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Effects of obesity and sleeve gastrectomy on fungiform papillae in a model of Wistar rat
Zadražilová, Jana ; Němečková, Ivana (advisor) ; Nachtigal, Petr (referee)
Jana Zadražilová Effects of obesity and sleeve gastrectomy on fungiform papillae in a model of Wistar rat Diploma thesis Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Králové Pharmacy Obesity has become a worldwide issue in which taste sensitivity and food preferences play crucial roles. The most effective treatment of morbidly obese patients is bariatric surgery. In our preliminary study, we tried to determine the effect of diet induced obesity and sleeve gastrectomy (SG) on the histology of rat tongue, especially how they affect the number of fungiform papillae (FP). Male Wistar rats were used in the experiment. After inducing obesity with a high-fat diet (HFD), some of the rats underwent SG, some had sham surgery and others stayed surgery-free to be considered as a control group, additionally, one group stayed on normal diet (ND) the entire duration of the experiment. After 16 weeks, all rats were sacrificed and histological examination of rat tongue was per- formed. The highest mean number of FP (5.11±1.45) was counted in diet induced obese rats that were fed a ND the last four weeks of the experiment. The lowest number of FP (3.38±1.45) was found in the experimental group of rats fed a HFD through- out the experiment, but underwent SG after 12 weeks of fattening. There was no...
Maternity in later age or phenomenon of the present time
Zadražilová, Jana ; Miskolczi, Martina (advisor) ; Antovová, Michaela (referee)
The bachelor´s work concerns with maternity in late age and lays the goal to draft present trends showing in the Czech Republic, using qualitative research to reveal the opinions and experience of women facing the mentioned problem and find out how much they are influenced in decision about the time of birth of the child by the partner. The work brings basic historical overview of changes in family behaviour, theoretical approaches that try to explain these changes and moreover it devotes also to occurence of evolutional defects at children of older mothers, also older fathers and rising interest about methods of assisted reproduction in connection with still rising age of mothers. Using the analysis of the trends of fertility from the year 1989 was found that it got to decrease of total fertility and specific rate of fertility is still moving to higher age of women but with lower intensity. The average age of women is still rising and with this also the number of performed cycles of assisted reproduction. In the same time also the occurence of inborn defects at the age of women 35 and more is relatively high. Thanks to qualitative research were in most of cases confirmed the arguments for postponement of maternity got from the professional literature. Moreover was found low level of knowledge about the occurence of inborn defects at children of older expectant mothers and relying on the methods of assisted reproduction in case of inability to become pregnant. The attitude of the partner in deciding about the time to have the first baby is either the same as the woman partner or the attitude of the woman is in this matter primary. In question of having a baby or not is deciding the attitude of the partner.
The Laffer Curve and Its Verification
Zadražilová, Jana ; Klazar, Stanislav (advisor) ; Weberová, Jana (referee)
The thesis deals with a conception of the Laffer curve. It shows up economic chain of events of the Laffer curve origin. The conception is upgraqded by administrative costs of tax collection, thesis put into the connection tax rate and tax efficiency through this way. Further, there is checked by statistical software relation between tax yield and tax rate. There is also made quantification of administrative costs of the tax collection.

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