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Efficient and Expressive Microfacet Models
Atanasov, Asen ; Wilkie, Alexander (advisor) ; Yan, Lingqi (referee) ; Ribardière, Mickaël (referee)
Title: Efficient and Expressive Microfacet Models Author: Asen Atanasov Department: Department of Software and Computer Science Education Supervisor: doc. Dr. Alexander Wilkie, Department of Software and Computer Science Education Abstract: In realistic appearance modeling, rough surfaces that have micro- scopic details are described using so-called microfacet models. These include analytical models that statistically define a physically-based microsurface. Such models are extensively used in practice because they are inexpensive to compute and offer considerable flexibility in terms of appearance control. Also, small but visible surface features can easily be added to them through the use of a normal map. However, there are still areas in which this general type of model can be improved: important features like anisotropy control sometimes lack analytic solutions, and the efficient rendering of normal maps requires accurate and general filtering algorithms. We advance the state of the art with regard to such models in these areas: we derive analytic anisotropic models, reformulate the filtering problem and propose an efficient filtering algorithm based on a novel filtering data structure. Specifically, we derive a general result in microfacet theory: given an arbitrary microsurface defined via standard...

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