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Methodology for fault tolerant system state synchronization design and its recovery from faults
Szurman, Karel ; Fišer, Petr (referee) ; Racek, Stanislav (referee) ; Vlček, Karel (referee) ; Kotásek, Zdeněk (advisor)
In this Ph.D. thesis, a new methodology for the fault tolerant system state synchronization design and its recovery from faults is presented. A state synchronization method designed by means of the proposed methodology allows to repair the state of sequential logic elements implemented in the FPGA application logic, which cannot be repaired by the partial dynamic reconfiguration. The proposed methodology describes possible state synchronization design methods with respect to TMR granularity, dependence of the system function on its previous states and the system architecture. The methodology focuses on coarse-grained TMR architectures and state synchronization in the systems controlled by means of finite state machines or a processor. The use of the methodology is demonstrated on the CAN bus control system and the microcontroller NEO430, for which specific synchronization methods were designed. The systems reliability and new ability of the systems for recovery from faults were verified in the presence of simulated SEU faults. The experimental results and the contribution of this thesis are discussed in the conclusion.
Multifunctional house
Strýhal, Martin ; Vlček, Ing Karel (referee) ; Vlček, Milan (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the development of the vacant lot in Prague - Libeň at the PCB level. A multifunctional house is designed, which includes three establishments and eleven housing units. The premises will be used as shops. The apartments are designed for 2 to 4-member families. Multifunctional house floor plan with a total area of 683.1 square meters. The building has a basement with five floors, the premises are located on the first floor. There is a pedestrian and driveway to the building. Behind the object away from the main road is an outdoor parking lot. The underground garage will be accessed by a car elevator. The whole building is covered with a sloping roof. The project is processed using the computer program AutoCAD.
Methodology for Fault Tolerant Systems Design into Limited Implementation Area in FPGA
Mičulka, Lukáš ; Racek, Stanislav (referee) ; Vlček, Karel (referee) ; Kotásek, Zdeněk (advisor)
Tato práce popisuje navrženou metodologii pro návrh systémů odolných proti poruchám v FPGA schopnou ochránit systém před projevy přechodných a trvalých poruch. Oprava přechodné poruchy je prováděna částečnou dynamickou rekonfigurací. Oprava omezeného počtu trvalých poruch je založena na použití odolných architektur využívajících menší množství zdrojů než předchozí použitá architektura. Vadná část FPGA tak není dále využívána. Tato technika je založena na použití předkompilovaných konfigurací uložených v externí paměti. Pro snížení paměťových nároků pro uložení konfiguračních bitových posloupností je použita technika relokace.
Slezák, Václav ; Vlček, Ing Karel (referee) ; Vlček, Milan (advisor)
The subject of this diploma thesis is the building design and project documentation of a new kindergarten in Brno. It is a new detached building structure with two floors, designed on a flat plot no. 1510/1 in cadastre unit Brno – Komín. The building is constructed of clay masonry with contact thermal insulation, supported by strip foundations. Ceiling construction is made of prestressed hollow-core slabs. This object is roofed by a single-layer and double-layered, flat roof. This kindergarten is designed for 60 children divided into three sections. Two sections are located on the 1st floor together with food preparation and technical rooms. The third section is on the 2nd floor with headquarters and a common room. This project was developed using AutoCAD software. The focus during development was on the proposed layout design in accordance with the kindergarten’s operations.
Elementary School
Osička, Martin ; Vlček, Ing Karel (referee) ; Vlček, Milan (advisor)
The theme of the diploma thesis is the preparation of project documentation for the construction of two designed buildings of the Primary School. Building plot for the planned new building is located near the existing nursery school near the center of Vracov. The campus is designed to provide basic education in a total of 18 classes with a proposed total capacity of 540 pupils. The complex consists of 4 main buildings that functionally divide individual operations. These are designed as free-standing, SO01 and SO04 objects will be two-storey, without basement. SO02 and SO03 objects as four-storey without basement. The construction system is designed as a prefabricated reinforced concrete skeleton with filling masonry from ceramic blocks to thin-walled masonry mortar. The ceiling construction consists of pre-stressed ceiling panels SPIROLL in combination with reinforced concrete. The staircases connecting the floors are designed in reinforced concrete. Vertical communication between floors will also be made possible by barrier-free passenger lifts. The roof cladding consists of a single-shell construction with thermal insulation made of EPS, the covering will be made of PVC foil weighted with a layer of peacock. The building will be insulated with a façade thermal insulation system with a ventilated gap and external surface treatment of HPL façade cladding panels. Paved pedestrian roads will be made of concrete interlocking pavement. The road for vehicle traffic will be with an asphalt surface. Parking spaces are designed from drainage concrete pavement. The project documentation was processed in ArchiCAD.
Rebuilding the house
Mironiuková, Iveta ; Vlček, Ing Karel (referee) ; Vlček, Milan (advisor)
Diploma thesis was prepared it the level of a project documentation. The theme is the project of the rebuilding of the former school house from 1890 in the village Třešť, which is currently unused. The building will newly merge premises of the library, information center, multifunctional hall, elementary art school and exhibition space. The project solves the rebuilding of the existing building, including rehabilitation of wet masonry by chemical grouting and a new extension of sanitary facilities and escape route.
Kaška, Jan ; Vlček, Ing Karel (referee) ; Vlček, Milan (advisor)
The diploma thesis contains a proposal and construction solution of a new nursery school in the village of Postřelmov in the stage of project documentation for construction. The kindergarten has a rectangular shape and has two above-ground floors and one basement floor. The main entrance to the building is wheelchair accessible and is oriented to the south. In the basement there are 26 parking places for employees of kindergarten and elementary school in Postřelmov and also a technical background. The first floor consists of two classes of kindergarten, on the second floor there is the third class and a large hall, which will be used mainly for cultural events in the kindergarten. The foundation structure is made up of concrete strips and the foundation foots are designed in places of garage parking. The vertical structures in the basement are designed from concrete fittings, the vertical load-bearing structures in the above-ground floors are designed in the Porotherm masonry system, the other non-load-bearing structures are designed in the Ytong system. Due to the large spans, the horizontal structures are designed from prestressed Spiroll ceiling panels. The roofing of the building consists of a flat green extensive roof. The project documentation also includes construction - physical assessment and fire - safety solution of the building.
End house
Jurkovičová, Lucie ; Vlček, Ing Karel (referee) ; Vlček, Milan (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with the design of an end dwelling house with a café in Žatec (district of Louny). It is a partly basement, detached object on a slightly sloping terrain. The apartment building has one underground floor and three above-ground floors. It consists of six housing units of varying size and layout. On the ground floor there is a cafeteria, while on the second and third floor there are always 3 flats. The end house has an atypical ground plan and is roofed with honeycomb roof. The project is processed using the ArchiCAD computer program.
End house
Bacovská, Alena ; Vlček, Ing Karel (referee) ; Vlček, Milan (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the solution of the end house building. The guesthouse is designed with a restaurant with a café and a kitchen on the ground floor. On the upper floors there are guest rooms, including a barrier-free room, a two-room apartment for families with children, a meeting room for corporate meetings and terraces for a more comfortable stay in the guesthouse. The building is a three-storey and a partial basement. Roofing will be done with a sloping roof on one side with a hump and on the other with a shield. The building has an atypical floor plan that copies the shape of a building plot. The project is processed using AutoCad Architecture.
Sport hall
Padrtka, Tomáš ; Vlček, Ing Karel (referee) ; Vlček, Milan (advisor)
The aim of the diploma thesis is to elaborate the project documentation of the sports hall in the town of Bystřice nad Pernštejnem. The object is situated in an area with several other sports grounds. The building is partially basement with one overground floor. On the first floor there is a large and small gym, a fitness room and two massage rooms. There are also changing rooms for guests, staffing facilities, utility room, technical room and office for the managers of the sports hall. The underground floor features a bar with a billiard room and bowling. In the basement is also designed a warehouse, a technical room and separate toilets for men, women and invalids. The construction system of the hall is combined. The hall is based on foundation girders and baseplaces. The perimeter and interior masonry is from the Porotherm system. Pillars are reinforced concrete. The perimeter masonry is complemented by a contact thermal insulation system. The ceilings are designed from Spiroll cavity panels. The roof is designed flat on two levels. The roof above the hall is carried by timber truss girder. The roof above the background carries Spiroll cavity panels.

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