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Tourism Chosen Destination in the Czech Republic
Kulhavá, Michaela ; Navrátilová, Miroslava (advisor) ; Vostrovská, Hana (referee)
For this bachelor thesis was chosen the destination Mělník for closer elaboration. The first part of this bachelor thesis tells about the tourism as a concept, its species and services which depends to the tourism as well. All of this was compiled by the study of specialized literature. In a second part of thesis is analysed the chosen locality Mělník. It is a city which lay on the confluence of the rivers Labe and Vltava in Central Bohemian region. This locality is famous for its historical appearance and large vineyards. Destination is closer analysed by the use of preconditions for development of tourism. Its attractiveness is reviewed for the visitors of the city. This was elaborated on the basis of study of the internet sources, including the data of the Czech Statistical Office and promotional materials for the chosen destination.
The issue of laber costs and benefits
Pláničková, Hana ; Šišková, Jitka (advisor) ; Vostrovská, Hana (referee)
This thesis deals with the issue of wage costs and benefits, especially their tax deductibility, relate to employees and employers as well. In the first part, a number of basic concepts are explained regarding the wage issues, calculation of the gross and net wages, statutory deductions, income tax and then posting those items. Employee benefits are divided according tax deductibility and its disputability is described. The practical part is focused on the company and the individual employee benefits, knowledge about the employees and the economic result of the company for certain periodsare analyzed. Employee satisfaction with existing benefits is taken into account on the basis of the questionnaire survey. According to the questionnaire survey, it has been found that the employees would like to get new benefits. A procedure how to establish new benefits for the employees is proposed.
The issue of costs and benefits
Jičínská, Michaela ; Šišková, Jitka (advisor) ; Vostrovská, Hana (referee)
This bachelor s thesis emphasizes the issue of payroll costs and benefits. The literary part of the thesis enumerates and defines the fundamental terms related to employee compensations and fringe benefits. This part includes the approach to calculation of net pay, relevant deductions, and maturity. Also, it provides a classification of fringe benefits. The thesis deals with calculation of net pay of imaginary employees receiving various forms of fringe benefits with a view of the impact of fringe benefits eligible for tax benefits. The second part of the thesis is based on a questionnaire survey focused on offered fringe benefits and preferences of employees in terms of benefits.
The problem of wage costs and benefits
Gremmelová, Pavla ; Šišková, Jitka (advisor) ; Vostrovská, Hana (referee)
The theoretical part is focused on the search process in the literature. The first part of the first defines the basic concepts that relate to the topic. The issue of rewarding employees with whom he is related charges state organizations, revenue Authority, the social and health insurance. Furthermore, the method of calculation of net salary and subsequent postings. The second part is dedicated to the field of benefits, its generic division, finance, tax returns and the subsequent recognition of the selected type of benefit, namely the vouchers. In the practical part defines the characteristics of the company, employees and the payroll system in the company. The basis of a questionnaire regarding satisfaction with the system of benefits, which was conducted with employees of the company and subsequent model calculation, which is designed according to information obtained optimal solution structure of benefits in the company.
Financial Report - Financial Statements of Municipality
Kerplová, Eliška ; Čermáková, Helena (advisor) ; Vostrovská, Hana (referee)
The aim of the bachelor thesis is the evaluation of the financial statements in the selected municipality according to valid norms and laws and study of literature. In the theoretical part is described the whole proces leading to the compilation of financial statements in compliance with valid legislation. Further analysis of accounting methods like preparatory works, closing operations, compilation of financial statements and obligations relating to financial statements. The practical part is devoted selected topics in the financial statements, verify the process of compilation of financial statements in compliance with valid legislation and in the end evaluation including suggestions and improvements.
Factors effecting work satisfaction in an organization
Pišínová, Barbora ; Urbancová, Hana (advisor) ; Vostrovská, Hana (referee)
This bachelor work deals with factors that influence employees and their job satisfaction and performance. The theoretical part concers a description of basic notions which are connected with this topic, for example motivation and stimulation, job behaviour and employees' priorities. For the practical part were used questionnaires, whose results were evaluated and then was recommended the proposed solution.
Wellness Tourism and its Potential in Eastern Bohemia
Vágnerová, Petra ; Navrátilová, Miroslava (advisor) ; Vostrovská, Hana (referee)
The main scope of this thesis, which is titled Wellness Tourism and its Potential in Eastern Bohemia is based on analysis of current offer of business entities in this region, create the own proposal of wellness packages. In the theoretical part are mentioned some definitions of tourism, its types, forms and the assumptions. In the second part is described the concept of wellness, its typology and also are mentioned the institutions providing wellness and spa services. The analytical part is shortly devoted the characteristic of the region Eastern Bohemia and the analysis of the business entities providing the wellness and spa services in this region. At the conclusion of the work are created own wellness packages and is evaluated the potential of the Eastern Bohemia for the sector of wellness and spa.
New trends of tourism
Hauzrová, Nicole ; Navrátilová, Miroslava (advisor) ; Vostrovská, Hana (referee)
This bachelor thesis is focused new trends of tourism, gap year. In my thesis is division and definition of tourism and its trends. Next one is research concept of gap year. In practical part is analysis of real data from travelers, who travel abroad for longer time about favourite target destinations, about reasons of leaving for longer time, about age, gender and quantity of travelers, about travelling separately or in group, about preference shorter or longer travelling abroad, about assets and negatives of longer stay abroad.
The Chosen Destination Question on the Tourist Industry Market in the Czech Republic - Peru
Pulache Araujo, Juan Manuel ; Navrátilová, Miroslava (advisor) ; Vostrovská, Hana (referee)
The present thesis is focused on a chosen destination offered in the tourism market in the Czech Republic. The destination chosen for the thesis is the Republic of Peru, which is located in South America. The first part of the thesis is focused on the definition of the theoretical bases of tourism, touring activities, travel agencies, tour operators and destination. The second part focuses on the characteristics of the destination, factors that influencia the tourism in the destination and the main touristic destinations in Peru. The next chapter is the practical part, which focuses on the evaluation of the offer of tour operator in the Czech market, besides, analyzes the results of survey regarding tours to Peru. In the next section recommendations and proposals are formulated based on the results of the evaluation of the suppy od travel agencies and the demand respondents. The last part of the work is the conclusion, which is made as a recapitulation of the thesis, recommendations and possible solutions to the issue.

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