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Internet of Things - intelligent housing infrastructure
Vaculová, Kateřina ; Luc, Ladislav (advisor) ; Veber, Jaromír (referee)
This bachelor thesis focuses on the topic of Internet of Things, specifically intelligent housing. The theoretical part consists of introduction of the main automation parts in which you can implement smart devices, basic realization of infrastructure and applications used for maintenance and control. The practical part describes model audiovisual infrastructure draft and possible integration of surveillance camera system. The primary contributions of this paper are introduction of automated home to readers, the most favorite hardware solutions of this concept, model representation of audiovisual infrastructure of smart home and comparison between wired and wireless home automation systems.
Management of Building Order by the Submitter
Vaculová, Kateřina ; Kolařík,, Rostislav (referee) ; Waldhans, Miloš (advisor)
The thesis deals with the topic of building orders are how they are managed by contracting authority or client. It presents building order as a project, and describes the way in which this project is organized, prepared and implemented. It also highlights all the factors that have impact on how building orders are managed. And since the most important of these factors is construction costs, the thesis provides an analysis of one particular building order from this perspective, listing all the things that are involved in the construction costs and pointing out in what way. The accuracy of the expected costs is then compared with construction engineering price indicators.
Evaluation of Chemical and Technological Properties of Grain and Milling Franctions of Hulless Barley for Bakery Use
Vaculová, Kateřina ; Jirsa, Ondřej ; Balounová, Marta ; Sedláčková, Irena
Wider use of barley with great food potential due to its high nutritional value of grain is constrained by lack of knowledge about the functionality of barley grain components in terms of processing and food products development. Selected genotypes of hulless spring barley (cv. AF Lucius, lines KM 2084, KM 2283, KM 1057 and genetic resource Nudimelanocrithon) were examined for chemical composition (crude protein, starch, β-glucans, macro-minerals) and breadmaking properties of grain and grain milling fractions (flour, semolina, bran). Differences in chemical composition of genotypes reflected in both the yield and rheological properties of individual milling fractions, measured with farinograph and extensograph. The addition of barley flour (15-30%) or barley semolina and bran (10 and 20%) to standard wheat flour reflected in different rheological properties depending on a barley genotype. The farinograph parameters largely varied in individual materials, however, the percentage of barley fractions in the mixture did not affect the values considerably. In comparison with standard wheat flour, values of extensograph parameters were low (especially for energy and extensibility) in all barley samples studied. However, they were affected by both the proportion of barley fraction and its interaction with a rest period. When the rest period was longer (90 min), even higher additions of semolina or bran (especially in cv. AF Lucius) were technologically acceptable.
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Strategie a metodická podpora udržení a rozvoje zeleně v urbanizovaném prostoru
Projekce zahradní, krajinná a GIS, s.r.o., Brno ; Löw & spol., s.r.o., Brno ; Finstrle, Luděk ; Svoboda, A. M. ; Švamberk, Zdeněk ; Petrů, Jaroslav ; Javorková, Lenka ; Motl, Ivo ; Wolfová, Hana ; Hlinovská, Milada¨ ; Lacina, Darek ; Zapletalová, Olga ; Fridrich, Lubor ; Vaculová, Kateřina ; Langar, Filip ; Maděra, Petr ; Kynčl, Milan ; Hudec, Karel ; Nováková, Miriam ; Štelcl, Václav ; Hartl, Pavel ; Choroboczková, Milada ; Beneš, Martin
Cílem projektu je získat poznatky a údaje o přírodních parcích, významných krajinných prvcích (VKP) a územních systémech ekologické stability (ÚSES) v urbanizovaném prostoru a na základě jejich kritického vyhodnocení zpracovat typologii těchto nástrojů ze zákona 114/1992 Sb. Podle typologie a rozboru problémů při vymezování ÚSES bude navržen soubor legislativních, ekonomických, správních a organizačních opatření a nástrojů k usměrňování rozvoje přírodních parků, VKP i ÚSES v urbanizovaném prostoru. Projekt je výrazně aplikační, pro využití obcemi.

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