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The Human Development System in the Organisation
Kohoutková, Adéla ; Urbancová, Hana (advisor) ; Jaroslav, Jaroslav (referee)
Topic of this thesis is Human Development System in the Organisation. Main objective is to identify and evaluate current development of HR in ABC, a.s. Development of human resource is part of human resource management. It includes training, talent management, career planing and competence management. In practical part of this thesis was analysed HR development in ABC, a.s., based on research and there are desined improvements for current situation. When were searching for suitable recommendations were taken into account primarily the views of employees obtained quantitative research and the trends in this area. Suggested is the introduction of interactive methods of education, implementation of program Action learning and webinary.
Organisation Culture and its Role in Process of Employees Recruitment in Organisation
Kašparová, Kristýna ; Urbancová, Hana (advisor) ; Jaroslav, Jaroslav (referee)
Recently, the lack of high-quality workers has increased, and therefore companies have to expend considerable resources to recruit them. Except for financial side, job applicant is interested in setting of the company, relationships at workplace, and values held by the organisation. Especially organisational culture can be a good motivation for employee who would want to work in a specific company. For obtaining required information, the analysis of technical literature and technical articles has been made as well as the basic concepts relating to the issue were explained. Moreover the method of questioning using survey was applied which was aimed at employees of the chosen company. In addition to that a semi-structure interview with a personal manager of the company was carried out. Given the research results, there were suggested the recommendations for improvement during process of employees recruitment and for motivating potential employees by organisational culture as well as it was suggested to accept another employee for personnel department. The aim of this thesis was to identify components of organisational culture and to evaluate how organisational culture influences the process of recruitment employees in a chosen organisation. The recommendations for corrective measures were processed in the final part of thesis.
Factors Influencing Job Satisfaction in the Selected Organization
Lepiarská, Diana ; Urbancová, Hana (advisor) ; Fajčíková, Adéla (referee)
At the present time, most of employers realize, how important motivation of employees is and consequently their job satiscaction. Motivation has an extraordinary influence on quality of done job and the overall results in the company. Good job motivation through motivational factors may lead to quality results and high performance of employees, which may bring a huge competitive advantage to the company. On contrary, poor job motivation may impair economic results, and therefore it is very important for employers to pay close attention to this subject. The main objective of this work is to determine the level of job satisfaction of employees of selected company, identify problem sections and suggest solutions, that could improve the job motivation of employees. In the first part the theoretical solutions are compiled on the studied literature. The second part of the bachelor thesis further describes company dm drogerie markt and also here are processed results of the questionnaire inquiry. From the compiled results were made sugestions for improving current situation in the company.
Management of Education of Employees in Organisation
Suchardová, Lucie ; Urbancová, Hana (advisor) ; Lenka, Lenka (referee)
This diploma thesis is focused on the management of educational process in a particular organization. Knowledge, skills and abilities of employees are often the only source of company's competative advantage. Therefore, the issue of employees' education is becoming the key topic of company's management. The main goal of this work is to identify and evaluate the educational system in the settings of the DIAMO organization, a state owned company, its subsidiary plant of Mining and Refining, and in case of finding of possible problems to suggest the appropriate measures and changes in the educational process. This is achieved by the analysis of the company's internal documents, quantitative survey plus qualitative research performed in the form of interviews with the managers. The result of this procedure is the finding of existence of the systematic, repetative and effective educational process, whereas the eployees' attitude is predominantly positive. On the other hand, weeknesses are seen in the absence of some thematic areas of education, in some employees, who consider further education unnecessary, and in the fact that the key empoyees reach retirement age, and with their departure the company loses valuable skills and know-how. On the basis of these findings there has been suggested regular professional excursions for employees, improvement of internal motivation of employees to education via the individual approach of managers towards each worker, and securing the continuing of know-how by sharing the knowledge among the different groups of employees.
Human Resource Branding
Diasníková, Kateřina ; Urbancová, Hana (advisor) ; Eva, Eva (referee)
This graduation theses concerned with creation of human resource branding. The teoretical part is based on the general plane of this theme, given notion and context focused on the importace. The human resource branding was in past a overlooked branch in the company s strategy, which is now increasingly used for the development of companies. While processing was drawn from professional Czech and foreign literature. On the issue was seen both in terms of personnel management in the field of employer branding focuses on current and potential future employees. Correspondingly, a stable position in the labor market. The second is the strategic management and marketing, where it is mostly about brand perception among consumers and company, linking brand and man in the organization. Mention is also beneficial use of advertising in brand building. Practical part of theses is oriented to Goodmills Česko s.r.o. company. The aim of this thesis is to define an effective employer branding strategy for the mentioned organization. When processing the issue to take into account several factors, mainly the issue of marginalization of employer branding by Czech companies that use outdated and mostly already outdated tools, which do not help to improve their competitiveness in the labor market. To determine the current status questionnaire survey was used both by staff and by management. Furthermore, a survey was conducted in the vicinity of society, as seen in the labor market and potential employees.
Diversity Management
Tomášik, Peter ; Urbancová, Hana (advisor) ; Vendula, Vendula (referee)
Thesis called Diversity management deals with the application of Diversity Management in an organization. The main aim of the thesis identify elements of Diversity Management and evaluate the implementation of the concept of diversity workplace in the Czech organizations with regard to the factors examined diversity. Attention is focused on gender diversity and diversity of age. The thesis is dividend into two parts. In the theoretical part are clearly presented the basic concepts: diversity, Diversity Management, gender and age diversity, including theoretical analysis of the issue of Diversity Management. The analytical part of the thesis deals with the factors studied gender and age Diversity Management in the organization XY. Gradually this is in part characterized by, the profile of the organization, its organizational structure and assessed the current situation of the concept of diversity. Given the fact that XY has not yet entered into the implementation of the concept of Diversity Management, in conclusion suggested appropriate recommendations for this organization. The proposed recommendations arising the results of the survey of employees, individual interviews and group interviews with leading the organization.
The Economic Impacts of Regional Development Support
Doležalová, Ludmila ; Urbancová, Hana (advisor) ; Fajčíková, Adéla (referee)
This Bachelor´s thesis entitled The Economic Impact of Supporting Regional Development is concerned with a summary of the problem of unemployment, the employment market, and salary evolution/development in the Louny district. This is one of the key themes of the current and also future economy of the state. The problem of unemployment affects the whole of society and each individual separately. The objective of this thesis is to identify and evaluate the economic impact of supporting regional development, evaluate the knowledge gained, warn about the problems discovered in the district and deduce recommendations, which would lead to an impovement in the situation in the selected district of Louny. In the thesis, a summary and evaluation of the current state of selected demographic, socioeconomic and economic aspects of regional development support in the Louny area has been carried out. An important part of the work is the analysis of secondary sources and the analysis of secondary sources data, this data was subjected to quantitative research. During writing the thesis qualitative research was carried out by interviewing. Not the least part was the use of the synthesis of knowledge method and also the evaluation of the theoretical and practical parts of the thesis. From the results of the survey it is clear that unemployment in the region has been above the national average for a long time. However, recently positive developments have been registered. In order to continue that trend, improved communication between the Employment Office and existing employers, and also attracting new investors to the region is recommended.
Factors effecting work satisfaction in an organization
Pišínová, Barbora ; Urbancová, Hana (advisor) ; Vostrovská, Hana (referee)
This bachelor work deals with factors that influence employees and their job satisfaction and performance. The theoretical part concers a description of basic notions which are connected with this topic, for example motivation and stimulation, job behaviour and employees' priorities. For the practical part were used questionnaires, whose results were evaluated and then was recommended the proposed solution.
Methods of Recruitment in Selected Organization
Vlková, Martina ; Urbancová, Hana (advisor) ; Helena, Helena (referee)
Nowadays you can rank among the most important source of human capital. The company must maintain with market position and competitiveness in today's fast developing market. The company is fully dependent on the actions of people who work in it, because people make up a very significant element of the company.Recruitment methods applied to each company, when he tries to get the best potential candidates. The target of the thesis was to evaluate methods of recruitment at Schneider Electric, a. s., and a staffing agency Manpower, in case of deficiencies suggest better proposals for recruitment. To obtain the information needed to develop the work was analyzed literature and internal documents of the company. The results were achieved using qualitative and quantitative research. It was applied so. Interrogation method using a questionnaire survey among employees, and structured interviews with the personnel department of Schneider Electric, a. s. And a staffing agency Manpower. From the survey results, it was found that Schneider Electric, a. s. Uses modern methods of recruitment. The findings are recommended suggestions to improve methods of recruitment. In the future the company should expand cooperation with educational institutions to participate in the job fair, organize teambuilding and hold regular meetings, to change the company's official website - a regular update of jobs, improve cooperation with the staffing agency Manpower, and expand advertising jobs from across the web website.
Methods of Recruitment in Selected Organization
Neprašová, Marie ; Urbancová, Hana (advisor) ; Helena, Helena (referee)
This thesis deals with methods of recruitment, which play an important role for the proper functioning of organization. Employees are an important element of any society because they are carriers of knowledge. The aim is to identify and evaluate methods of recruitment in the selected organization. In case of deficiencies are identified, suggest appropriate changes that will lead to the improvement of the methods of recruitment. The theoretical part was processed by the methods of the analysis of primary and secondary sources of information, relevant to the issue. The views of the individual authors focused on the issue were compared and then using the method of the synthesis processed in the theoretical background of the thesis. The practical part was prepared based on the study and analysis of primary and secondary sources and methods of personal and written questioning, was therefore carried out quantitative research (questionnaire) and qualitative research (semi-structured interview). On the basis of a synthesis of the results of this research and the previous outputs of the thesis, proposals and recommendations were processed. The main weakness in the studied area is underestimating the methods of the recommendation by the company, even though 93% of employees would recommend to a friend, to run for the job in the organization.

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