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Workstation with termo camera
Zeman, Martin ; Horák, Karel (referee) ; Richter, Miloslav (advisor)
This thesis contains an overview of physical principles concerning thermography and infra-red sensing, and a specification of a measuring instrument in a measurement system. Next, there are some particular examples of IR sensing applications. In the second part there is a thermal camera market research including individual manufacturers and models with their attributes and prices. There is a closer view of the thermal camera used for this thesis (Guide EasIR-4). In the end of the thesis there are some drafts of computer vision subject tasks (or practices), including workplace designs and solutions, and three task suggestions for bachelor or diploma theses including solution verifications.
Low energy detached house
Zeman, Martin ; Bečkovská, Tereza (referee) ; Brzoň, Roman (advisor)
Bachelor thesis deals project of a low energy detached house in the village Heřmanov. It is the house with two floors and sloping roof made of wooden trusses. The structural system of the building is created of cut brick blocks Heluz, ceiling structure is made of panels Spiroll.
Automatic setting of lens system and camera orientation
Zeman, Martin ; Honec, Peter (referee) ; Janáková, Ilona (advisor)
This thesis is focused on problems of adjusting camera parameters (focus, aperture, zoom). It is also focused on target detection and following this target with a camera. Histogram equalization is a part of this thesis as well.
Using Ontologies in GUHA Procedures
Zeman, Martin ; Ralbovský, Martin (advisor) ; Vojtáš, Peter (referee)
The goal of this master thesis is to implement some of the previously suggested ways of usage of Ontologies in Knowledge Database Discovery (KDD) process. The implementation is done in the Ferda environment, a modular environment for visual GUHA data mining. The work argues about each of the suggested ways of usage of ontologies in consideration of their successive implementation. Great part of the work is devoted to selection of the right language for representation of ontologies. Furthermore, the implementation of the selected modules in Ferda is described. The functionality of these modules is then tested on an example and there is evaluated the contribution of the modules for KDD process. At the end of the work the suggestions for future development of support of ontologies during the KDD process in Ferda DataMiner are described.
The use of relationship of man to the nature in social work
Zeman, Martin ; Dragomirecká, Eva (advisor) ; Matulayová, Tatiana (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the use of the relationship between human and nature in social work. The theoretical part deals with the anthropological foundations of this relationship, describes the historical evolution of nature's effects on humans and theoretical approaches to the effects of the environment. It deals with individual influences of the environment and nature on human in the context of the quality of life of postmaterialist society. The second part describes the methods using the relationship between man and nature in social work in relation to current models of social work. The application and use of these methods is a current phenomenon in the Czech environment. Therefore, specific therapeutic approaches used in specific facilities when working with clients and patients are presented below. These are mainly the elderly, people with disabilities and disadvantages, at-risk youth, drug addicts. Of the therapeutic approaches, the work focuses mainly on zootherapy, social agriculture and garden therapy.
Stroje pro aplikaci digestátu
Zeman, Martin
The work deals with the first part of the existing machines for handling the digestate - drawn tanks and self-propelled applicators. It also deals with various variants of applicators and ancillary equipment used for application of digestate. It is also described by the quality of the selected machines and of the economic and technical evaluation of the application options. Followed by evaluation of field measurements focused on the absorption of nutrients in the soil, depending on the method of application. The last part of the work is optimization resulting from the measurement results.
The Evaluation of the Current Situation of Posture and Flat Foot Occurrence among the Young, Engaged in the Sports and not Engaged in the Sports in the West Bohemia
Zeman, Martin ; Prajerová, Květa (advisor) ; Strnad, Pavel (referee)
Title: The Evaluation of the Current Situation of Posture and Flat Foot Occurrence among the Young, Engaged in the Sports and not Engaged in the Sports, in the West Bohemia Objectives: The main objective of this thesis is to find out the current situation of posture and flat feet occurrence and to evaluate these findings together with a questionnaire survey, focused on the physical activity among a representative sample of young people. Methods: The main methods used to find out the current state of posture were a Matthias' posture test and a diagnostic device for flat feet examination with a polarized light called a podoscope. Plantographs had been evaluated according to the Kapandji score (1985). By the means of the written questionnaire, a basic data about the probands were found out, especially about their interest in the physical activity and their involvement in the sport activity. To determine the optimal weight or overweight, the body mass index BMI was used. By the probands, the BMI was calculated from their recorded body weight and height, using the personal scale Salter 9204WH3R and standalone measure Tanita HR-001. Results: It was discovered 68 % of the tested probands have a faulty posture, and by 32 % of the probands, a flatfoot among 1ř to 3ř occurred. Next, it was found out that a...
Comparation of the National Energy Concept and European Energy Strategy until 2020, 2030 and 2050
Turková, Nikol ; Zeman, Martin (advisor) ; Maule, Petr (referee)
The thesis deal with comparison of the National Energy Concept of the Czech Republic and the European Energy Strategy until 2020, 2030 and 2050. It points out the main goals and strategies of these documents, compares them and analyzes, whether they contain new energy targets or not. The first hypothesis (1) concerns, if the European Union´s energy objectives and strategies are different compare with the objectives and strategies of the Czech Republic´s. The second hypothesis (2) asks, if the official concepts adequately reflect new trends in the energy market. The contribution of this thesis lies in emphasis on different goals of individual energy strategies and in proposing a solution, which could help the Czech Republic get closer to the European Union´s goals. The theoretical part of the thesis introduces the energy market, characterizes energy market and defines the Czech Republic´s energy resources, subjects of the energy market of the Czech Republic, legislation affecting the Czech Republic´s energy market and energy security and independence. In the practical part, the author compares energy concepts and points out the same and different goals of these strategies. The author also focuses on new energy trends and proves that energy concepts do not reflect these new trends adequately. This disproves the hypothesis (2). The author adverts to the goals that the Czech Republic fulfills in the strategy of the European Union´s program but also points out the different goals that the Czech Republic does not fulfill. This disproves the hypothesis (1).
Analysis of automotive industry in the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic during years 2005 through 2016 with consideration of intervention policy of scrapping program
Tořínský, Ota ; Zeman, Martin (advisor) ; Klement, Josef (referee)
The bachelor thesis analyzes automotive industry in the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic in the period from 2005 to 2016. The economic crisis took place during this period and the Slovak government decided to react in 2009 with the introduction of scrapping program, however the scrapping program was never introduced in the Czech Republic. The aim of the thesis is to analyze sales of passenger cars in both countries in the period from 2005 to 2016. The thesis concludes that scrapping program in Slovakia in 2009 increased the demand for passenger cars, but in 2010 this demand decreased significantly. The thesis also concludes that the scrapping program has had a negative impact for domestic sales of passenger cars in the long run.

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