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Professional development portfolio - Petra Trojanová
Trojanová, Petra ; Zvírotský, Michal (advisor) ; Thorovská, Alena (referee)
The content of the professional development portfolio of Petra Trojanová includes 10 obligatory chapters, dealing with questions about personality and work of a high school teacher. The portfolio brings a look at professional development and self-reflection of writer during her Bachelor's program of Teacher Training in Vocational Education and Training at Faculty of Education, Charles University. One part of the portfolio is devoted to a case study of one selected school focused on teaching vocational training in the field of cosmetic services. The author also maps teacher's individual work activities and their schedule over a month using analysis of professional development of a particular high school teacher. Theoretical knowledge is gathered from the fields of pedagogy, sociology and psychology. KEY WORDS teacher, pupils, burnout syndrome, case study,professional development, individual work activities
Účetní a daňové aspekty rozdělení obchodních korporací
Trojanová, Petra
The diploma thesis deals with transformations of business corporations, namely with a separation. This transformation is analysed from a legal, accounting and tax view. Accounting and tax impacts of separation as well as problematic areas that might arise within realization of a separation are specified in the thesis. The attention is further paid to a separation of business corporations pursuant to international accounting standards. A comparison of Czech accounting legislation and international accounting standards in the area of separation of business corporations is carried out within the diploma thesis. Based on this comparison impacts in different presenting and assessing of newly existed items in equity and balance sum are determined. A part of the thesis is also an analysis of separation of business corporations performed in the year 2016 and a model example of a separation.
Financování malých obcí
Trojanová, Petra
The bachelor's thesis is divided into a theoretical and a practical part. Firstly in the theoretical part the terms relating to a municipality or its budget are de-fined. The attention is paid in particular to the tax incomes of the municipality and the legislation changes of Act No. 243/2000 Coll., on Budget Allocation of Taxes. In the next part the summary of the sources from which the small municipalities are able to receive the financial means in the year 2015 is created. In the practical part the system of budget allocation of taxes before the year 2013 and after this year is compared. Based on the evaluation of the legislation changes the main aim of the bachelor's thesis is to find out how performed modifications influenced the income part of the budget of the municipality Fryšava pod Žákovou horou. In the thesis the anticipated incomes from the shared taxes of the selected municipality collected for the year 2015 and the planned changes of the Acton Budget Allocation of Taxes from the year 2016 are mentioned. The part of the thesis deals with the financial analysis of the municipality Fryšava for the period of 2011 -- 2013. The aim is to determine which means have flown to the budget of the municipality within this time period. In particular, which grants the municipality has drawn. Finally, the findings gained during the preparation of this thesis are summarized.

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