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Geometric algebras and neural networks
Zapletal, Jakub ; Procházková, Jana (referee) ; Vašík, Petr (advisor)
This thesis deals with the use of geometric algebras in the field of neural networks. First, Conformal Geometric Algebra (CGA) and Geometric Algebra for Conics (GAC) and their Python implementations are introduced. The functioning of neural networks is then described, including an explanatory example. Finally, both topics are connected by using the appropriate library in the Python language, and the possibilities of geometric algebras for different models of neural networks are demonstrated on several examples.
Party discourse analysis Law and Justice (PiS) in Poland and its development by the concept of populism
Zapletal, Jakub ; Stauber, Jakub (advisor) ; Mlejnek, Josef (referee)
This thesis deals with a qualitative content analysis of the populist discourse in the Polish party Law and Justice (PiS). To that end, it uses the ideational approach, informed by a conceptualisation of the populist radical right, including its relation to democracy, inclusion and exclusion. In methodology, findings from the current literature are complemented by a study of chosen new speeches and media inputs, in addition to the election programmes. PiS is described as populist, combining this discourse with nativism, and the development of this discourse is observed mainly in the changing intensity of its use in relation to other aspects such as social welfarism or politics of fear (against refugees and LGBT+), as well as occasional absence of this discourse. In regard to the reform of the judiciary and other steps of the government, the differing explanation ranging between populism and institutionalism is noted, and towards the European Union or the protests against the abortion ban the relationship with populism is problematised.
Marketing Mix during the Company's Expansion into the Hungarian Market
Zapletal, Jakub ; Bumberová, Veronika (referee) ; Kaňovská, Lucie (advisor)
This diploma thesis is focused on marketing mixture of Czech company, which is operating on B2C and B2B markets and optimalization of this company to Hungarian B2C market. The first part of this diploma thesis is focused on problematics and goals of this thesis. Theoretical part defines basics of marketing, marketing mix, company analysis and its surroundings. Next part of the thesis is focused on analytics and characteristics of current status of the company and Hungarian market. The last part of the thesis is focused on suggestions and optimalization of marketing mixture for established e-portfolio with main goal of successful infiltration to hungarian market and get results leading to the introduction and stabilization of the brand on the hungarian market.
EEG Biofeedback Application
Zapletal, Jakub ; Drahanský, Martin (referee) ; Tinka, Jan (advisor)
Tato práce je shrnutím existujících přístupů pro zpracování EEG signálu za účelem EEG biofeedbacku a dále popisuje návrh a implementaci vlastní aplikace pro EEG biofeedback se zaměřením na trénink pozornosti. Dále obsahuje případovou studii provedenou na neurotypickém studentovi a studentovi s ADHD, která zkoumá vliv implementované aplikace na měřený EEG signál subjektů.
Software implementation of selected system modules for symbolic calculations
Zapletal, Jakub ; Věchet, Stanislav (referee) ; Březina, Tomáš (advisor)
This bachelor thesis is focused on the creation of models of the basic elements of the rotational and translational mechanics using electromechanical analogies. Based on the problematics of the complete matrix, transfer functions, which can be tested on models, are derived using various cofactors. In the C Sharp language, the base of models is implemented and a module which generates cofactors of the given system in symbolic form is created.
Evaluation of the Financial Situation of a Company and Proposals for its Improvement
Zapletal, Jakub ; Čuperová, Lenka (referee) ; Poláček, Tomáš (advisor)
This bachelor`s thesis is focused on financial evaluation of the Zeppelin CZ s.r.o. company between years 2013 and 2017. The first part of my bachelor`s thesis is focused on goals and methodology of this bachelor`s thesis. In theoretical part I am targeting on selected indicators and sources of financial evaluation, which are neccesary for practical part of this bachelor`s thesis. In the practical part there will be selected calculations of indicators itself and preview of the company. On behalf of information from practical part, Iam suggesting corrective actions leading to better financial situation of the company for the upcoming years.
Educational System for Recommending Study Activities
Zapletal, Jakub ; Bartík, Vladimír (referee) ; Burget, Radek (advisor)
Cílem této práce je navrhnout a implementovat modul do existujícího doporučovacího systému Open University v Milton Keynes. Nyní nasazený doporučovací systém využívá informací o aktivitě uživatelů ve Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) nasbíraných z předchozích let a podle ní doporučuje studentům relevantní studijní aktivity. Tento modul využívá sémantické podobnosti mezi studijními materiály k doporučení těch, které pomohou uživateli vyřešit úkol nebo které jsou podobné k těm, o něž projevil zájem.K počítání podobnosti dokumentů je využíváno metod Term Frequency - Inverse Document Frequency a vnoření slov.Pro používání modulu a jeho komunikaci modulu s rozhraním OU Analyse je implementováno RESTful API.
Strain-stress analysis of fixed bone of foot
Zapletal, Jakub ; Fuis, Vladimír (referee) ; Návrat, Tomáš (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with analysis of the rigidity of different variations of foot fixations. In the thesis there is a description of elementary anatomy of foot and its patology. Furthermore the possible corrections of hallux deformities and chosen fixators are described. The problem of analysis is soluted by the method of finite elements. The thesis also includes steps of geometery model creation based on 3D scanning. Three differents types of fixations are compared in this thesis and each of them is created in two different levels of details. There is a comparation, analysis of final solutions and chosen influences on the rigidity in the conclusion.
Creation of E-shop System
Zapletal, Jakub ; Lisoněk, David (referee) ; Kříž, Jiří (advisor)
This thesis is dedicated to the creation of e-shop for the purposes of commercial distribution. It is discussed exploration of platforms and technologies, which application can be developed. Finally, it is described my own labor and satisfaction with the choice of the solution.
Review of methods to determining wear in hip replacements
Zapletal, Jakub ; Vrbka, Martin (referee) ; Ranuša, Matúš (advisor)
This bachelor thesis analysis issues of observation and measurement of wear on hip replacements. First of all there is a description of historical milestones in development of hip prosthesis. Afterwards there is a recherché study of measuring methods and devices, whereas each one of them is reviewed for pros and cons. In the last section these methods are compared and there is an author’s recommendation for the most viable method for observation and measurement of wear on hip prosthesis.

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