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Heating design of the apartment building
Hiršová, Denisa ; Vendlová, Lucie (referee) ; Maurerová, Lenka (advisor)
My bachelor's thesis focuses on the design of heating and hot water supply for a new residential building. In the theoretical part, I concentrate on heating elements, with a detailed focus on convectors. The calculation part involves the design and calculation of the building's heat losses, followed by the selection of suitable heating elements and the assessment of fittings that are part of the heating and hot water system. I propose using condensing gas boilers as the heat source. The project part includes graphical representations of the proposed project, specifically the project documentation at the level of execution documentation. The final part of the thesis contains a technical report, which includes complete project documentation and appendices.
Apartment building heating
Schindler, Alexandr ; Vendlová, Lucie (referee) ; Topič, Jan (advisor)
The aim of this thesis is to design the heating and hot water preparation system of an apartment building. The theoretical part discusses with the principle of operation of pumps, their classification according to their construction and their use. Circulation pumps for heating are described in detail. The calculation part includes the calculation of the temperature balance, the design of the source for heating and hot water, the design of the heating system and then the design and assessment of individual devices and control valves. The design part includes the design documentation prepared at the level of the construction documentation and the technical report. The design part is based on the calculation part.
Energy Assessment of the Civic Building
Otrubová, Sára ; Maurerová, Lenka (referee) ; Vendlová, Lucie (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with the creation of the energy performance certificate of the municipal office building in the village Tvarozna. In the theoretical part it focuses on the European directives on energy performance, their analysis and the way they have been included in the legislation in the Czech Republic and marginally also in Slovakia. The calculation part consists of the analysis of energy needs and flows of the building; the analysis of the specified object; and the proposal of energy saving measures to improve the energy status of the building. The proposed measures are assessed from the energetic and economic point of view in the conclusion of this part. The design part includes four energy performance certificates for the building. The first one is based on the baseline condition and the remaining three are alternatives to the proposed measures.
Energy-saving family house in Postřelmov
Komenda, Pavel ; Vendlová, Lucie (referee) ; Počinková, Marcela (advisor)
The aim of this bachelor’s thesis is the design of Energy efficient house in Postřelmov. This house is in new development area. The building has a rectangle shape with two floors. The building has a green flat roof and the ceilings are made of Spiroll. Car port is attached to the house on southern site and terrace is attached on east site. Both constructions are designed from timber. The main entrance is situated to north site. On the first floor is situated parent‘s bedroom with WC and bathroom. The kitchen is open to dining room and living room. Second floor is primary for children and their bedrooms with bathroom and home office. External, load bearing and partition walls on the first floor are consist of ceramic blocks 380 mm. External walls has also ETICS system consist of mineral wool 200 mm. Partitions on the second floor are made of Plasterboards. The building services include floor heating and mechanical ventilation services. Heating is facilitated by an air – water heat pump, primarily powered by solar energy harvested trought photovoltaic panels on the roof during daylight hours. The utility room also has battery storage for excess energy, which is used to power the rest of the house. Rainwater from all the roofs of the building is collected in a storage tank and the excess amount is drained into the ground using retention blocks. Additionally, the energy efficient house has integrated passive building elements that meet the requirements for classification in class A of the energy certificate.
Energy Efficient Building of a Family House
Palátová, Zuzana ; Wierzbická, Helena (referee) ; Vendlová, Lucie (advisor)
This balechor’s thesis deals with a project of newly designed nearly-zero energy building in Hrachovec. It has two parts – first part presents documentation for building permission which contains drawings, fire safety design, building physics, energy performance certificate and the second part deals with design of building services which contains concept design of all systems. The building has two storeys, rectangular shape, strip foundations, ceramic mansory walls and gabled roof extending over a carport on one side. The ground storey can be entered from carport. There is a kitchen connected with a living room, a bathroom, a toilet, a utility room and a storage room. In the first storey, there are two bedrooms, master bedroom, workroom and a bathroom. Concept design of bulding services contains mechanical ventilation with heat recovery, cooling, water supply, heating, sewage system, rainwater management, electrical installation and design of photovoltaic panels. Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery is located in a utility room. Space heating is provided via air-water heat pump with floor heating. The outdoor heat pump unit is located on southeast side of the building. The indoor heat pump unit is located in a utility room. Space heating in the bathrooms is complemented with towel radiators. In the living room, there is a stove. Electricity is produced by photovoltaic panels and the building is connected to a service line. The building is connected to the sanitary sewer. Stormwater sewer is connected to a stromwater tank and blocks for soaking. The stormater will be used for watering the garden.
Heating of the veterinary clinic building
Řeháková, Denisa ; Vendlová, Lucie (referee) ; Počinková, Marcela (advisor)
The bachelor's thesis deals with the design of heating for a veterinary clinic. The theoretical part focuses on hydraulic balancing of heating systems. The basic principles of hydraulics, distribution of heating systems, hydraulic regulation of heating systems and fittings for hydraulic balancing are described here. The dimensioning of one-pipe and two-pipe heating systems is analyzed in the last part. The calculation part of this thesis contains the design of the building's heating. An air-water heat pump is chosen as the heat source. The building is heated by plate heaters in a hygienic design, and ventilation is mainly solved as forced with four air-conditioning units. The preparation of hot water is a priority for consumption peaks. The last part of the thesis is the project, containing a technical report and drawing documentation.
Energy Assessment of the Civic Building
de la Renotiére Kriegsfeld, Valerie ; Maurerová, Lenka (referee) ; Vendlová, Lucie (advisor)
The bachelor's thesis is focused on the energy assessment of the municipal office in Jedovnice. The theoretical part is about energy assessment software. The calculation part analyzes the building's energy needs and flows. In the calculation part, there are also proposals for measures to save energy needed for building operation, and a subse-quent comparison of individual measures from an energy and economic point of view. In part C, there are two PENB cards, one of the original state of the object and the other one of the optimized state.
Kindergarten Heating Design
Klusáček, Jakub ; Topič, Jan (referee) ; Vendlová, Lucie (advisor)
The main focus of this bachelor´s thesis is solution of heating for kindergarten building. The thesis is divided into three main parts: theoretical, computational and design parts. The theoretical part focuses on central heating. The computational part includes the design of the heating system and hot water preparation. The building is heated using panel radiators and bench convectors. The heat source is provided by a heat substation connected to a central district heating network. The heat substation is thermally independent and is equipped with plate heat exchangers for both the heating system and hot water heating. The design part includes technical report and drawings, which are based on the computational part.
Heating of flat house
Slíva, Lukáš ; Vendlová, Lucie (referee) ; Topič, Jan (advisor)
The goal of this bachelor thesis is the design of heating systém and water heating for apartment house in township Jablůnka. In the theoretical part, I deal with the types of heating systems and radiators. In the computational part, I have designed the heat source, hot water heater, and the entire heating system. The conclusion of the thesis is a project, that contains a technical report and drawing documentation including attachments.
Heating of the Multi-functional Building
Štěpánek, Marek ; Wierzbická, Helena (referee) ; Vendlová, Lucie (advisor)
The topic of this bachelor thesis „Heating of the multi-functional building“ is proper heating and propose functionality. The building has five separate floors. There is proposed double-circuit boiler connection to radiators and underfloor heating. Warm air heating in commercial part of building.

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