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Translation of francophone comics
Vyhnalová, Kateřina ; Šotolová, Jovanka (advisor) ; Brunel, Aude (referee)
(in English): The present thesis titled Translation of francophone comics deals with the subject matter of comics translation, while applying both a theoretical and an empirical approach. Particular attention is paid especially to translations from French into Czech. Regarded the fact that Czech science has only scarcely studied the subject so far, the present thesis is conceived as a global introduction to the subject matter with particular focus on some of its partial aspects. The introduction to the theoretical part of the present study defines the main characteristic features of comics as a medium, as these features are closely linked to the particular challenges raised by its translations. The key chapters of the theoretical part go further to the core of the principal subject and focus on setting a general theoretical framework for translation analysis of specific problems linked with comics translations. The most common challenges faced by a comics translator are identified based on the defined characteristics of the Ninth Art and systemized in three main groups defined as technical, cultural and linguistic aspects of translation. While translating comics from French into Czech, the translator's work is also influenced by the radical differences in approaches to the Ninth Art in the Czech...
Conflict between biofuels support and food security
Vyhnalová, Kateřina ; Jílková, Jiřina (advisor) ; Pělucha, Martin (referee)
In recent years biofuels support is on the rise and is leading to rise in their productions. Biofuels are produced on land with agricultural products that is why there is rising land competition. Food prices are rising fast and food security is deteriorating. Hypothesis is that countries and international organizations are introducing measuress to guarantee food security. The aim of the thesis is to analyze interventions that respond to impacts of biofuel support in selected countries. The hypothesis is right. States are introducing measures to guarantee food security. Developed states give more financial donations to humanitarian institutions and support development of second generation biofuels that is not competitive with food production. Developing states implement for example increasing food export duties or prohibition of food exports, reducing food import duties and reducing tax levy on food. Some developing states have decided for food safeguarding.
Migration, crises and remittances
Vyhnalová, Kateřina ; Čermáková, Klára (advisor) ; Katreniaková, Dagmara (referee)
The aim of this thesis is found if there is a relationship between economic development of USA and the flow of remittance selected states. If remittance is influenced by economic development of USA, the flow of remittance will fall during financial. This hypothesis is supported by the fact that financial crisis influences more foreign workers than native workers. Rate of unemployment of immigrants is growing and because remittance probably will fall. The paper is underlaid by theories which explain origin and duration of imigration. Than I examine remittance and the impact of crisis on immigrants, the flow of immigrants and the flow of remittance. In the empirical part I choose states, on which I explore the relationship between the flow of remittance and economic development of USA.

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