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On the traces of barbarians – archaeological, historical, numismatic (Archaeology of Barbarians 2015)
Karwowski, M. ; Komoróczy, Balázs ; Trebsche, P.
The publication is the latest in the series of proceedings based on materials from Central European protohistoric conferences Archaeology of Barbarians. For the most part, the studies published here are a revised text of the lectures given at the 2015 conference Archaeology of Barbarian at the MAMUZ Museum Mistelbach in Lower Austria. The main theme of the conference was the Celts and Germanic tribes in the Middle Danube Region in archaeological and numismatic sources (2nd century BC - 2nd century AD), but space was also given to other phenomena of protohistoric development. Intensive discussions included, among other things, absolute and relative chronology of transitional horizons, issues of monetization and testimony of numismatic groups, military, economic and diplomatic interactions along the north-south axis of the region and other sub-themes. For most of these questions, readers will find relevant studies in the present proceedings, which contains a total of 18 studies by authors from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary and Germany.

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