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Awareness and Attitudes of UK FTVS Students to Discgolf
Vlček, Tomáš ; Procházka, Jan (advisor) ; Janák, Vladimír (referee)
Title: Knowledge and attitudes of UK FTVS students to disc golf. Aim: The aim of this bachelor's thesis is to find out what attitudes students of Faculty of Physical Education and Sports of Charles University have to disc golf and what awareness they have of the sport. Methods: The electronic survey method was used in this work. Through surveying FTVS UK students, data about their awareness of disc golf and their attitudes towards this sport were collected. Results: The research found that most students have a basic knowledge of disc golf. More detailed knowledge of this sport is less common. Students' attitudes are most often positive or neutral. Half of the students have experience playing. Keywords: Awareness, attitudes, disc golf, marketing research, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport
Where do the limits of l'informe lie?
Hejný, Kryštof ; Konečný, Lubomír (advisor) ; Vlček, Tomáš (referee)
The present study centres on perceived blank space within research dedicated to czech ceramics of the second half of the twentieth century. Its purpose is to map and summarize the totality of published period discourse pertinent to the selected topic. Most forms of object oriented expression and production within fired clay medium generated throughout the period of immutability and economic centralization fall into categories defined by terminological adjacency to "non-fine art" education, industrial application and/or modernist material semantics. Study observes a historical, hence limited field whose horizon emerges via questions meaningfully unencumbered by partially mythologized experiences and overreliance on stereotypes in judgement of relative importance of concepts, events and goals. Those have insofar marred attempts for general interpretation. The issue of supplementarity or, in moral terms, inferiority of the medium ran an unsolved red line through the period discourse. Sociological advancement however, whose tools were curated consumption and a mixture of work ethic and esthetic, bracketed ceramic supplemental to industry. Its value was then judged by its adherence to original material dialectic (place of craft, or artistic means, in Theodor Adorno's Esthetic theory, ADORNO 1970). As...
Structural aspects of aesthetic visualinformation processing
Douchová, Veronika ; Nešetřil, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Klazar, Martin (referee) ; Vlček, Tomáš (referee)
Univerzita Karlova Filozofická fakulta Katedra logiky Obor: Logika Strukturální aspekty zpracování vizuální informace s estetickou složkou Structural aspects of aesthetic visual information processing Abstract Mgr. Veronika Douchová vedoucí (supervisor): prof. RNDr. Jaroslav Nešetřil, DrSc., 2022 Abstract In the thesis, we investigate and formulate a framework for analyzing certain aspects of aesthetics from a structural and mathematical perspective. We build on the results of neuroaesthetics-a (relatively new) field in neurol- ogy introduced by S. Zeki in 1990's-which links the process of seeing, and evaluating information with an aesthetic component, with the structure of the human brain. Several principles influencing aesthetic judgements were identified by neuroaesthetics and connected with the structure of the human brain, such as the notions of modularity, symmetry, harmony, or balance. We argue that these results provide an objective interpretative framework for an- alyzing certain aspects of visual information with an aesthetic component by means of mathematical methods. We apply these results to Birkhoff's aes- thetic measure, providing objective foundations for his theoretical methods, based on algebraic invariants for aesthetics. We follow up with a discussion of the theory of J. Nešetřil-which...
Hybrid materials with improved thermomechanical properties
Perchacz, Magdalena ; Beneš, Hynek (advisor) ; Vlček, Tomáš (referee) ; Brožek, Jiří (referee)
Epoxy resins have been broadly used in the industry for adhesives, laminates, coatings, composites, encapsulation of electronic devices, printed circuit boards, etc. Despite their excellent adhesion to different materials, heat and chemical resistance and good mechanical properties, they also exhibit few drawbacks like brittleness, high thermal expansion coefficient (CTE), poor resistance to crack initiation and growth. Therefore, the thesis is focused on the preparation of epoxy-silica hybrid materials exhibiting improved thermomechanical properties compared to the neat epoxides, without impairing their beneficial features. The main synthetic route of epoxy-silica hybrids' preparation has been the sol-gel process of alkoxysilanes, allowing either in-situ formation of high purity and homogeneity silica particles or creation of various siloxane structures in a form of liquid (sol) silica-based precursors. The sol-gel method, on one hand, helps to omit too high viscosity of nanofiller suspension and energy-intensive nanofiller dispergation problems, but on the other hand, is often associated with necessity to use solvents and to remove formed volatiles. Therefore, in the first part of the thesis, a simple solvent-free sol-gel procedure, enabling to minimize the side-effect of solvent evaporation and...
Security Policy of Neutral States After 9/11: Comparison of Selected European Countries
Vlček, Tomáš ; Karásek, Tomáš (advisor) ; Bahenský, Vojtěch (referee)
This bachelor's thesis compares Switzerland, Austria and Sweden as European neutral states and their activity in security policy. There are two dimensions for the comparison: peacekeeping dimension and counter-terrorism dimension. The time interval begins with the terrorist 9/11 attacks and continues to the present. In peacekeeping dimension the main focus is on contribution of units to peacekeeping missions. In counter-terrorism dimension the main focus is on strategy of global war on terror and strategy of combating terrorism. The result of this thesis is either confirmation or refutation of hypothesis about relationship between attitude to neutrality and activity in security policy. The assumption of this comparative study is that state with codified neutrality which is also mentioned in its foreign-security strategy is less active than state with non-codified neutrality not mentioned in its foreign-security strategy.
Vaclav Radimsky - Ignored Czech Impressionist
Černá, Jana ; Pech, Milan (advisor) ; Vlček, Tomáš (referee)
Anglická anotace: Václav Radimský - The omitted Czech Impressionist At the end of the 19. century to escalate the interest about reality in the artistic background. Reaction of this fact have make the new artistic phenomenon- the impressionism. My bachelor thesis will deal with the position ignored but very principal Czech impressionist Vaclav Radimsky at the Czech artistic stage. The next part of it is the reflection this term of course and its knottiness of the simply application at the Czech history of art and cultural background. Pět klíčových pojmů v anglickém jazyce: Impressionism Václav Radimský Czech Republic painting landscape
Transformation of Radio Freen Europe after 1989 with regard to the work of Mrs. Kamila Moučková (case study)
Šalanská, Lucie ; Štoll, Martin (advisor) ; Vlček, Tomáš (referee)
The aim of this bachelor's thesis is to outline to a potential reader the work of Mrs. Kamila Moučková in Radio Free Europe. It is desirable that the reader can create a comprehensive view of the issue. For this reason, the bachelor's thesis contains a chapter describing in detail the life story of Mrs. Kamila Moučková. At the same time, the work describes the origin and development of Radio Free Europe. Attention is focused mainly on the activities of the Czechoslovak and subsequently the Czech editorial office of Radio Free Europe. Due to the fact that Mrs. Moučková joined the editorial office of Free Europe only in the post- revolutionary period, it is necessary to describe the transformation of the station in the period in question. The work was processed mainly by the method of analysis of professional literature and by interviewing former colleagues Mrs. Moučková from Radio Free Europe. Namely Mr. Radko Kubička and Mr. Petr Hartman. Mrs. Moučková worked at Radio Free Europe for almost the entire period of the Czech newsroom's existence. Mrs. Moučková participated mainly in the program Události a názory. In her case, the practical creation of one of the programs of this iconic radio station in the later phase of its existence can be shown.
The departure of Warsaw Pact troops from the territory of ČSSR in years 1989 to 1991
Mazanec, Pavel ; Lovaš, Karol (advisor) ; Vlček, Tomáš (referee)
The topic of this bachelor thesis is a radio documentary and its processing. In the theoretical part I describe the main features of a radio documentary and the principles of its creation. Furthermore, in this part I also briefly deal with the history of the genre. In the practical part of my work, I enclose a specific radio documentary I prepared on the topic of the departure of Soviet troops from Czechoslovakia, which took place after the Velvet Revolution. The basic element of the documentary in the practical part is mainly working with the radio archive and an interview with a witness. The skript of the practical part of the work is a part of the appendix.
Swedish neutrality changes in the context of contemporary international security developments
Vlček, Tomáš ; Karásek, Tomáš (advisor) ; Rosendorf, Ondřej (referee)
1 Annotation This master thesis examines the changes in Swedish neutrality in the context of contemporary international security developments. Four international conflicts are chosen for this purpose: Kosovo War, Afghanistan War, Iraq War, and intervention in Libya. Subsequently, the conflicts are divided into four separate case studies where it is examined which one of the main security studies concepts most accurately reflects the motivation for Swedish participation or position taken. Factors are realism, liberalism and constructivism. A description of its relationship to neutrality is provided. The aim is to focus on the most repetitive or dominating factor in the individual case studies. Eventually, based on the Swedish identity change and the most repetitive factor, this study answers the research question for what reason and when has the Swedish neutrality changed.
Celebrations of end World War II in broadcasting Czechoslovak and Czech television
Kubánek, Michal ; Křeček, Jan (advisor) ; Vlček, Tomáš (referee)
The bachelor's thesis focuses on the quantitative content analysis of the media image of the national holiday of the end of II. World War in the period from 1980 to 2020 in the main news broadcast of Czechoslovak and Czech Television. The aim of this work is to describe the development of the media image, which changes during the changing political regimes and changes in the function of television, which at this time survives from the function of national medium to the medium of public service. The possibilities of the bachelor's thesis examine the changes in the media content of the national holiday in connection with its historical interpretation, which has changed several times within the news and Czechoslovak and Czech laws. In the theoretical parts of the bachelor's thesis focusing on public holidays in society, role of television as important medium during national and religioun holidays and historical conversation with the Czechoslovak and later the Czech national holiday at the end of II. World War, the name itself. They use all these aspects of the bachelor thesis so that they can be used for scientific questions. How the media image of the national holiday of the end of World War II changed in news programs provided the greatest space and how it was reported.

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