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The impact of debtor distress and unemployment on support for extremist and populist political parties in the Czech Republic 2001–2017
Grossmann, Jakub ; Jurajda, Štěpán ; Zapletalová, Lucie
In this study, we analyze the relationships between rising rates of distraint orders and electoral support for populist political parties and extreme left and right wing political parties at the local level.
Marketing Strategy of the Selected Company
Zapletalová, Lucie ; Vařeka, Jan (referee) ; Chlebovský, Vít (advisor)
Master´s thesis is focused on marketing strategy of a selected company in the woodworking industry. The thesis is divided into three parts. The theoretical part of the thesis is focused on defining the relevant concepts and methods, which are further used in the thesis. The analytical part is focused on the analysis of the current state of marketing strategy in the company. The analytical part includes the marketing research. The practical part of the thesis is based on the findings of the analysis of the current state. This part is focused on proposals leading to improvements in company´s marketing strategy.
Would real house prices risen more slowly if more new housing had been built in 2013–2021? Probably not
Šustek, R. ; Zapletalová, Lucie
This study presents an easily applicable method for the study of price trends in residential property markets and the factors that affect them. The study describes the basic reasoning behind the method and presents results of using it to analyse house price increases in the Czech Republic during the period of 2013-2021, and to analyse various future housing market scenarios.
Income loss compensation during the Covid-19 pandemic: the winners and the losers
Kalíšková, Klára ; Zapletalová, Lucie
In this study we analyze how income compensation tools adopted by the Czech government in response to the Covid-19 pandemic were targeted at various groups of households. We reveal what proportion of the state’s overall expenditure on compensatory measures was targeted to the households most heavily affected by the pandemic. Despite the fact that the state spent a substantial amount on measures to compensate households for loss of income, the pandemic still had a substantially heavier impact on the poorer layers of society. This may manifest itself in the future as a deepening of existing problems with debt, executions and child poverty.\n
Poverty and social benefits in socially excluded localities
Federičová, Miroslava ; Kalíšková, Klára ; Zapletalová, Lucie
This study presents a unique analysis of the living conditions of individuals and households in socially excluded localities (SELs) in terms of their income and exposure to poverty, compared to the average population. Special attention is paid to the receipt of social benefits and their effectiveness in reducing poverty. The analysis is based on unique data from living conditions in a socially excluded localities survey (SEL-SILC), conducted in 2020 by the Agency for Social Inclusion of the Czech Ministry of Regional Development, and from data from the Living Conditions Survey (EU-SILC) conducted by the Czech Statistical Office in 2020.
Sick pay: what impact did the introduction of a waiting period have?
Grossmann, Jakub ; Zapletalová, Lucie
We analyze the impacts of a waiting period for sick pay introduced in 2008 in the Czech Republic on employment absence, sick leave, and other types of absences from the workplace. The new waiting period meant that employees did not receive any sickness benefits (‘sick pay’) for the first three days of sick leave. The waiting period was introduced to discourage employees from claiming sick pay unnecessarily and thereby to reduce sickness benefit expenditures. However, the measure also discourages employees from taking sick leave when they are unwell and may potentially increase the risk of contagion in the workplace.
Mom or preschool? How an extension to paid parental leave affects children’s future education and employment
Bičáková, Alena ; Kalíšková, Klára ; Zapletalová, Lucie
In this study we quantify the impacts of the duration of paid parental leave on the education and future labor market outcomes of affected children when they reach 21-22 years of age. We examine the Czech Republic’s 1995 reform of paid parental leave, which extended the duration of parental allowance receipt from 3 to 4 years. This extension was not, however, accompanied by any extension of the job protection period that remained at 3 years. It also prevented the receiving parent to engage more substantially in the labour market, leading to one more year of full-time home child care.
Evaluation of Business Performance by means of Financial Analysis Tools
Zapletalová, Lucie ; Vařeka, Jan (referee) ; Ptáček, Roman (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with evaluation of the financial situation of the company Javořice, a. s. during the period between the years 2015–2019. The main activity of the examined company is the processing of saw logs. The financial analysis will be performed on the basis of information contained in the company´s accounting statements. The first part of the bachelor thesis works with theoretical background. The second part contains basic information about the company and the financial analysis of the company. Based on the results of the company´s analysis will be determined proposals for improving the company´s situation.
Who supported their employees during the first wave of the pandemic? An analysis of the financial support granted through the Antivirus B programme
Jurajda, Štěpán ; Doleželová, P. ; Zapletalová, Lucie
This study examines the structure of Czech firms’ use of the Antivirus B programme in the second quarter of 2020, i.e. during the first “spring wave” of the Covid-19 epidemic. We compare application of the programme benefits with the structure of the economy and with the structure of demand shocks, approximated by the drop in hours worked against those worked in the second quarter of 2019. The study provides an example of how this type of programme could be continuously monitored in the future. The study’s findings can be useful when making long term decisions about how to set up tools such as kurzarbeit in Czech legislation.
The gap of in-person teaching during the Covid-19 pandemic: estimation of invisible economic losses
Jann, Ole ; Münich, Daniel ; Zapletalová, Lucie
Studies of the impact of school closures and school absences as well as impact studies already carried out abroad into the Covid-19 pandemic period all show, that the gap in in-person teaching caused by the pandemic will have a substantial negative impact on pupils' educational outcomes and will increase educational inequalities. The loss of learning will very likely lower the future earnings of current pupils and students for decades of their productive life.

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