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School as an Integration Partner. Interim research report.
Leontiyeva, Yana ; Mikešová, Renáta ; Tollarová, Blanka ; Šimon, Martin ; Čermáková, Dita
The interim research report is a summary of the findings of the School as an Integration Partner project, which deals with the integration of migrant background pupils (non-native language speakers) in Prague's primary schools. The first part of the report deals with the analysis of available statistical data, analysis of previous research and other sources of information on pupils with migrant background. The second part summarizes the findings from an extensive research at primary schools in Prague conducted within the project in the school year 2019-2020 and focused on the situation of pupils with insufficient knowledge of Czech as a language of instruction. The research focused on finding out the number of these pupils at individual primary schools in Prague including the estimation of their language skills. The research also focused on the use of individual support measures by schools, on financing support of migrant background pupils and on the existence of teachers specialized in teaching Czech as a foreign language.
Involving users of social services in the community planning process in Karlovy Vary Region
Pisár, Robert ; Tollarová, Blanka (advisor) ; Růžička, Michal (referee)
This Master's thesis deals with the description of the current state of community planning of social services and the mid-term planning of development of social services in the Karlovy Vary region. At the same time, the thesis reflects the historical content which led to the use of the community planning method in The Czech Republic. In the thesis, the author uses examples from abroad and from The Czech Republic that show specific problems especially encountered by organizers planning social services. The author bases his research on his analysis of interviews held with planning coordinators in the Karlovy Vary region. From the coordinators viewpoint, they describe structure and course of social service planning processes in the region. The author also examines the role of users invited into the planning of social services, how planning organizers communicate with those users, and how all representatives evaluate the plan's results. An additional information source regading social services planning dealt with publicly available resources, particularly websites of individual cities and their regions. The objectives of using this sources were to describe the planning of social services in the Karlovy Vary region and to determine its main active players. In conclusion, the author summarizes the...
The Altruistic Phenomenom of Living Kidney Donation
Bobek, Vít ; Tollarová, Blanka (advisor) ; Kolářová, Marie (referee)
The Altruistic Phenomenon of Living Kidney Donation This thesis considers experiences related to the altruistic phenomenon of living kidney donation. The aim is to describe and explain the motivations, attitudes and actions of those who have decided to donate one of their kidneys to a person with end-stage renal disease. The thesis is divided into two main sections: a theoretical part and research work carried out by the author. The theoretical part provides a short history of living kidney donation and explains the clinical basis for living donor kidney transplants. In addition, this section briefly introduces the transplant centre of the Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine, including its strategy and interests. The theoretical part also outlines the risks to the donor of unilateral removal of a kidney, the ethical issues of living kidney donation, psycho-social aspects, and the legal conditions of procuring a kidney from a living donor. The research component states the basic research question, giving rise to specific questions and interview questions. It introduces the research method chosen - the phenomenological approach - and describes the sample of respondents and their selection. An outline of the process of collecting and analysing the research data is also included in this...
Pregnancy and childbirth Roma women in the context of transcultural care
Trávníčková, Monika ; Tollarová, Blanka (advisor) ; Hnilicová, Helena (referee)
The thesis deals with pregnancy and childbirth among Roma women in the context of transcultural care. In the theoretical part, three main topics relevant to the subject of the thesis are addressed: (i) transcultural care and its development both abroad and in the Czech Republic, (ii) the Roma way of life with a special focus on those aspects affecting the way of perceiving and experiencing the pregnancy and childbirth by Roma women, and (iii) recent trends in providing care to pregnant and labouring women. The empirical part includes a qualitative research into how Roma women perceive and experience pregnancy and childbirth, and what characteristics from the perspective of midwives make them different from the majority society women. Using qualitative research based on interviews with Roma women and midwives I gained valuable data upon which I have identified cultural differences which may affect Roma women's access to prenatal care, the manner of pregnancy planning, and the perception of pregnancy or parturition itself. Based on these findings, I have analysed the applicability of the transcultural care model to Roma women. The main objective is to help midwives to better understand different situations they may encounter during the caregiving Roma women. Key words: culture, transcultural care,...
Supervision as a possible support for hospice employees
Pižlová, Martina ; Tollarová, Blanka (advisor) ; Loučka, Martin (referee)
This dissertation originates in research project Potřeby a podpora pracovníků poskytujících paliativní péči v hospicích (FHS_P19_2014_068) (Paliative Hospices Care Staff Needs and Support) which was implemented in 2015. The dissertation deals with needs of hospices staff. These are derived from demands and requirements placed on the staff and correlate with their workload. I express management strategies and attitudes related to staff support. In the theoretical part of the dissertation I survey organization culture and ways and means of staff care. One of the care forms may be supervision. I⁠ focus on its possible form (shape) and supervisor's function. The empirical part of the dissertation is based on the research performed in two hospices. I focus on facility description and provided care. It is based on conversations with staff and management of these facilities. I try to depict the way management views the staff support, demanding situations they are exposed to and their idea of management support. Last but not least I⁠ focus on the supervision area, the way the staff perceives it, to what extent they see it as a contribution (benefit) and what do they expect of it. Powered by TCPDF (
"Normal people travel on honeymoon, we travelled to the foreign police department": Analysis of reflected experience with binational marriage
Šobáňová, Hana ; Ezzeddine, Petra (advisor) ; Tollarová, Blanka (referee)
This thesis deals with binacional marriage. The aim was to determine how migration and integration policies of the Czech Republic constructs binational marriages and how this policy can affects the everyday life of these marriages. Binacional marriage mean in this work ,defined as the marriage of two heterosexual people, who is the citizen of Czech Republic and citizen of countries outside the European Union. The thesis contains theoretical part, which are primarily institutional and legislative framework of binational marriages and fake marriages. Another part is methodological content, ethics research, my positionality and actual implementation research. For research, I have chosen the method of semistructure interview. The part of research, is based on collected data from interviews with spouses binacional describe how these couples questioned by the government, especially at the first year of marriage, then what resistance to use and how to achieve recognition.Conclusion of this work summarizes the knowledge learned.
The first case of integration of specialized palliative care in nursing home for the elderly
Pochmanová, Karolína ; Tollarová, Blanka (advisor) ; Loučka, Martin (referee)
In my thesis I focus on integration of the palliative care in the retirement home describing it through the practical cooperation of two organisations - The Homecoming and Domov Sue Ryder. In the theoretical part I deal with the term of palliative care first, and I also introduce the specifications of the geriatric palliative care. In the subsequent part I describe the residential institutions of social care and professions that are employed in them, as well as, the multi-disciplinary team offering specialised palliative care. I also present the term of shared care existing abroad together with the foreign models of palliative care integration in the retirement homes already used in Austria and Great Britain. The conclusion of the theoretical part explores the actual project of palliative care integration called that is currently taking place in the Czech Republic. In the practical part I offer the description of an actual cooperation, for which I used the notes put down by the employees of The Homecoming after each visit; interviews with the employees of the Sur Ryder home and The Homecoming; a so-called timeline created for each shared care patient; experience from the meetings; my own experience from the meetings and educational activities; formal and informal discussions; guidelines and...
Volunteer Management in Hospices
Sobotová, Zdeňka ; Tollarová, Blanka (advisor) ; Marková, Monika (referee)
TITLE: Volunteer Management in Hospices AUTHOR: Bc. Zdeňka Sobotová KEY WORDS: hospice, palliative care, volunteering, volunteer management, Volunteer Service Manager This thesis deals with the management of the volunteer program in hospice, mainly from the perspective of the Volunteer Service Managers (VSMs). In the empirical part it brings description of the problems and issues VSMs are facing in eight Czech hospices. Among the main findings of the author are that volunteering in hospices deals with little support from management, lack of finance and difficult acceptance by the staff. The time VSMs can devote to volunteers is too little or too vaguely defined, which does not allow them to really develop the volunteer program. In none of the hospices visited volunteer program evaluation does not take place. Mobile hospices are facing concerns about the responsibilities of volunteers and difficulties in communication with families, which in some hospices lead to the fact that the volunteers in direct care are not involved. In the theoretical part of this work the author offers answers that bring literature to the problems described by her research. Together with the best advice received from respondents of her research are then summarized in the form of a practical handbook for VSMs, which can be...
Person-centered Care in Residential Care Facility for the Elderly
Hrdá, Karolína ; Lejsal, Matěj (advisor) ; Tollarová, Blanka (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to identify and to describe barriers to the implementation of person-centered care in specific residential care facility for the elderly. For this purpose, the author firstly conceptualizes the concept of person-centered care. Consequently, she develops the Framework for conducting research. The theoretical portion consists of five chapters. The first chapter focuses on the person- centered care concept introduction, then it describes the relationship between concepts 'individualization of care' and 'person-centered care'. In the conclusion of the first chapter, the Schema of the concept is introduced. The Schema visualizes the structure for chapters two to five. In those chapters, a description of the systems defined in the Schema is provided. Those are: Care Recipients, Direct Care Actors, and Service Providers. The end of the first part brings the topic of a suitable organizational culture. The empirical portion firstly offers the summary of the theoretical background - so follows the Framework for the consequent analysis and data interpretation - then introduces relevant aspects within researched organization, particularly within organization currently implemented a psychobiographical model of care that is the approach to person-centered care. The empirical portion...
How do technologies influence the interaction between nurse and patient?
Chalabalová, Zdeňka ; Tollarová, Blanka (advisor) ; Drábková, Hana (referee)
The thesis deals with technologies that nurses use in their work. These technologies are computers and tablets when nurses write electronic nursing documentation, use barcode readers when administering medications to clients of health services and in collecting blood and other laboratory samples. The theoretical part is devoted to medical and nursing documentation what legislation is in force, what the content of documentation is. After that there are presented companies that provide digitization and organization, where the technologies are used. In the empirical part I used qualitative research: in-depth interviews, observation and analysis of time frames. I examined how these technologies affect the work of nurses at which action is used by nurses and how they are perceived in their practice. The research was conducted in the hospital where digitisation has succeeded and the vision is a "paperless" hospital. The research has shown that nurses acknowledge the electronic documentation, but they are not fully identified with barcode readers. The process of implementation and organization of work has great influence on the adoption of new technology. This pilot research on the use of technology has opened new topics and directions for other research, which may also have practical applications. Key...

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