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Autobiographical elements in the Forbidden Colors by Mishima Yukio
Boulaouad, Sabrina ; Weber, Michael (advisor) ; Tirala, Martin (referee)
The bachelor's thesis deals with the life of author Yukio Mishima and autobiographical elements in his novel Forbidden colors. The main aim of this thesis is to compare the author's life with lives of the two main characters in the novel. I used comparative method to execute it. I put the story of the novel into historical context, that considerably influences the main character's decisions. I explore the opinions, attitude, and life of the author and put it into context with the life of the two main characters Yuichi and Shunsuke. The bachelor's thesis contains five chapters. The first chapter is about historical background of homosexuality in Japan during the Pacific war and postwar period, when the novel was written. Following two chapters compares the life and opinions of the author with the lives and opinions of the two main characters of Forbidden colors. Fourth chapter is dedicated to author's little sister. The last chapter compares Rudon's café with Brünswick café and explains what hattenba was. KEYWORDS: Mishima Yukio, Forbidden colors, pederasuto, uruningu, dondengaeshi, nanshoku, danshoku ka, gei, misogynism, narcism, Brunswick, cruising spot, gay boy, gay bar, Hiraoka Shizue , Hiraoka Natsu, Roman ha
Age as a factor in politeness strategy and politeness expressions selection in Japanese
Báňová, Kateřina ; Kanasugi, Petra (advisor) ; Weber, Michael (referee)
This thesis addresses the speaker's age as a factor influencing their politeness strategies. The theoretical part defines politeness and language that express it in Japanese within the bounds of a specific illocutionary act - instruction to stop an inappropriate activity (forbiddance), in other words the so called negative face-threatening act. The practical part introduces the results of a qualitative study based on the method of a controlled structured interview with female representatives of three generations of a Tokyo family. I analyze language behavior of each generation's representative throughout their speech act in dependence on the formality of the situation and the concrete social constellation, with the aim of defining the influence of the speaker's age on her usage of strategies and concrete language means. The conclusion summarizes the outcomes of the research and confronts it with the general theory. Powered by TCPDF (
Narrative Structures in Hagiwara's collection Tsuki ni hoeru
Čihula, Filip ; Tirala, Martin (advisor) ; Weber, Michael (referee)
Bachelor thesis focuses on the poetry of the Japanese poet Hagiwara Sakutarō, the founding figure of modern Japanese poetry, specifically on his first poetry collection called Tsuki ni hoeru (Howling at the Moon, 1917). The goal of the thesis is to reconstruct narrative structures in the collection and to demonstrate applicability of the employed method for productive narrative analysis of this collection. The first part briefly presents the life and works of the author, an aesthetic-philosophical basis of his works and outlines its significant role in the history of Japanese literature. The second part of the thesis presents the basic terms and concepts of the model of transgeneric narrative analysis worked out by Peter Hühn and at the same time shows its limitations. The third part is trying to apply this model in the narrative analysis of selected representative poems of the examined work. The result of the thesis are the reconstructions of the narrative structures of these poems and obtained basic features of narativity in the analysis. Keywords japanese literature, Hagiwara Sakutarō, narratology, Peter Hühn, narratological analysis of lyric petry
Place Names in The Narrow Road to the Deep North
Vozábal, Matěj ; Tirala, Martin (advisor) ; Weber, Michael (referee)
The main goal of this thesis is to analyse the role of utamakura, place names used as a poetic expression, in Oku no hosomichi, masterpiece of the haikai genre written by Matsuo Bashō. The first chapter provides a brief summary of the author's life and work, with a focus on his other travel diaries preceding the work in question. The second chapter deals with the journey that inspired this work and also with the differences between the journey as it happened in reality and as it was portrayed. It also looks into the definition of the term utamakura and into possible interpretations of utamakura as a literary space endowed with shared cultural memory. The last chapter consists of an analysis of the various forms, in which utamakura appear in the work itself, as well of the role they play as a poetic expression.
The Motifs of Summer and Winter in Kokinwakashū
Tkáčová, Marína ; Tirala, Martin (advisor) ; Weber, Michael (referee)
Thesis abstract The aim of this bachelor thesis is an analysis of the motifs of summer and winter in the eponymous sections of the first imperial anthology of waka poetry named Kokinwakashū, i.e. The Collection of Old and New Songs published in 905 AD, and verify thus the hypothesis that, within these sections, as is the case with the sections devoted to Spring and Autumn, a system of poem arrangement based on the principles of temporal progression and integration in terms of association of nature imagery is employed. Throughout the analysis, our main focus is on the poems as a part of a sequence, and only secondarily as individual works of art. The thesis is divided into three chapters. The first chapter tracks the Chinese and Japanese tradition that predated the Kokinshū and influenced its system of poem arrangement. In the second chapter we present the Kokinshū anthology and its position within Japanese poetic tradition. The third chapter provides a closer look into structure of the Kokinshū, including the analysis of the Summer section and Winter section in two sub-chapters. The analysis consists of the original poems and work translations of the individual poems as they are arranged in the anthology, and of the comments on each poem from a perspective of its interrelations within the whole. In...
Dragon in Classical and medieval Japanese Literature
Tomšů, Adam ; Tirala, Martin (advisor) ; Weber, Michael (referee)
Legends with the theme of a visit to the dragon palace rank among the most viable narratives across the history of Japanese literature. In this thesis, a small selection of such narratives is analyzed, drawing on sources ranging from the oldest extant works from the eight century to the medieval chronicle Taiheiki. The primary purpose of this study is to identify the similarities and differences between these narratives. After their narrative structures have been compared, the narratives are analyzed with respect to the categories of characters, magical objects, and setting. The thesis also dicusses the role of focalization and other narrative strategies used for depiction of the supernatural. The final section is concerned with a specific instance of this narrative, as found in the twelth-century antology of legends Kon'jaku monogatarishū, in which the character of the dragon king is interpreted as an incarnation of the bodhisattva Kannon. It is argued that this interpretation was made possible through the modification of the structure of the legend and the use of textual cues associating both dragon and Kannon. The methodological framework of this thesis is grounded in cognitive narratology, specifically as formulated by David Herman (2013).
Male Characters in Tanizaki Jun'ichirō's Work
Kedroňová, Martina ; Weber, Michael (advisor) ; Tirala, Martin (referee)
This bachelor thesis attempts to examine male characters in the fiction of Tanizaki Junʼichirō. The aim is to determine common features of the male protagonists of selected works with a focus on their attitude to women, both lovers and mothers, and their role in their relationship. The first part focuses on the theory of literary characters. It is followed by the introduction of Tanizaki Junʼichirō and his work. The main part of the thesis consists of the analysis of four of his works: Naomi, The Portrait of Shunkin, The Bridge of Dreams and Diary of a Mad Old Man. The conclusions are stated in the last part.
Nostalgic tone of Yoshimoto Banana's proses
Fajkusová, Anna ; Weber, Michael (advisor) ; Tirala, Martin (referee)
(English) This thesis focuses on definition of the meaning of nostalgic tone in proses of Japanese contemporary writer Yoshimoto Banana. The first chapter is dedicated to Banana' s life, career as a writer and characteristics of her writing style. The second one deals with nostalgia as a term in Japanese language and its forms in context of Banana's writings. The following main part contains analysis of her selected works proving that nostalgic feelings in Banana's stories are not purposeless.
The Role of Father in the Works of Kenzaburō Ōe
Koníček, Marcel ; Weber, Michael (advisor) ; Tirala, Martin (referee)
This diploma thesis is concerned with the issues of fatherhood in the works of Kenzaburō Ōe. This influential Japanese writer is a father of a handicapped child and the motifs of fatherhood are very important in his works. This thesis is concerned with various repeating father archetypes in a wide selection of Ōe's works between the years 1960 and 1990. It focuses on the dynamics between these archetypes and on relationships based on longing for a father figure. It also discusses a wider context of ideas on an ideal father present in the post-war Japanese society and selected events from Ōe's life that had influenced his understanding of fatherhood. Keywords: Kenzaburō Ōe, archetypes, fatherhood
Asymmetry of Sentence Segments in Japanese to Czech translations
Jirkal, Martin ; Kanasugi, Petra (advisor) ; Weber, Michael (referee)
It is evident from the data included in the Czech-Japanese Parallel Corpus that apparent qualitative shifts between corresponding sentence segments in source and target languages appear due to the process of translation from Japanese. My goal then is the analysis of this asymmetry of sentences in translations from Japanese to Czech and evaluation of its causes and effects. This issue is viewed through the theory of translation universals (explicitation, implicitation, normalization, simplification). However, it is also concerned with the theory of information density, although its application has during the research appeared at least problematic. The theoretical outlook of translatology on these theories and the detailed process of sample selection is discussed in the introduction of the thesis. The results of the analysis of asymmetric sentences are discussed in the central part of the thesis, which is mainly concerned with the summary of language features and situations creating this asymmetry but also with the question which general trends can be considered to exist in Japanese-Czech translation based on this summary. Finally, the distribution of asymmetric segments in six analysed translation is studied as well as the potential influence of translators on their creation. Keywords: Japanese,...

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