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Contradictority in Criminal Proceedings
Vích, Jaroslav ; Mulák, Jiří (advisor) ; Pelc, Vladimír (referee)
IN ENGLISH The purpose of my thesis is to provide an analysis of contradictority in criminal proceedings, particularly the evaluation of contradictority that is protected in penal code and its manifestation within preliminary proceeding and proceeding in court. This thesis tries to summarize the concept of contradictority in criminal proceedings and take the preparation of reform in penal code into consideration. The second chapter defines fundamental differences between inquisitional and adversarial juridical system, from which current juridical system is formed, where the contradictority is applied with some distinctions in meaning. Furthermore, the reading and the concept of contradictority in juridical system in legal study of continental legal system particularly in domestic on is discussed. In this chapter it is also analysed how courts put reading of contradictority and its definition into practice. The final part consists of reform juridical system and its relation to contradictority, especially to its protection by the basic principles in criminal proceedings. Next chapter analyses the scope of the meaning of contradictority and trial principles are attached and used. It is divided according to the aim of the use more precisely it looks into the real condition of the case, defence law and...

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