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Phonetic Analysis of Anglicisms in French
Tomíčková, Markéta ; Duběda, Tomáš (advisor) ; Vacula, Richard (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to examine the integration of anglicisms into French from a phonetic point of view. The theoretical part deals with the delimitation of the term 'anglicism', its place in the French lexis, a comparison of the phonological systems of both languages and the regularities in phonetic adaptation of anglicisms in the target language. The practical part includes an analysis of the pronunciation of chosen anglicisms. It records variation in lexicographical works as well as in real speech and determines the degree of variability, based on recordings of native speakers. The thesis proceeds from the assumption that anglicisms were, are and will continue to be a highly relevant issue. In spite of all the measures aimed against their integration into the French lexis, they have their place in it, often in several pronunciation variants - whether due to the different inventory of phonemes or to sociolinguistic factors. KEY WORDS: anglicism, French, pronunciation, phonetic adaptation of loanwords
Motion games for pupils of the first stage of primary schools - nature is the best gym
Tomíčková, Markéta ; Kuhnová, Věra (advisor) ; Hrabinec, Jiří (referee)
TITLE: Motion games for pupils of the first stage of primary schools - nature is the best gym. ABSTRACT: This thesis deals with movement activities and games for pupils of primary school. In the theoretical part of my thesis I discuss classifications of movement activities and games, their meaning and how the games should be implemented and organized. I also focus on the use of movement activities and games in nature during the classes of physical education at schools. In the practical part I find out, with the help of a questionnaire, how classes of physical education are lead in Czech primary schools. While implementing movement activities and games in classes, I experimented with my own activity games, tried my own methods for their compilation and could, therefore, verify them in practice straight away. Another research described in my thesis was done through conversations with children which we had about the experiment performed. KEYWORDS: game, movement game, child, nature, movement
Výzkum a vývoj hybridního energetického systému s OZE s možností autonomního provozu a studie jejich aplikačního potenciálu v podmínkách ČR
Solartec s.r.o., Rožnov pod Radhoštěm ; Bravenec, Petr ; Malota, Vladimír ; Tomíčková, Markéta ; Bártek, Jiří ; Mudroň, Igor ; Sekanina, Jiří ; Moravec, Petr ; Lenomarová, Kristýna ; Řehák, Jaromír ; Čech, Pavel ; Poruba, Aleš ; Bařinka, Radim ; Kliment, Jiří ; Mikulenka, Miroslav
Dosažené výsledky: Vývoj struktury experimentálního hybridního systému, výběr vhodných komponent, především řídící jednotky, zajišťování potřebných dokumentů a povolení potřebných k výstavbě systému, sestavení experimentálního systému, provedení provozních zátěžových testů a jejich vyhodnocení, vyhodnocení provozu systému.

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2 Tomíčková, Marta
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