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Rushes of the Disaster. Comparison
Vaněk, Jakub ; Hrdlička, Josef (advisor) ; Wiendl, Jan (referee)
The thesis presents research on relationships in the context of the unfinalized lyric project Potopa (The Flood) of František Halas. Main points of analysis are questions of fragment, catastrophe and of (lyric) speaker or witness in the sense of specific speech formed by the traumatic event. A reading of the poems belonging to The Flood (as well as the question of the borders of the text and questions of the whole and possible shape of the piece in general) is founded mainly in the context of Christianity, thematic and compositional connections and with regard to the historical event. I'm not so concerned with the national accents of the works of Halas at that time (his engagement in the Czech resistance was interrupted after the arrest of Vladislav Vančura and others by Gestapo - for Halas it's also the time of the most intensive work on Potopa). The aim is rather to see The Flood as a poem witnessing the horror and the catastrophe of the second world war in general. After the opening analysis of characteristic traits of The Flood follows comparisons with selected works of czech literature, primarily with Znamení moci (The Sign of Power) of Jan Zahradníček, Básně z koncentračního tábora (Poems from the concentration camp) of Josef Čapek and Čas (Apokalypsa mixte) (Time) of Jiří Kolář. In concrete...
Numerical Modelling of Flow over Spillway in Small Dams
Vaněk, Jakub ; Roth, Tomáš (referee) ; Jandora, Jan (advisor)
The master´s thesis deals with the numerical modeling of flow in the emergency spillways of small dams. It is solved the flow rate capacity of a weir and of spillway called „duckbill-type“. Sharp crested weirs and long crested weirs are modeled using numerical simulations in ANSYS. Hydraulically complex spillway called „duckbill-type“ was modeled in the Flow-3D. The results of the discharge coefficients are compared with data in the hydraulic literature.
Consumer Contracts and possibility of withdrawal
Holeček, Václav ; Kotoučová, Jiřina (advisor) ; Vaněk, Jakub (referee)
This bachelor's thesis deals with the problematics of consumer contracts, the conception of which is relatively new in the Czech law system. The goal of this thesis is to give the reader the general idea about the principles of the consumer contracts problematics, its legal regulations and possibilities, how to defend oneself in particular situations, especially how to witdraw from the contract. The reader will learn, what actually consumer contracts are, who can be the participant of that contractual relations, then something about the legal institutes, which provide the protection to the consumer, especially we will focus on situations, when the consumer has the right to withdraw the contract. Due to the rising popularity of purchaces realized via internet is this thesis also going to devote to contracts made by the means of the communication at distance. Also contracts made out of the business premises are mentioned. In context of holidays we will mention also the contracts called time-sharing. At the end of the thesis we are to have a look at the most often types of consumer contracts, namely contract of purchase and contract for work, and how and when to withdraw from them.
Ochrana spotřebitele ve zdravotnictví
Vaněk, Jakub ; Drozen, František (advisor)
Bakalářská práce "Ochrana spotřebitele ve zdravotnictví" zahrnuje: dlouhodobý program zlepšování zdravotního stavu obyvatelstva ČR - zdraví pro všechny ve 21. století, cíle Světové zdravotnické organizace do roku 2020, právní úpravu ve zdravotnictví v ČR. Popisuje činnost České lékařské komory, České lékárnické komory, České stomatologické kontroly. Dále se zabývá právy pacientů a povinnostmi lékaře. V závěru je nastíněna problematika eutanázie z pohledu historie a současnosti.
Hilti, Ltd. - Company valuation
Vaněk, Jakub ; Drozen, František (advisor) ; Šípek, Ladislav (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to determine the value of the company Hilti, Ltd. and carry out its valuation for a potential investor. The resulting's valuation is designed for the broadest investment community. The thesis consists of two parts, theoretical and practical. The theoretical part acquaint the reader with the basic theoretical framework for valuation and the basic concepts and it is explained to select the method of discounting free cash flow for the owners and creditors as of the methods for the valuation. The practical part is, after a brief presentation given to strategic analysis, financial analysis and the establishment of a financial plan. The financial plan was drawn up for the period 2007-2010. Essential pillar for the valuation is the determination of discount rates. That is taken in detail in the next step, and we set it using a weighted average cost of capital. The cost of equity, we have identified using the CAPM. Followed by the actual valuation and the final statement of the value of the company Hilti, Ltd.

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