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Refugees in the Czech Republic: impact on the Czech labour market
Vrbová, Pavlína ; Cihelková, Eva (advisor) ; Němcová, Ingeborg (referee)
This diploma thesis is concerned with the issues of refugees with a focus on refugees living in the Czech Republic. The thesis analyses the current situation concerning the life and work of refugees in the Czech Republic and assesses the impact of the refugee and asylum policy on the Czech Republic's economy and labour market. The thesis is divided into three chapters. On the basis of general introduction the first chapter examines the basic terminology and categorical definition of the refugee status. The chapter distinguishes legal and institutional framework of refugees under international, European Union and Czech Republic law. Moreover, the first chapter emphasises the global economic and social impacts of the migration of refugees on both host and source countries. The second chapter is narrowly focussed on the issue of refugees and the position of the Czech Republic. It describes the core of the Czech Republic asylum system policy and the governmental and non-governmental institutional frameworks. Considering the established facts, the second chapter analyses the socioeconomic impacts of asylum seekers on the economy and society of the Czech Republic. The third chapter is the practical chapter and analyses the overall processes of economic adaptation of refugees and deals with the difficulties of the assertion of the refugees on the Czech Republic labour market. Furthermore the final chapter highlights the essential obstacles associated with employment of foreigners and the matter of illegal labour market. On the basis of personal research, the third chapter analyses the attitude of Czech Republic employers towards employing foreigners and in particular refugees staying in the Czech Republic.
The prominence of the company Tonak a.s. in the international market
Vrbová, Pavlína ; Gullová, Soňa (advisor) ; Klosová, Anna (referee)
The bachelor thesis focuses on the company Tonak a.s. and its international operations. The first chapter briefly investigates the history of hats and hat industry in the Czech Republic and also in the world. The second chapter studies characteristics of the comapny Tonak, its product portfolio and marketing strategies. The goal of the third chapter is to analyse the actual export situation of the company as well as potential foreign market that the company could prosper from. It informs about the price and distribution policies which are used by the company in the international market. The purpose of the last chapter is to investigate the China market and decide whether this market is suitable for the company Tonak a.s.

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