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Methodology of flower bed restoration
Kuťková, Tatiana ; Uher, Jiří ; Klasová, Kristýna
Flower beds are an important detail of garden art monuments. The work is focused on the recommendation of working procedures for the restoration of flower beds in landscape architecture objects with significant cultural and historical value in the Czech Republic, which may be the subject of interest for monument care. It provides instructions for evaluating the current state of flower beds, approaches to their design and planning while maintaining a high degree of their authenticity. Emphasis is also placed on the authenticity of historical assortments of flowers.
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Selection and use of plant assortment for works of garden and landscaping from the period of the First Republic
Kuťková, Tatiana ; Uher, Jiří
The aim of the methodology is to create a methodical procedure on the basis of which it is possible to proceed with the study, identification and selection of a suitable assortment of plants, with emphasis on ornamental plants - trees, bushes and herbs, designing, designing and the realization of the renovation of the garden-architectural objects of the period of the First Republic in the territory of the Czech Republic, which may be the object of interest in monument care, in order to promote and maximize their authenticity. It is also a goal to mediate an overview of the most commonly used plants in the current period.
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Universal precision rectifiers with current active elements and current excitation
Uher, Jiří ; Polák, Josef (referee) ; Langhammer, Lukáš (advisor)
This thesis deals mainly with universal precision full-wave rectifiers with current excitation of diodes, it also describes current and universal current conveyor and influence of the diode reverse recovery time. In the end of this thesis a new circuit solution of the universal precision full-wave rectifier is proposed and realized.
Proposal of the fractal order filtering structures
Uher, Jiří ; Dvořák, Jan (referee) ; Langhammer, Lukáš (advisor)
This thesis deals with the fractional (1+)-order filters. The proposed filters operate in the current-mode. The derivation of the filters has been achieved using a third-order aproximation of the coresponding fractional-order transfer functions. It also describes active elements such as universal current conveyor, current follower and operational transconductance amplifier. In the end of this thesis some new circuit solutions of the fractional-order filter are proposed. Then the proposed filters are realized and experimentally measured.

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