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Hybrid war concept in the context of Israeli state activities
Wildová, Tereza ; Horák, Slavomír (advisor) ; Kalhousová, Irena (referee)
The bachelor's thesis focuses on Israel's involvement in the Syrian Arab Republic in the context of the concept of hybrid warfare.The text of the thesis is divided into three parts. The first part outlines the theoretical grasp of the concept of hybrid warfare, and how the concept is treated, scholarly discussion about the concept, and which tools and actors are considered relevant. The second part traces the Israeli engagement in Syria itself, in terms of the various methods employed, as well as the motives and interrelationships, and the legislative anchoring of Israeli activities. The third part attempts to answer the research question : "Why does Israel resort to the use of hybrid warfare against the Syrian Arab Republic and what tools does it use to do so?" with the following sub-questions "To what extent is this use offensive or defensive?", "What does Israel use to justify its actions in Syria in the context of international law?". Using theoretical analysis and a single case study as methods to develop the thesis, it was found that Israel resorts to its actions for several reasons, the main one being the issue of its security. Israel fears the deeper involvement of Iran and its allies and seeks to maintain its regional hegemony. Israel's actions in Syria can be seen as both offensive and...

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