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High-bay warehouse for lacquered bodywork
Bachorík, Patrik ; Vaverka, Michal (referee) ; Vašek, Lubomír (advisor)
The aim of this diploma work was a design of a high-bay warehouse for lacquered car bodywork with focus on the issue of a conveyer line and its incorporation into the existing material flow in company Skoda Auto a.s.. Three variants of the warehouse for the lacquered car bodywork were proposed and described. For each one of them, a time analysis of car bodywork removal from the storage was carried out. The thesis was ended with a complex evaluation of the three variants according to chosen criteria, based on which the best variant was selected. That one was further depicted in layout documentation.
Design of manufacturing system for warmwater boilers
Bršel, Michal ; Zbožínek, Adam (referee) ; Vašek, Lubomír (advisor)
This thesis concerns with design of manufacturing system for specific company. Object of manufacture is warmwater boiler for solid fuels. Analysis of this object, design of necessary technologies, manipulation and transportation concept, layout concept and economic efectiveness of investment realization evaluation are apart of this thesis.
Water column separation under hydraulic turbine runner during unsteady operating regimes.
Vašek, Lubomír ; Rudolf, Pavel (referee) ; Habán, Vladimír (advisor)
In this diploma thesis called Water column separation under the hydraulic turbine runner during unsteady operating regimes are solved the pressure pulsations of the reverse water hamer. In the thesis is deduced a mathematical relationship of elaboration the numerice model which is based on equations of continuity and equations of forces equilibrium. Numerical model is created in MS Excel uses for computation the numerical method Lax-Wendrof that allows consideration of variable sound speed as function of static pressure and allows variable lenght step in computation domain. Reverse water hammer is in the thesis solved with consideration of rotating flow behind shut-off valve, where we expect forming of vortex rope. This situation can be applied on the closing water turbine which has vertex rope under turbine runner. Specifically for this thesis was carried out the experiment of the reverse water hammer. Constants going into numerical solution are optimalized with using experiment and pressure pulsation are compared between numerical solution and experiment.
Creating of the SW module
Közl, Radim ; Ing.Jaromír Janát, Tajmac-ZPS, Zlín (referee) ; Vašek, Lubomír (advisor)
The aim of this diploma thesis is to create module adjusting of tools for NAHOS information system developed on VÚSSaR FSI VUT Brno a ÚVI FT UTB ZlínTAJMAC - ZPS a.s., where system is applied. Theoretical part contains analysis of preparation activities for tools for manufacturing process – assembling, measuring and adjusting tools. Practical part contains database design and forms for NAHOS system. In this part the SQL language in database system MS Access is used. The solution uses elements of NAHOS system, which are accessible using XML language.
Extension of tool management information system
Moravčík, Jan ; Ing.Ivo Čelůstka, Tajmac-ZPS, Zlín (referee) ; Vašek, Lubomír (advisor)
The aim of this thesis was the implementation of technological data management for individual tools and tool assembly in the information system NAHOS. This management in NAHOS system is accomplished by user forms, which are created by XML and SQL languages. The theoretical part of this thesis deals with tool management and information systems in general. The practical part of this thesis presents my own individual modifications in the information system NAHOS.
Adaptation of the water mill
Vašek, Lubomír ; Žák, Radim (referee) ; Hudec, Martin (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with adaptation of a water mill in Liboš to a small hydro power plant. Basic principles, functions and significance of each device are summarized and explained there. The thesis should provide a coherent description of SHPP to a reader who is unfamiliar with the topic and initiate him into the problems partly.

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