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Study of Boron-Carbohydrate Interaction
Vejvodová, Tereza ; Jelínek, Ivan (advisor) ; Coufal, Pavel (referee)
The interaction between boron and sugars is significant for understanding the role of boron as a carrier for nucleotides and carbohydrates. Arylboronic acids also have wide application as sugars sensors because they are small and flexible molecules. Boron complexes play a key role in boron neutron capture therapy. This radiotherapy is important in the treatment of melanoma, glioblastoma multiforme and other types of cancer. Boron complexes with ascorbic acid and glucose were prepared in this thesis and then characterized by high-resolution mass spectrometry (HRMS). Synthesised complexes were studied using collision-induced dissociation (CID), which led to the clarification of their fragmentation mechanism. Key Words Boron complexes, ascorbic acid, glucose, carbohydrates, mass spectrometry, electrospray ionization, ESI-MS, collision-induced dissociation
Reproductive strategies in boid snakes
Vejvodová, Tereza ; Frynta, Daniel (advisor) ; Rehák, Ivan (referee)
The important part of life history of species is number and size of offspring, which is limited by size of maternal investment. Family of boas (Boidae) comprises species with various maternal investments. The species of study was Cuban boa (Chilabothrus angulifer) having small litter size, but producing one of the biggest neonates from family Boidae. The aim of the thesis was to analyze relationships between life-history parameters and try to find possible evolutionary causes of this huge maternal investment. Results show, that the female's decision to reproduce is under "Capital breeder" strategy, when size of the female positively influence litter size and offspring size. Surprising result is that smaller (younger) females are producing more sons than daughters in accordance with "Local resource competition" hypothesis. Fitness of the young should increase with birth size. That was confirmed only in interspecific survival rate being very high in Cuban boa. Keywords: snakes, Cuban boa, maternal investment, life history, SSD, sex ratio
Importance of plants for determination of ecological footprint
Vejvodová, Tereza ; Albrechtová, Jana (advisor) ; Cudlín, Pavel (referee)
Ecological footprint (EF) is a concept to measure anthropogenic influence of individuals, regions, states and society on environment, which is expressed by units of global hectares (gha). Global hectares are calculated from the equivalent number of hectares of biologically productive area, which ensure the needs of person, cities, regions or states. The calculation includes all the anthropogenic activities using renewable natural resources. EF also examines and quantifies the area needed for carbon sequestration. EF is calculated from six land use types - cropland, grazing land, forest for timber and fuelwood, fishing grounds, built-up land and forest for carbon dioxide uptake. Plants, as participants in a number of important processes on the Earth and the base of the food pyramid, can significantly modify the final EF through the value of their net primary production (NPP). Yield factors and equivalence factors are used to transfer different areas productivity (forest, cropland, grazing land, etc.) to get land use types in global hectares. The aim of the present thesis is to make a review of the concept of ecological footprint and its calculation methodology especially the effect of variability in NPP of plants in ecosystems. The influence of ongoing global climate change can affect NPP of plants and this...
Training plan solved by assignment problem
Vejvodová, Tereza ; Borovička, Adam (advisor) ; Fábry, Jan (referee)
The aim of the bachelor thesis is to create the best training plan for the dancers on a weekly training camp. This is the assignment of categories to certain hours of training for every day on training camp. Each category has different requirements in terms of days of training and of course hours of individual trainings. This problem solves an assignment problem and for calculation is used optimization program LINGO. The most effective plan for dancers will be found with this program. This plan should be fair and should satisfy all categories. In the theoretical part is described linear programming, primarily assignment problem and integer programming. In the practical part is the theory applied in practice and it is created schedule of categories for each day of training camp.

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