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Travel Cost Analysis in Recreation Demand Models.
Schlehr, Miroslav ; Melichar, Jan (advisor) ; Vojáček, Ondřej (referee)
This work analyses the difference between perceived and computed travel cost data in Recreation Demand Models. Travel cost in this study includes only the cost which stems from the distance which the visitor had to overcome in order to get to recreation site. This study has examined the use of vector model in Geographical Information System as a source for computed data. Three different approaches of calculating travel costs were analysed in single-site model of recreation model. This work also focuses on current composition of travel cost in Travel Cost Method, describes the constraints of this method and consequences for further research.
Analysis of energy saving in Czech republic with respect to EU/2012/27 regulation
Barczi, Šimon ; Vojáček, Ondřej (advisor) ; Macháč, Jan (referee)
This thesis discusses the implementation of EU Energy efficiency directive into national legislatures and the fulfilment of its goals. It expands on the past reports, correct for their mistakes and provide a new unique approach to track the current progress. The thesis analyzes all member states national action plans for energy efficiency (NAPEE) and compares them in between each other. The quality of NAPEEs is critically evaluated and described. In first section it explains and narrows the most crucial definitions. In second section it gives the basic summary of the regulation to interested readers. Followed by in depth analysis and evaluation of all EU member states national action plans for energy efficiency. The following chapter then deals with solely with Czech NAPEE. The last section provides the hard data and exclusively developed indices that tracks the progress toward EU 2020 goals.
Jak čelit nejistotě při rozhodování o odstranění fosforu ve vodohospodářství
Brabec, Jan ; Vojáček, Ondřej (advisor) ; Zajíček, Miroslav (referee)
Implementation of EU Water Framework Directive has led to an increased demand for cost-benefit analysis in water management. The directive introduces a good status, which is required on all water bodies by 2027. Excessive phosphorus inflows are one of the main reasons for not meeting the criteria in the Czech Republic. If achieving of the good status is not cost-proportionate, exemption can be applied. Many different methodologies were created across different states, including Czech official methodology by Slavíková et al. (2015). However, this methodology does not deal with uncertainty of measures effectiveness. This thesis describes how to implement the uncertainty into calculations using Bayesian networks. A case study of Stanovice water reservoir demonstrates the approach practically. Results of the Bayesian network show, that selected measures with available data eliminate desired amount of phosphorus in 70% of all cases. This reduction is most likely sufficient, because it holds for the upper estimate of required abatement (60 to 200 kg). Based on comparison of benefits and costs, it seems net benefits are generated by implementing suggested measures. Therefore, policy recommendation is to implement the selected measures.
Impact of Institutional Setting on Current Creation of Environmental Strategies in Cities of the Czech Republic
Dubová, Lenka ; Vojáček, Ondřej (advisor) ; Matula, Miloš (referee)
Urban areas play important role in relation to potential risks and impacts of climate change. Adaptation experience is accumulating in the public and private sector across the world. This diploma thesis evaluates current creation of adaptation strategies in cities of the Czech Republic with the use of institutional analysis by the IAD framework. The aim of the thesis is to identify the most common constraints on the adaptation strategies making process and to suggest possible solutions. Data collection method is based on in-depth interviews with stakeholders in the cities of Pilsen, Prague and Brno. Identified constraints include lack of policy support, different level of experiences with creation of conceptual documents and problem with funds for adaptation action. As a solution deepen partnership between self-government and non-profit institutions and deepen cooperation between politics and civil servants with focus on information exchange is needed. In addition conceptual characterization of problems in cities together with their identification, which can helps to obtain funding for implementation of adaptation actions (e.g. through the LIFE programme) is recommended.
Water management in small municipalities - are we thinking about the future?
Linc, Ondřej ; Vojáček, Ondřej (advisor) ; Macháč, Jan (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to analyse the water engineering industry from the vantage point of creating funds for the renewal of infrastructure with an emphasis on the situation in small municipalities that run their own water supply networks. On the basis of data analysis for the prices of water and sewer rates and the value of infrastructural facilities it is shown that the networks are underfinanced in a third of the municipalities with a self-reliant management model. There is a lack of finance for their reconstruction and the networks are becoming obsolete. Personal empirical research supported the surmise, that the reason for underfinancing is the mayors' attempt at appealing politics. The hypothesis that artificial decrease of prices indeed leads to higher election gains and a longer term for the mayors, was however not confirmed. The thesis concludes that to reach rectification of the situation and secure creation of funds for the renewal of infrastructure in the examined municipalities, it is necessary to increase awareness within the management of the municipalities regarding the legislative situation and secure consultations by experts.
Critical analysis of the current legislative framework for the disposal of photovoltaic modules and its economic evaluation
Zemková, Lenka ; Vojáček, Ondřej (advisor) ; Matula, Miloš (referee)
The Czech Republic has approximately 2 126 MWp of photovoltaic installed power capacity, most of the capacity was installed during the "solar boom" period around year 2010. Directive 2012/19/EU on waste electrical and electronic equipment led to the amendment of Act no. 185/2001 Coll. on Waste and the Decree no. 178/2013 Coll., which set the photovoltaic power plant operator´s obligation to pay a contribution for the module´s future recycling. The current rate for calculating the minimum total amount of the contribution is set at CZK 8.50/kg of module. The current amount of the contribution is a subject to criticism. The diploma thesis analyzes public administrations on issues of environmental protection and tools that may be used to motivate polluters. The thesis proposes a new amount of recycling contribution at the amount of CZK 5.2-7.8/kg. Huge temporal inconsistency is the most dangerous risk in determining the contribution, which may threaten many variables essential for the whole calculation.
Cost effectiveness analysis of measures leading to the reduction of eutrophication in the catchment of the Orlik Reservoir
Macháč, Jan ; Slavíková, Lenka (advisor) ; Vojáček, Ondřej (referee)
The growing demand for clean water has led to the adoption of the EU Water Framework Directive (Directive 2000/60 EC). New legislation has a major impact on the water management and the national economy and provides numerous requirements, including "good status" of all water bodies. The Framework Directive also implies the need for an economic analysis of the optimal process to achieve good status by using the cost-effectiveness analysis (CEA). The application of this method in water management is struggling with a number of methodological complications. One of the affected areas in the Czech Republic is the catchment of the Orlik Reservoir that faces excessive eutrophication. Eutrophication is caused by excessive introduction of phosphorus. The main sources of phosphorus are municipal wastewater, aquaculture and agriculture. As illustrated by professional research mentioned in this work and the actual processing of CEA of the catchment of the Orlik Reservoir, a wide range of methodological problems can be avoided by using appropriate tools. This thesis also presents that achieving of good status of the catchment would require annual cost of CZK 602 million. The most significant cost bearers are according to the CEA fisheries and municipalities.
Analysis of the value of ecosystem services by stated preference methods: Case study of clearance cairns in the Eastern Ore Mountain
Břízová, Lucie ; Vojáček, Ondřej (advisor) ; Slavíková, Lenka (referee)
During last decade there has been developed concept of so-called ecosystem services (e.g. Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, 2005) in matured countries. This concept focus especially on identification of benefits resulting from intact ecosystem and also on various ways of taking all those benefits into account when dealing with decision-making process of market economy. Goal of this concept (among other things) is to keep currently freely available ecosystem services in nature as they are and also to ensure natural conditions for life won't be becoming worse. Landscape of eastern Ore Mountain has its specific character especially because of few unique ecosystems which don't occur in other locations at all; or they are presented there but not in such high volume. We can consider mountain meadows, natural streams and clearance cairns at the most important local unique ecosystems. Main goal of diploma thesis is to analyze recreational and mainly aesthetic values of clearance cairns. Even though clearance cairns are important biotopes there was quite small attention dedicated to them in existing analyses made in Czech Republic. That is in heavy contrast to attention dedicated to those biotopes in other areas, e.g. in eastern part of Ore Mountain belonging to Saxony where local inhabitants appreciate clearance cairns so much that every single section of them is completely documented (resulting into 1.000 kilometers of documented clearance cairns). Diploma thesis is based on methodology using analysis of primary data obtained from empirical research. Research was realized in eastern Ore Mountain during summer 2013 and author of this thesis was actively participated both in preparation phase and also in realization phase. Thesis also uses random utility theory, discrete choice models and also stated preferences methods (e.g. Bateman et al., 2002). Multinominal logit model and random parameter logic model are used for values estimation. Based on performed analysis thesis verifies or disproves hypothesis saying that willingness to pay for clearance cairns is statistically insignificant (i.e. people don't consider this landscape element as having significant value). Diploma thesis results will be used as a suggestion for obtaining clearance cairns management.
Economic analysis of energy storage devices contained in EFSI 2015-2017
Kůt, Petr ; Macháč, Jan (advisor) ; Vojáček, Ondřej (referee)
As a result of support of renewable energy sources in Europe the fluctuations in electricity production occurs and threaten the stability of the electrification network. For this reason, we can monitor growing demand for technology solutions that are able to effectively eliminate these fluctuations. Devices for storing electrical energy appears suitable. This thesis deals with the economic analysis of the projected facilities in the Czech Republic that have applied for support from the European Fund for Strategic Investment (EFSI), compared to other model devices. As part of the work there was used method of cost-effectiveness analysis to evaluate various technology solutions based on the ability to provide ancillary services. Consequently on the results of thesis we can say the most cost-effective project is under current conditions, construction equipment storage technology using compressed air CAES located at Dolní Rožinka included in EFSI 2015-2017. Keywords:
A suggestion of methodology for assessment of cost proportionality to achieve good status of water bodies
Hekrle, Marek ; Vojáček, Ondřej (advisor) ; Macháč, Jan (referee)
The EU Water Framework Directive (Directive 2000/60 EC) provides numerous requirements, including achievement of good status of all water bodies by 2015. However, meeting this environmental target brings substantial costs. In justified cases, member states may request an extension of the deadline based on disproportionality of costs of meeting the WFD requirements. Definition of disproportionate costs must be based on economic analysis and on the WFD general requirements. This thesis provides a review of proportionate costs in the context of the WFD, identifies main requirements for its practical definition as an exemption and provides a review of foreign methodical approaches to define cost proportionality. It is clear that the Cost-effectiveness analysis (CEA) and the Cost-benefit analysis (CBA) are most commonly used methods to determine the cost proportionality treshold. This thesis discuss the relevance of these methods to define cost proportionality to reach good status of water bodies. The thesis also provides methodology to assess cost proportionality based on modified CBA and analyses ecosystem services of water bodies. In addition, the thesis points out the methodological complications and uncertainties of suggested methodology. Main methodological issues are connected with definition of right scale of analysis and synergy effects of measures, analysis of costs and definition of suitable measures and analysis of benefits and quantification of ecosystem services of water bodies.

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