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CO2 Sources and Emission Trading System
Valentová, Helena ; Sitek, Tomáš (referee) ; Elbl, Patrik (advisor)
This thesis deals with issues of carbon dioxide emissions, its sources and legislation related to emission trading. The first part of the thesis provides basic information about carbon dioxide and its production. The second part summarizes sectors that emit the most carbon dioxide. The last part describes the international legislation related to emission allowances and carbon trading.
Mechanical Properties of Hydrogels - Comparison between DMA and AFM Measurements of Elastic Modulus
Hofrichterová, Tereza ; Valentová, Helena (advisor) ; Shukurov, Andrey (referee)
Polymer hydrogels consist of polymer network that is able to absorb large amount of water. They have plenty of real-life applications - for example in medicine and diagnostics. The aim of this thesis is to study elastic modulus of several hydrogel samples by two different methods - dynamical mechanical analysis (DMA) and atomic force microscopy (AFM). Dynamical mechanical analysis represents a traditional method, which is expected to supply very reliable data. On the other hand - there has not been done much research in the field of studying mechanical properties with atomic force microscopy yet. This thesis should result into comparison of these two methods and describing effects that influence the measurement.
Polar liquid crystals: structures, phase transitions and properties
Podoliak, Natalia ; Novotná, Vladimíra (advisor) ; Perkowski, Pawel (referee) ; Valentová, Helena (referee)
In the thesis the structure-property relations of newly synthesised liquid crystalline compounds have been investigated with respect to the length of the non-chiral chain, number of lactate units or the lateral substitutions in the molecular core. Such promising for applications phenomena as orthoconic properties and de Vries behaviour have been found and studied for certain compounds. Besides, the antiferroelectric, TGB, hexatic phases have been observed for some compounds of the studied series. Such unique phenomenon as re-entrancy has been observed for a few compounds of the series under investigation and binary mixtures of one compound with neighbouring homologues have been prepared and studied.
Role of social worker at basic school
Valentová, Helena ; Matoušek, Oldřich (advisor) ; Malotová, Martina (referee)
Abtract Title: The role of social worker at an elementary school Name of student: Bc.Helena Valentova Department of study: Social Policy and Social Work Thesis supervisor: Doc. PhDr. Oldřich Matoušek, CSc. Opponent work: Martin Malotová The thesis is focused on the role of social worker at an elementary school. It is a comprehensive characterization of the profession including history, descriptions school of social work in several national systems of education (for example USA, England, Finland, etc.), analysis of target groups and content of school social work, which is supplemented by examples from practice. The empirical part of the work aims to determine whether the elementary schools in Praque are interested in introduction of position of school social worker and reasons of introduction. Other aims are to map the situation in solving educational problems at Prague's elementary schools, the views of the respondents to content of the activity school social worker and his authorization and also to map out how many of Prague's elementary schools have already established. The respondents were directors of the elementary schools, educational consultants and experts in prevention. Questionnaire was selected as a method of data collection because of extensive number of respondents was selected questionnaire....
Studium stejnosměrných a střídavých charakteristik polyanilinu v závislosti na technologii přípravy
Varga, Martin ; Prokeš, Jan (advisor) ; Valentová, Helena (referee)
Our aim in the present work is to provide and evaluate AC and DC characteristics of the polyaniline based materials. Different experiemtal techniques and devices have been used to achieve this goal. An introduction to the theoretical concepts of conductivity is given as well. The core of this thesis is an investigation of temperature and low pressure dependences, as well as the ageing effects for two systems (composites) in respect of the different preparation conditions such as dopants and their molar concentration, origin and the content of inorganic component and the way of polymerisation. An agreement with theoretical models is discussed.
Social workers' motivation for employment in drop-in centres
Valentová, Helena ; Večerka, Kazimír (advisor) ; Votavová, Milada (referee)
This bachelor's is called Social workers motivation for employment in drop-in centres. The work is divided into two main parts - theoretical and practical. The theoretical part is devoted to the characteristics of motivation as a psychological phenomenon, its characteristics and continuity. In addition, it deals with social motivation, detailing the types of social behavior, such as altruism, affiliation and the need for power. The theoretical part also characterizes drop-in centers, the principles of provision of services and methods of work with the client. Empirical part is focused on recognititon o f motivation social workers for the selection of this profession. It is a little research, which aims to map awared motivational factor of workers. Another aim was to explore whether there is contact of the analogue aspects of motivation between workers and that they are. Research was conducted at fifteen workers drop-in centres. The place of their work were frequently Prague and Moravia. Workers were considered issues relating to the selection of professional social workers, the reasons for focusing on the target group of children and youth, the circumstances of acession to employment and the possible effects of their own life experiences on the selection o f this target group and the profession at all. As a...
César Franck and his chamber music
Valentová, Helena ; Pazdera, Jindřich (advisor) ; Pazdera, Jindřich (advisor) ; Hůla, Pavel (referee) ; Kotmel, Bohumil (referee)
This thesis deals one of the great figures in Romantic music in the 19th century César Franck, as a composer, organist and music teacher, too. To the significant part belongs Franck´s chamber music which I apply myself to in detail. That is particulary piano trio in F sharp minor, piano trio in B sharp minor, piano quitent in F minor, string quartet in d minor and certainly sonata for violin and piano A major. I mention also the only symphony of Franck in D minor considering numerous common features with his chamber music. We can find here also composerś youth when he was a child prodigy, his friendship with-known personalities ( as F.Liszt) and last but not least his mature period, when he composed his main work. I have to bring out that his works were some of the finest organ pieces to come from France in over a century, and laid the groundwork for the French symphonic organ style. We also get to know that as an organist he was particulary noted for his skill in improvisation, and is considered by many the greatest composer of organ music after J.S.Bachś successor
JOSEF SLAVÍK- A VIOLIN VIRTUOSO AND COMPOSER (in context of the Czech and world music)
Valentová, Helena ; Pazdera, Jindřich (advisor) ; Pazdera, Jindřich (advisor) ; Tomášek, Jiří (referee) ; Panocha, Jiří (referee)
This work brings the significant personality in Czech history, violinist and composer Josef Slavík, the native of Jince by Hořovice. It deals with his life from the begining of his study at Conservarotium in Prague through his difficult way abroad, where he managed to break through and catch not only music criticism but find his large audience and supporters up to his tragic death at age of mere 27 years of his life. There is particularly pay attention to his contacts with Czech and world distinguished personalities, both musicians and members of high society. There is described his stirring individual and timeless play, which is compared to Paganini. Last but not least this work contains composer activity of Slavík. For better understanding of context all of evens you can ind here outliniing of situations of then time.

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