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Child drinking regime in school.
Dostalíková, Andrea ; Vaníčková, Eva (advisor) ; Kopřivová Herotová, Tereza (referee)
The aim of the bachelor thesis was to map the drinking regime of children at three elementary schools in Prague. The age of respondents was between 8 and 11 years of age. 163 children, 93 boys and 70 girls attending the 3rd year participated in the survey. In the theoretical part, there is a description of the issue of insufficient drinking and drinking regime of children with a focus on their influence on the school process. Results of the questionnaire survey and monitoring of the elementary schools with a focus on ensuring the drinking regime by the school are elaborated in the practical part. In the questionnaire, pupils responded to 16 questions about the amount of fluid intake they consume during early morning and morning school classes. If they experience subjective symptoms of dehydration such as headache, fatigue and lack of concentration. Research has shown that only 65 % of children drink the recommended amount of fluids during the morning classes. It was also discovered that the children prefer sweetened beverages by a large margin, but their real consumption is significantly lower.
Juvenile Risk Behaviour with a View to Abuse Progress.
Švábová, Lea ; Vaníčková, Eva (advisor) ; Kopřivová Herotová, Tereza (referee)
The title of this bachelor thesis is "Juvenile Risk Behaviour with a View to Abuse Progress". We consider this as very broad area and my goal was not to explain every part of the issue. My goal was to approach only some parts of the complex problem. My first objective was to gain basic information about the syndrome of adolescent risk-taking. My next goal was to find out more about what experience with the habit-forming drug the pupils of the second level of the particular primary school and first and second years of the particular high school have had. The first part of the thesis summarises the findings about socially pathological phenomena, their definition, origin and consequences. I also concentrated on the prevention of this syndrome. In the second part of this thesis I concentrated on empirical research. I was concentrating on the second level of primary school and first and second years of high school. Children at this age belong in the endangered group. Using the method of interview, I attempted to map whether or not the pupils have any experience with the habit forming substances and if they think they are bad for their health.
Tobacco and teenagers
Soukupová, Monika ; Vaníčková, Eva (advisor) ; Kopřivová Herotová, Tereza (referee)
The author devotes to teenage smoking, one of the forms of risking behavior having an important impact on the health in adulthood, in her bachelor thesis. The bachelor thesis "Tobacco and Teenagers" is divided into two parts. The author describes the term teenager, introduces us the history of tobacco, smoking and tobacco smoke, mentions the health consequences of smoking and describes the risk and protective factors, prevention at schools and families at the first, theoretical part. The author was attracted by the relationship of smokers to the sport and the influence of smoking on the performance of the human organism, and hence the attention is paid to it. In the Bachelor thesis, the author mentions the possibilities of prevention at schools, because the school and the social environment, in which the child moves, have a significant influence on him/her. According to the author's findings on preventive programs or lectures within the prescribed Framework Educational Plan at a specific school on "Smoking", the question remains about their continuity, long-term, professional erudition of teachers and invited experts, this means the effectiveness of prevention at schools. The second, practical part of the bachelor thesis introduces the realization of a descriptive study of a small scale. The aim was...
Alcohol and teenagers
Poskerová, Lenka ; Vaníčková, Eva (advisor) ; Schneidrová, Dagmar (referee)
This thesis "Alcohol and teenagers" describes the problems that alcohol brings to children and teenagers. It is divided into a theoretical and a practical part. The theoretical part outlines the children's lifestyle and age differences. It also describes preventative measures and legislative precautions. The practical part provides results of a survey on whether children in selected primary schools ever consumed alcohol, and if yes how many times they did so. The survey also included questions on whether family members ever offered alcohol to them and whether they ever purchased alcohol themselves. Keywords: alcohol consumption - risk for children - risk and protective factors - prevention and prevention programs

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