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Utilization of mica separated from washed kaolin
Vaculík, Josef ; Ptáček, Petr (referee) ; Opravil, Tomáš (advisor)
The Master’s Thesis aims to laboratory test the possibilities of utilization mica separate, which arises during the process of floating kaolin as a by-product together with sand. Mica and sand are then separated by flotation or vibration. The mica separate thus formed was subjected to analysis. XRD and heating microscopy methods were used for analysis. Subsequently, experiments with mica separation as a filler in composites based on epoxy resins were set up and performed. Furthermore, the separate was tested as a part of plasters and visual building elements. Last but not least, the separate was mixed into the ceramic, which was then subjected to firing in the selected mode. The diploma thesis provides a comprehensive overview of the above-mentioned possibilities of using mica separation, which is based on a sufficient amount of experimental data.
Possibilities of enhancement of kaolin whiteness by separation of components containing titanium
Vaculík, Josef ; Švec, Jiří (referee) ; Opravil, Tomáš (advisor)
Theme of the bachelor’s thesis is enhancement of kaolin whiteness primarily by removing titanium and iron. Titanium itself in the modification of anatase doesn’t decrease whiteness, more likely is the other way around. Unwanted modification is rutile, which is dark and it decreases substantially the whiteness of kaolin. The most significant impact on whiteness of kaolin has the iron (III) compounds that are usually contained with titanium in minor minerals in kaolin’s raw material. Main goal of thesis was to test the hydrothermal conditions on separation of parts containing titanium and iron from the kaolin’s material. Separation in the hydrothermal condition was performed by infusing kaolin in the solutions of acids of various concentrations. To find out the final whiteness of kaolin material after hydrothermal treatment was used UV-VIS method with reflective module and to find out the amount of iron and titan transferred to the solution of acids because of hydrothermal treatment was used ICP-OES method.
Approaches of Innovation Performance Increasing in Manufacturing Companies
Žižlavský, Ondřej ; Vaculík, Josef (referee) ; Koráb, Vojtěch (referee) ; Zámečník, Roman (referee) ; Solař, Jan (advisor)
Innovation is one of the most important elements concerning higher performance in company efficiency. This methodical definition takes a look at the main benefits of on innovation on efficiency and hence on the efficiency and performance on the company as a whole, presenting the possibility of measurement of innovation efficiency and establishing defined methods for its improvement exploiting the development of innovation potential This particular issue is topical not only by reason of competitiveness of our companies but also maintaining share market and surviving the current economic crisis. Well managed and successfully introduced innovation into the market represents the tool for the companies, by means of which they can reach competitive advantages, enabling their prosperity in this slump. Every company has a certain innovation potential which should be explored, supported, utilized and systematically developed. The doctoral thesis focuses on the achievement of two basic goals, the cognitional and the inventive goal as well as confirmation or disconfirmation of set hypothesis. The first cognitional goal analyzes the present situation of solved questions, where current opinions and theories of our local and foreign experts are presented concerning innovation and company development. Basic definitions dealing with solved problems are described here as well. Various factors of innovation performance development are being carried out with the help of secondary and finally also primary research in Czech companies. The second related inventive goal is focused on design of methodical approach of increasing innovation performance that can be used in Czech companies. Contributions of the academic dissertation for theory and its contribution for corporation development and managerial practice are emphasized in the end part thesis.
The Effect of Stimulative Systems on Companies Costs and Revenues
Šimánková, Monika ; Mikoláš, Zdeněk (referee) ; Kubík, Josef (referee) ; Vaculík, Josef (referee) ; Kocmanová, Alena (advisor)
Dissertation thesis deals with issue stimulation remuneration system for employees of workers profession. Empiric research is focused on situation in the field of remuneration for employees in custom engineering companies acting in the Czech Republic. The final facts from both research are the starting point for creating predictive model. The model offers two main possibilities how to reward workers. It allows settings for each specific company and shows the impact of both chosen system and its settings on financial economy of company.
Hodnota pro zákazníka v návaznosti na CRM a jeho význam pro konkurenceschopnost podniku
Keřt, Radim ; Vaculík, Josef (advisor)
I deal with essential context of the value for consumers in terms of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) with emphasis on meaning for the competitiveness of the firm in the dissertation. Methodology for succesful implementation, innovation of the total concept of customer relationship management and assesment criteria to measuration of fruitfulness of implementation, innovation of the total concept of customer relationship management are the content of the dissertation.
Inverter for arc-welding
Vaculík, Josef ; Hejkrlík, Jan (referee) ; Červinka, Dalibor (advisor)
This bachelor project deals with the explanation of working principle of pulse source used as the source of welding current. It explains the activity of used single acting transmit converter and mention the others examples of converters types. Next there are mentioned powerful constructed parts of source, so input filter, pulse transformer, output inductor and powerful semiconductors components together with necessary parts converter. There are mentioned output current sensor and boards of powerful and directive parts of converter.
The inverter for arc-welding
Vaculík, Josef ; Klíma, Bohumil (referee) ; Červinka, Dalibor (advisor)
This diplom thesis theoretically deals about principle of pulse welding current source. Work explains operation principle of the single acting transmit converter used in realized construction and mention the others examples of converters types. Goal of the work is design individual parts of source : input filter, pulse transformer, output inductor and power semiconductors components. Thesis also contains description of the regulation circuitry of the converter, auxiliary power supply and pre-driver for power transistors. If everything will be all right prototype of the source will be assembled and measured. Results will be compared with theoretical assumptions.
Zdravotní pojištění v České republice a ve vybraných zemích
Lněničková, Kamila ; Bílková, Diana (advisor) ; Vaculík, Josef (referee)
Hlavním cílem mé diplomové práce je analyzovat zdravotní pojištění v ČR a vybraných zemích. Zaměřila jsem se na problematiku výdajů na zdravotní péči a soukromé zdravotní pojištění. V první kapitole jsem se zaměřila na zdraví obyvatel a faktory, které zdraví obyvatel determinují. V druhé kapitole jsem charakterizovala jednotlivé druhy zdravotního pojištění. Třetí kapitola je věnovaná zdravotním pojišťovnám v ČR, především specifickému postavení VZP. Ve čtvrté kapitole se věnuji zdravotnímu pojištění v ČR. Kladla jsem velký důraz na soukromé zdravotní pojištění v ČR. Na praktickém příkladě jsem demonstrovala výpočet předepsaného pojistného konkrétních produktů. Poslední kapitola charakterizuje fungování zdravotního pojištění v Německu, Nizozemsku a Belgii.

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