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Evaluation of Business Performance by means of Financial Analysis Tools
Zapletalová, Lucie ; Vařeka, Jan (referee) ; Ptáček, Roman (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with evaluation of the financial situation of the company Javořice, a. s. during the period between the years 2015–2019. The main activity of the examined company is the processing of saw logs. The financial analysis will be performed on the basis of information contained in the company´s accounting statements. The first part of the bachelor thesis works with theoretical background. The second part contains basic information about the company and the financial analysis of the company. Based on the results of the company´s analysis will be determined proposals for improving the company´s situation.
Who supported their employees during the first wave of the pandemic? An analysis of the financial support granted through the Antivirus B programme
Jurajda, Štěpán ; Doleželová, P. ; Zapletalová, Lucie
This study examines the structure of Czech firms’ use of the Antivirus B programme in the second quarter of 2020, i.e. during the first “spring wave” of the Covid-19 epidemic. We compare application of the programme benefits with the structure of the economy and with the structure of demand shocks, approximated by the drop in hours worked against those worked in the second quarter of 2019. The study provides an example of how this type of programme could be continuously monitored in the future. The study’s findings can be useful when making long term decisions about how to set up tools such as kurzarbeit in Czech legislation.
The gap of in-person teaching during the Covid-19 pandemic: estimation of invisible economic losses
Jann, Ole ; Münich, Daniel ; Zapletalová, Lucie
Studies of the impact of school closures and school absences as well as impact studies already carried out abroad into the Covid-19 pandemic period all show, that the gap in in-person teaching caused by the pandemic will have a substantial negative impact on pupils' educational outcomes and will increase educational inequalities. The loss of learning will very likely lower the future earnings of current pupils and students for decades of their productive life.
The unintended effects of parental leave policies
Bičáková, Alena ; Kalíšková, Klára ; Zapletalová, Lucie
Two reforms to parental allowance in the Czech Republic, in 1995 and 2008, which changed the period during which parents could claim state financial support to take care of their child, did not only affect how long mothers stayed at home with their children, but also had an impact on their risk of becoming unemployed upon returning to the labour market.
Teachers’ pay: consistently low and unattractive
Münich, Daniel ; Perignáthová, M. ; Zapletalová, Lucie ; Smolka, V.
The level and structure of teachers’ salaries significantly affect overall interest in the teaching profession and play a part in determining the structure of those interested in the profession. The quality of new recruits to the teaching profession in turn determines the long term quality of education and educational results in the given country. Salaries for teachers at Czech public primary schools, in a relative comparison with salaries for highly qualified employees, have long been among the lowest in the world’s thirty most developed countries. As far as teachers’ general skills are concerned, these are still relatively good in the Czech Republic compared to many other countries. This is however undoubtedly determined to a large extent on the high numbers of older teachers in the profession, who began their careers decades ago. Interest in the teaching profession among talented younger Czechs is currently very low.
The Point system and its impact on the number of fatal traffic accidents
Montag, J. ; Zapletalová, Lucie
This study summarises the results of a quantitative assessment of the impact of the points system, introduced in 2006, on the number of fatal traffic accidents in the Czech Republic. The introduction of the points system was also accompanied by legal changes that raised fines for traffic offences and broadened the transport police's powers. Initially, the number of fatal accidents dropped sharply. Injuries were reduced by 33.3%, which with 95% certainty represents between 51 and 204 lives saved. However, beyond the first year, the new law had no noticeable impact on the number of fatal accidents. Our findings indicate that the reform's negligible impact in the long term was caused by a gradual decline in resources dedicated to traffic police services in the field. Exaggerated expectations very likely contributed to the reform's significant short-term impact, as people over-estimated the possible sanctions they would face with the introduction of the new law, and drove carefully for a few weeks. Over time, they adapted their behaviour to meet the real level of monitoring and enforcement of the new rules, which was in fact low and becoming even lower. The number of fatal accidents thus returned to its original level.

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