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Reduction of polyatomic interferences in As and Se determination by ICP-MS
Vajnahij, Volodymyr ; Nováková, Eliška (advisor) ; Hraníček, Jakub (referee)
This bachelor thesis was focused on the eliminationof polyatomic interferences in the determination of As and Se using inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry. For this purpose, the collision-reaction cell technique was employed. The collision-reaction cell was filled with either collision gas or collision-reaction gas, namely pure He and H2, at different flow rates.In the case of the determinationof arsenic,which is monoisotopic and therefore no isotope other than 75 As can be selected, one of the main polyatomic interferences is 40 Ar35 Cl+ , which has the same mass-to-charge ratio m/z = 75 as 75 As. In the case of selenium determination, there are isobaric interferences due to 40 Ar38 Ar+ , 40 Ar40 Ar+ and 38 Ar40 Ca+ affecting the measurement of 78 Se and 80 Se. When 78 Se was determined in the He mode with 5 ml ∙ min-1 , a 300-fold decrease in BEC was observed. At the same time, this collision gas flow rate is higher than the routinely used one and thus able to remove more polyatomic interferences caused by 40 Ar38 Ar+ and 38 Ar40 Ca+ , respectively.Aslight improvement in some parameters was also achieved by using the H2 mode, which is more effective in reducing polyatomic interferences in the determination of Se than the He mode. With the removal of argide interference, H2 reaction...

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