for digital curators include technical, organizational, communication, and marketing skills as well as some level of expertise in computer science as well as in information and library science. A survey of several administrators of Czech digital libraries asks how to best professionally label this group of library staff with respect to the actual activities they perform in their jobs - digital curators, administrators of digital libraries, or digital librarians? Job titles have a strong impact on higher education curricula, on the management of libraries, and also on the coordinated system of remuneration of employees at libraries, academic, and research institutions.
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May Textbooks be Replaced by Grey Literature? : OER (Open Educational Resources) in Service of Open Education
Kováčová, Tamara
There is significant trend among “open” initiatives for support of open education during last decade. Important part of open education is OER (open educational resources). The best practices will be explored. What are OER? How OER can (not) emerge? How OER can (not) be found? How are (not) OER used? What are exact benefit of OER usage in education? How build on those advantages?
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General Data Protection Regulation and its Impact on Grey Literature
Koščík, Michal
In April 2016, the European commission adopted a new General Data Protection Regulation. This regulation is based on fundamental principles of the existing legislation and elaborates it further into the set of rather detailed legal instructions. The suggested paper aims to summarize the parts of the new regulation that are most relevant for operators of gray literature repositories, who will have to adapt within the next two years. The paper will focus on the issues of consent to the processing of personal data, the legal regime of processing personal data without the consent of the data subjects, the data subject’s right to information as well as the legal regime of acquisition of personal data by third parties and exercise of the newly formulated right to be forgotten.
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BUT Digital Library – Introduction of Institutional Repository
Skůpa, Jan
The Brno University of Technology (BUT) Digital Library is an institutional repository running of DSpace (version 5.3) initially created in 2007 as a repository for theses. The Digital Library‘s range of services is gradually growing and this paper deals specifi cally with repository services, the process for publishing theses, and support for open access. The repository enables authors to store the research results in open access mode. Full text is integrated into the national Czech systems for reporting publications (RIV).
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Text and Data Mining of Grey Literature for the Purpose of Scientific Research
Myška, Matěj
The paper explores the legal possibilities of users to text and data mine repositories of grey literature for scientific research without the consent of the GL repository operator and right holders of the documents contained therein. Firstly the scope of the respective copyright and sui generis database rights exceptions for scientifi c research is analyzed. Secondly the term “scientific research” and its meaning in the regulatory instruments is explored. Lastly the debated mandatory exception for TDM for scientific research is introduced.
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Digital Repository in Practice - More Than Just a Data Storage
Andrejčíková, Naděžda
Research generates ever more data. For guidance in these data a digital repository of published results of science and research should serve as well as a digital repository containing these scientific data. Metadata are very important in this process. They can link related data from completely different external sources. In our paper, we focus on the use of external resources in building institutional repositories.
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Ways of Dissemination, Usage and Impact Tracking of Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETDs)
Kettler, Meinhard
The digital transformation has had a tremendous impact on graduate research workflows and output. Most theses are submitted as ETDs, although the share varies by country and by subject. Universities worldwide are running institutional repositories to showcase new graduate research, as well as recently digitized material. The presentation will highlight studies on dissertation and theses usage on repositories as well as giving insights into ProQuest’s unique dissertations and theses analytics.
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