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Radar Altimeter for Ultralight Aircraft
Zahradník, Jiří ; Zemčík, Pavel (referee) ; Maršík, Lukáš (advisor)
In this bachelor thesis author designs a radar altimeter. In this thesis the emphasis is placed onto modular architecture and that is why this altimeter is designed as a group of independent modules communicating through BSD sockets. Software implementation is made in C++ and for sound generator is used library PulseAudio. Next topic is multithreading safety implementation of queue and stack which was made by template class to keep simplicity and generality.
Vulnerabilities assessment for industrial protocols
Zahradník, Jiří ; Fujdiak, Radek (referee) ; Blažek, Petr (advisor)
Thesis deals with testing of selected vulnerabilities from the IEC 61850 standard and following design of mitigation measures for selected vulnerabilities. Author simulated vulnerabilities of the GOOSE protocol, NTP attack and attack ona MMS client. Those attacks were GOOSE stNum, GOOSE semantic, GOOSE test bit,GOOSE replay, GOOSE flood, NTP spoofing and MMS password capture. Attacks on protocols GOOSE and MMS were successful, attack on NTP was only partially successful since the device confirmed receiving spoofed time, however it did not change it’s inner clock. Author then designed possible mitigation measures. Tool for automatic testing of selected vulnerabilities, parser for the GOOSE protocol and lightweight multiplatform parser for configuration files were created as well.The outcome of this thesis allows the implementation of lager scale tool for penetration testing of industrial networks as well as it allows implementation of discussed mitigation measures.
Evolution of RAYT/REP system in Stenotrophomonas
Staněk, Tadeáš ; Nunvář, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Zahradník, Jiří (referee)
REP (repetitive extragenic palindromes) are short DNA motifs found in the intergenic regions of many bacteria, typically in the hundreds of copies per genome. Unable to mobilize on their own, REP are propagated by RAYT (REP-associated tyrosine transposase). Stenotrophomonas are G- bacteria with a broad ecological niche, belonging to the Gammaproteobacteria. RAYT/REP systems are widespread in them, with over 132,000 REP found in 102 strains. Several classes of REP coexist in the genomes, the presence of associated RAYT is essential for high REP abundance. REP are localised in "REP loci", a series of intergenic regions with high evolutionary dynamics - the number, sequence, and orientation of REP vary at a given locus. In addition to genomic islands, REP are absent from the replication termination site, a region showing non-standard evolutionary dynamics (variable number and order of genes), probably related to chromosome segregation. Stenotrophomonas are insertion sequences (IS) rich. 35 unique IS were identified and their insertion target was verified. Ten IS insert into REP, and four other target YPAL (Yersinia palindromic elements), DNA motifs so far known only in the genus Yersinia. A total of 14 out of 35 IS in Stenotrophomonas target intergenic motifs, while their copy number accounts for 75%...
Rychlé interferenční vlny a 1D seismické modely kůry
Vackář, Jiří ; Zahradník, Jiří (advisor) ; Prokop Brokešová, Johana (referee)
A recent shallow earthquake in the Corinth Gulf, Greece (Mw 5.3) generated unusual long-period waves (periods > 5 seconds) between the P- and S-wave arrival. The 5-second period, being significantly longer than the source duration, indicates a structural effect. Observed seismograms were examined by methods of the frequency-time analysis. Disper- sion curves of the fast long-period (FLP) waves indicated group velocities ranging from 3 to 5.5 km/s for periods between 4 and 10 s, respectively, with large variations among the stations. The generalized dispersion curve splits into two major strips, probably related to lateral variations of the crustal structure. Forward simulations for several existing crustal models were made. A few partially successful models served for a sensitivity study, which showed that the FLP wave seemed to be mainly due to the low-velocity layers in the uppermost 4 kilometers of the crust. Finally the shallow crustal structure was retrieved by inverting observed seismograms by Neighborhood algorithm. The inversion confirmed that the FLP wave in seismograms at more than a single station cannot be explained with a 1-D crustal model. The path-dependent models provided a partial explanation for the strips revealed in the experimental dispersion curves. An alternative explanation is by...
Y1 and Y2 transposases, mechanisms of transposition, biological function.
Zahradník, Jiří ; Lichá, Irena (advisor) ; Schierová, Michaela (referee)
Transposases are enzymes that catalyse cleavage, transmission and re-inserting of mobile genetic element into the DNA. Tyrosine transposase take between these enzymes completely independend status. Their uniqueness is determined by their structure and different mechanism of the transposition reaction, in which the covalent phosphotyrosine intermediate plays major role. Mandatory presence of the catalytic tyrosine gives name to these enzymes and it enables their further classification into a group that carries only a single catalytic tyrosine - Y1 transposases and a group carrying two tyrosines - Y2 transposases. This thesis summarizes the current knowledge about tyrosine transposases. It covers their occurrence, structure, reaction mechanism and biological function. The reaction mechanism of the most studied Y1 transposase, associated with IS608 element, is described in detail. The work also focuses on other members of the tyrosin transposases family which carry the characteristic HUH motive. These include transposases associated with the insertion sequence of IS200/IS605 family (Y1), transposases associated with REP elements (so called RAYT proteins), transposases associated with IS91 family (Y2), transposases of ISCRs family (Y1) and unusual eukaryotic transposases of the Helitron family (Y2)....
Study of Greek earthquakes source processes
Červinková, Dana ; Zahradník, Jiří (advisor) ; Opršal, Ivo (referee)
Nazev pracc: Studium zdrojoveho procesu feckych zemetfeseni Autor: Dana Cervinkova Katedra (ustav): Katedra geofy/iky Vedouci bakalarskc pracc: Prof. RNDr. Jin' /ahradnik, DrSc. e-mail vcdoucnio:jz(a) Abstrakt: V teto praci je sludovana dlouhopcriodicka porucha vyskytujici se v seismogramcch blizkych zemetfeseni na horizontalnich slozkach, projevujfci sc jako jednostranny puls. Porucha je numericky modelovana jako rcakcc sirokopasmoveho seismometru na skokovou /menu /rychleni. Modclova porucha je potom ze zaznamu odcctcna. Modclova porucha je charaklerizovana dvema parametry, casein nasa/cni a amplitudou skoku /rychleni. Postup zpracovani je uka/an na scdmi /emetfesenich zoblasti Korinlskcho /alivu, za/namcnanych na stanicich v Sergoule a Mamousii, spolecne provozovanych UK-MFI-" a univer/ilou v Patrasu. Z vysledku vyplyva, ze parametry poruchy jsou obecne ruzne pro dve hori/ontalm' slozky zaznamu tehoz zemetreseni na dane stanici. Ve zkoumanych pfipadcch mela vzdy porucha na slozce F,W vfil§i amplitudu ncz na slozce NS. V budoucnosti by bylo vhodne mctodu modelovani a odstraneni poruchy, popsanou v teto praci, automatizovat. Odstraneni poruch je ne/.bytnou podminkou pro pouzitelnost zaznamu pro dalsi fyzikalni vyzkum. Klieova slova: zemelrescnf, dlouhoperiodicka porucha,...

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