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Bioluminescence determination of caspase-3/7 in single osteosarcoma cells
Killinger, Michael ; Matalová, Eva ; Klepárník, Karel
The protein heterogeneity at the single-cell level has been recognized to be vital for an understanding of various life processes during animal development. In addition, the knowledge of accurate quantity of relevant proteins at cellular level is essential for appropriate interpretation of diagnostic and therapeutic results. Here, we determined the level of active caspase-3/7 in physiological and pathological (cancer) conditions by our miniaturized instrumentation.
Chemical vapor generation of cadmium: detector comparison
Sagapova, Linda ; Štádlerová, Barbora ; Svoboda, Milan ; Kratzer, Jan ; Musil, Stanislav
A chemical vapor generation system was connected to an in-house assembled atomic fluorescence spectrometer (AFS) equipped with a miniature diffusion flame atomizer in order to assess its potential to Cd determination. Subsequently, analytical performance of three spectrometric detectors was compared (AAS, AFS, ICP-MS) with respect to Cd determination after volatile species generation.
Novel photochemical vapor generation of rhenium for its ultratrace determination
Vyhnanovský, Jaromír ; Hašlová, K. ; Musil, Stanislav
The presentation focused on novel photochemical vapor generation of rhenium. Details on optimization of generation conditions and other important parameters regarding this sensitive methodology, as well as its possible applications were pointed out and discussed.
Comparison of radiation sources for atomic fluorescence spectrometry
Štádlerová, Barbora ; Dědina, Jiří ; Musil, Stanislav
Comparison of a bismuth boost-discharge hollow cathode lamp and and electrodeless discharge lamp employed as an excitation source in an atomic fluorescence spectrometer.
Optimization of photochemical vapor generation of tellurium for analytical atomic spectrometry
Jeníková, Eva ; Musil, Stanislav ; Hraníček, J.
Photochemical vapor generation of tellurium was studied using a miniature diffusion flame atomizer and high-resolution continuum source atomic absorption spectrometry.

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