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Transformation of the regional press in the early 90's of the 20th century - region Českobudějovicko (South Bohemia)
Zemanová, Martina ; Köpplová, Barbara (advisor) ; Cebe, Jan (referee)
Bachelor thesis "Transformation of the regional press in the early 90's of the 20th century - region Ceskobudejovicko (South Bohemia)" presents the situation of regional and local press in the region Ceské Budejovice (South Bohemia) in the early 90's of the 20th century. The change (of the content, owner, advertisment etc.) of the regional and local press was observed. The work is divided into the chapters by the type of the press and its target group. Also Syndicate of Southbohemian journalists and its foundation was discribed. The regional and local press is presented in the context of the history and situation of the region.
Problematika regionálních disparit na příkladu regionů NUTS 3 v České republice ve vybraném období
Zemanová, Martina
Current issues arising from analysis of socioeconomic differences are constantly gaining importance. This fact is due to gradual accession of less developed countries to the European Union, resulting in deepening differences between individual regions within the European Union. European Union has been attempting to resolve this problem through its regional policy, primarily aiming at the development of underdeveloped regions and closing gaps in economic and social standards of individual member states and their regions. The growing importance and influence of regional policy among European Union policies means that it is being allocated more than one third of funds from the European Union budget. This dissertation paper analyses the development of differences in NUTS 3 regions in the Czech Republic during the period 2006 till 20013. The analysis was carried out using beta convergence and alfa convergence parameters and cluster analysis.
Characterization of Corynebacterium glutamicum promoters responding to increase of temperature
Zemanová, Martina ; Nešvera, Jan (advisor) ; Lichá, Irena (referee) ; Felsberg, Jurgen (referee)
My thesis is focused on characterizationof Corynebacteriumglutamicum promoters responding to increase of temperature.C. glutamicum is the most importantrepresentativeof a gram-positive,non-pathogenic,amino-acidproducing bacteria.Its strainsare industrialproducersof glutamic acid, lysine, threonine, tryptophaneand phenylalanine(Liebl et al., l99l). Amino acids producedby microbial fermentationare used in medicine(as infusionliquids or therapeutics), chemical industry (as detergentsand cosmeticscompounds),food industry (as additives), agriculture and stockbreeding (as growth-regulatoradditives to the animalsfeed)(Hermann,2003). Althoughknowledgeof organizationsof its genesinvolvedin biosynthesis of variousaminoacidsincreasedconsiderablyduringlastyears,still littleis known about molecularsignals controllinggene expression. Since regulationof gene expressionon the level of transcriptionplays crucial role, understandingthe structureand functionof transcriptioninitiationsignals(promoters)is of primary importance.Promoters, which can be easily switahed on and off during fermentationsby externalfactorsmay ensurethe controlledoverexpressionofthe chosengenes.Therefore,the C. glutamicumpromotersrespondingto increaseof temperaturehavebeenisolated. Two differentapproachesfor isolationof the promoterswere employed. First...
Change trajectories of wood pastures using landscape metrics (Hradec Kralove Region)
Zemanová, Martina ; Skaloš, Jan (advisor) ; Pavel, Pavel (referee)
This work is focused on wood-pastures and their change trajectory and evolution since 1845 to present time. Research was conducted in selected cadastral areas in region Hradec Králové. In the intoduction of the work are defined pastures, wood-pastures and benefits of this active management. It focuses on changes in land-covers in places of historic pastures, their extinction, creation and continuous exsistence. The main sources of informations are historical maps and the field research.
Analysis of sports funding from public funds in the Pardubice region
Zemanová, Martina ; Mitwallyová, Helena (advisor) ; Vláčil, Jan (referee)
The aim is to analyze the sports funding from public funds in the Pardubice region. Decide whether this support is sufficient and justified. The analysis focuses in more detail on the various grant programs and the method of evaluating the applications. Funds flowing into the sport in the 2007-2016 are demonstrating graphically and over these years are declining. Partial analysis also shows the success of grant applicants. The number of unsupported applications exceeds the number of supported applications. Based on the analysis it shows that support is justified but insufficient. Support is unsystematic and unstable and coordination between policies in sport, at the state, country and municipal level is missing.
Aggressive behavior of the mentally challenged person with disabilities in social care institutions.
In Czech Republic, there is still paid just a little attention to aggressive behaviour of people with mental disability. There has appeared a significant development of providing social services since 2007. Services are transformed, and they are gradually moving from restrictive measures to support and to preventive procedures focused on the approach to clients. The first chapter examines the characteristics of mental disability. The second chapter describes social services according to the Law 108/2006 Coll. on social services, and it defines the service Home for People with Health Disabilities. In the third chapter I write about offending behavior, mostly about aggression, its causes, course, control, prevention and possibilities of therapies. The fourth chapter describes the importance of communication as a prevention of aggression. I dedicate the fifth chapter to the education of staff working in social services. Another topic in this chapter is the supervision as the assistance and support for staff working with people with mental disabilities and controlling the aggressive behavior. In the last chapter of the theoretical part I describe restrictive measures, which are follow up procedures when dealing with the aggression. The practical part is processed in the form of qualitative research, method of questioning and by using the technique of the semistructured interview. The research sample were employees working in the direct care, which had worked there for at least five years. Interviews with selected respondents took place from December 2012 to February 2013. The objective of this research was to find out what awareness the employees had of causes of the aggressive behavior, prevention and restriction. The recorded evidence indicates that all responding staff encountered the aggressive behavior of a person with mental disability and they perceived it as offending. They described the aggression as physical or verbal attacks against other person or property. Demonstration of the aggressive behavior is also auto-aggression. Is there any possibility of avoiding the aggressive behavior? All respondents agreed that the cause of aggressive behavior of people with mental disabilities were unfulfilled basic human needs. What concerns the role of the staff in preventing the aggression, all respondents think, that therapy, employment of clients and the appropriate communication, which shall be adapted individually, play very important role. All respondents perceive the supervision, which is helpful at their work, as a prevention. Similarly, the same is the education, which is mandatory for them by the law. What are the restrictive measures? All respondents answered that they were instruments, which limited human mobility. They also demonstrated knowledge of their use. Respondents did not mention in the interview abou the fact, that these measures may be used only for strictly necessary period. It is necessary to indicate this fact in the report on the application of restrictive measures, which, as all respondents had indicated, they filled in. That is why they think that, at its essence, they know this information. Another thing they did not mention was to inform the client himself, that restrictive measures will be used against him. I address this to possible stress during interviews on this subject. Overall, I would say that the staff know the aggressive behavior in people with mental disabilities. Likewise they know what causes aggression, how it can be prevented andwhat are the follow-up procedures if the aggressive behavior of the client occurs.
Photochemical Degradation of a Phenyl-urea Pesticide Chlorotoluron
Chlorotoluron photochemical degradation in homogeneous phase (aqueous solutions) was studied. Photolysis by UV radiation, influence of metal (ferric, ferrous) ions, pH, and solvent composition on the reaction rate was investigated. Photosensitizing effect of humic samples was tested. Kinetic characteristics (rate constants, overall quantum yield), products of reactions and extent of mineralization was evaluated.
Nepřekládaná RNA indukovaná teplotním šokem u Corynebacterium glutamicum
Zemanová, Martina ; Pátek, Miroslav ; Nešvera, Jan
The first case of chromosomally encoded, untranslated, regulatory RNA in the amino acid-producing bacterium Corynebacterium glutamicum is described. The possible role of this novel regulatory RNA of C. glutamicum in control of cell response to external stress factors is in agreement with observed induction of various small untranslated RNAs in Escherichia coli by a variety of environmental stress conditions

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