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Finite element approximation of fluid structure interaction using Taylor-Hood and Scott-Vogelius elements
Vacek, Karel ; Sváček, P.
This paper addresses the problem of fluid flow interacting a vibrating solid cylinder described by one degree of freedom system and with fixed airfoil. The problem is described by the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations written in the arbitrary Eulerian-Lagrangian (ALE) formulation. The ALE mapping is constructed with the use of a pseudo-elastic approach. The flow problem is numerically approximated by the finite element method (FEM). For discretization of the fluid flow, the results obtained by both the Taylor-Hood (TH) element and the Scott-Vogelius (SV) finite element are compared. The TH element satisfies the Babuška-Brezzi inf-sup condition, which guarantees the stability of the scheme. In the case of the SV element the mesh, that is created as a barycentric refinement of regular triangulation, is used to satisfy the Babuška-Brezzi condition. The numerical results for two benchmark problems are shown.
Povrchové bodové defekty v nanopráškách obsahující křemík připravené pomocí pulsní laserové ablace: IR důkaz peroxy radikálu SiOO(.)
Dřínek, Vladislav ; Vacek, Karel
We prepared nanopowder deposits with an increased concentration of certain point defects - silyl Si(.) and peroxy radical SiOO(.) using pulsed laser ablation (PLA). PLA of SiO2 target in He atmosphere (500 Pa) generates SiOO(.) species in conc. 10(20)/g and an exposure of the deposit to ozone pressured 5.10(-3) Pa in flow mode destroys SiOO(.) radical within seconds as detected by EPR and FTIR spectroscopies. In differencial FTIR spectra we observed a negative peak at 1035 cm(-1) that had the same time behaviour as EPR signal. According to literature the predicted stretching vibration in SiOO(.) is at 1080 cm(-1).
Záchyt vodíku defekty ve vrstvách připravených TEA CO2 laserem ablací oxidi křemnatého a křemičitého
Dřínek, Vladislav ; Vacek, Karel ; Južakov, G. ; Pola, Josef ; Naumov, S.
Silicon based deposits were prepared by TEA CO2 pulsed laser ablation of SiO and SiO2 targets in the atmosphere of noble gases. Chemical groups and hydrogen related radical were detected by means FTIR and EPR analyses and theoretical calculations. In SiO2 deposits the concentration of silyl resp. peroxy radical was determined to be 5.8.10(18)/g resp. 6.2.10(19)/g. In SiO deposits the ratio of [=Si(:)]/[Si(.)] was measured. After exposure of the SiO deposit to H2 a EPR doublet with hyperfine splitting 7.7 mT was observed. The best agreement between calculated and experiment values was found for the cluster(O2H)Si(.).
Studies on Aged Polyethylene Samples
Kupčík, Jaroslav ; Galíková, Anna ; Galík, Aftanas ; Vacek, Karel ; Pola, Josef
Degradation of polyethylene sheets simulated through artifical accelerated weathering has been examinated in this report by using several methods.

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