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Some Aspects of EMC Pre-Compliance Testing
Vídenka, Rostislav ; Soldán, Josef (referee) ; Mazánek, Miloš (referee) ; Dřínovský, Jiří (advisor)
This doctoral thesis deals with EMC pre-compliance testing of radiated disturbance. The thesis summarizes present pieces of knowledge about restricting of disturbing ambient signals and focuses on restricting of test site imperfection influence on the measurement results. Pre-compliance test site “calibration” uses comparison signal sources. There were added up the recommendations for “calibration” steps, too. The semi-anechoic vs. fully-anechoic chambers measurements results were compared. Some methods for dealing with ambient disturbing signals were discussed and high attention was applied to the test site choice and the minimal dimension geometry was recommended. There are presented recommendations for pre-compliance radiated disturbance measurements in the conclusion with the stress on available test equipment.
Broadband antennas for EMC measurement
Červenka, Dušan ; Svačina, Jiří (referee) ; Vídenka, Rostislav (advisor)
The bachelor’s thesis deals with the wideband EMC antenna problem at bandwidth 30 - 2000MHz. There is outlined different solution and basic antennas modifications. Resulting antenna is logarithmic-periodic antenna. Bend was used on most of segments for reducing proportion.
Influence of metal objects on measured electromagnetical field intensity of ERS generator
Major, Jan ; Dřínovský, Jiří (referee) ; Vídenka, Rostislav (advisor)
The bachelor’s thesis treats influence of metal objects on measured electromagnetical field intensity. There are shown simulation possibilities of propagation and reflection of electromagnetic waves from reflector or ground plane in program Matlab and Comsol Multiphysic in this project. Measurement of the impact of the metal reflecting surfaces at pre-compliance EMC measurement on the open area test site with the ERS and the CNE generator are shown in this text. The main task of this bachelor’s thesis is the verification of theoretical basics and computer simulations by practical experiments.
Web support of technical German language
Doležal, Ondřej ; Vídenka, Rostislav (referee) ; Sigmund, Milan (advisor)
In current time web pages are being greatly extended to the wide area of human activity. Pages are important for commerce, entertainment and for education too. One of the largest advantage is easy availability all over the world and huge information content, which offer. In those work I will be consider on creation Germany- Czech monolingual dictionary for support subject MEID.
Web support of the course MEID
Glassl, Jiří ; Vídenka, Rostislav (referee) ; Sigmund, Milan (advisor)
The development of the Internet as a means of offering services (information sources), are developing means for presenting services to users online. Service is called everything that gives users the opportunity to educate, entertain the possibility of trade and of course meet new people. Means are programming languages and programming environments. The project aims to use these resources and create a website that would serve as an electronic support in the subject Elektronic Deutsch. Content sites is also information relating to the German language as well as test. Test is to assess the student's options for the successful completion of the course in Elektronic Deutsch.
Microstrip Directional and Hybrid Couplers - a laboratory experiment
Orság, Petr ; Vídenka, Rostislav (referee) ; Svačina, Jiří (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the elaboration of a laboratory experiment with basic types of microstrip directional and hybrid couplers in the frequency range up to tens GHz. The thesis is concerned on branch line directional coupler, rat-race directional coupler, De Rondeho coupler, coupled-line coupler, and Lange directional coupler. Simulated results are confronted with measured results obtained by a skalar network analyzer. From overall findings the relevant laboratory experiment was configured and designed.
Multimedia language support of DSP in German
Škůrek, Pavel ; Vídenka, Rostislav (referee) ; Sigmund, Milan (advisor)
The aim of the work is to provide a German speaking student with a simple and well-arranged list of terms, that appear in the sphere of mathematics, physics and the digital signal processing. Each terms are not explained in a difficult way. Mostly, there is only the basic definition, what the term means, or his function. This mean that this work can´t be taken as a textbook, but only a first aid for a funbling student. The work id divided into 3 databases. The first database Mathematik contains the list of all mathematical terms and relations at the level of secondary school. The database contains these chapters: Grundbegriffe, Mathematische Logik, Funktion, Trigonometrie des rechtwinkligen Dreiecks, kongruennte Darstellung im Ebene, ähnliche Darstellung im Ebene, Trigonometrie, komplexen Zahlen, Logarithmus, Vektor, analytische Geometrie, Folge, Differenzrechnung und Integralgleichung, Matrizen, Determinante, Kombinatorik a Wahrscheinlichkeit. The second database Physik contains the basic physical quantities, the student should know before entering the university. The database contains these chapters: Kinematik, Dynamik, Mechanik der starken Körper, Mechanik der Flüssigkeit, Elektizität, Magnetismus, Optik and Thermodynamik. The last database DSP is divided into 4 parts. It is divided by functionals blocks of each transmission and it is explaining each terms. They are Antialiasing, Analog-digital Wandler, Digital-analog Wandler and Spektral analysis. By this database, there is well-arranged czech - german and german - czech dictionary. These 3 databases are worked by the programm C++ Builder. The user can open each databese separately. All databases contain functions like for example searching, viewing the terms by tree structure, similar themes and so on. In the last database the user can add and change his own terms.

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