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Structure-Space-City "Urban block completion"
Vik, Ondřej ; Vašut, Štěpán (referee) ; Nový, Vítězslav (advisor)
This project deals with the completion of a city block in the Brno city center and proposes an apartment building design for an in-fill on Francouzská street. The principles of the design are founded on the pillars of sustainable development. The proposed building will offer spacious rental apartments for families in a close proximity to the historical city center.
Study of solid fraction of the atmospheric aerosol of Pilsen by X-ray powder diffraction
Vik, Ondřej ; Havlíček, David (advisor) ; Plocek, Jiří (referee)
In this diploma thesis there was studied a composition of a solid fraction of the atmospheric aerosol of the daily measurements from Pilsen by X-ray powder diffraction by the method of the parallel beam. The phase analysis was accomplished by comparing of the diffraction dates with a database of compounds usually occurring in the solid fraction of the atmospheric aerosol in this area. This database was created from works published earlier. In these samples there were also identified asbestos fibers of actinolite by the scanning electron microscope with EDS module. In this thesis there was also described a transport of several anthropogenic compounds of the atmospheric aerosol in dependence on a meteorological situation. Powered by TCPDF (
Completion of a city block Urban development study of a city block between the streets Koliště, Cejl a Vlhká
Vik, Ondřej ; Nový, Vítězslav (referee) ; Františák, Luboš (advisor)
WIDER RELATIONS: The situation of the proposal is outlook and is based on the assumption that the derelict area will be rehabilitated in the so-called Bronx in Brno. It is envisaged to move the main railway station to the "river" position and to use the existing railway embankment for pedestrians and cyclists. TRANSPORT: The street Koliště serves as a transport sewer. I propose a narrowing of the communication profile and cancellation of a separate turn right from Koliště street to Cejl Street. This step allows for better work with block mass and more convenient pedestrian communication. This step assumes completion of a larger urban circuit but is not dependent on it. The town block is connected by the entrance to the underground garages from Koliště street. Parking in front of the building of the City Police Headquarters is reduced and converted into a pre-space corresponding to the importance of the building.
Synthesis of deuterium-labelled N-methyl-4-methylpyridinium dihydrogen phosphate
Vik, Ondřej ; Havlíček, David (advisor) ; Urban, Jiří (referee)
The content of presented bachelor thesis is the preparation of dihydrogenphosphate of deuterium marked N-methyl-4-methylpyridinium for its future study by the neutron spectroscopy. By the neutron spectroscopy will be studied mechanism of proton conductivity of this salt. Precursors of the organic cation were deuterated several different ways. As the most efficient was evaluated deuteration in repeatedly exchanged solution of potassium carbonate and sodium hydroxide in heavy water. Efficiency of deuteration was measured by IR spectroscopy, 1H and 2H NMR spectroscopy.

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