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The specifics of television road cycling commentary - comparative analysis of linguistic features used in live streams from the Tour de France
Tinková, Alexandra ; Svobodová, Ivana (advisor) ; Schneiderová, Soňa (referee)
The main goal of this work is to analyze the linguistic features of road cycling commentary, as used by the Czech television's commentator Tomáš Jílek, and to observe the changes, that may have occurred in the ten years, that Czech television broadcasts the cycling race of Tour de France. The author firstly focuses on Czech linguistic theory, follows up with the theory of sports journalism and describes the specifics of spoken language used in the journalistic field. Furthermore, the author specifies concrete linguistic features, on which she then focuses in the analysis. The theoretical findings are thereafter applied and demonstrated in the analytic part of the work, which is focused on two race days selected from the Tour de France. Last but not least, the author compares the linguistic aspects of both commentaries and states other interesting outcomes of the analysis.
Comparative analysis of linguistic features used by sport commentators on Czech television and Eurosport during the 2018/2019 season
Tinková, Alexandra ; Svobodová, Ivana (advisor) ; Podzimek, Jan (referee)
The goal of this work is to analyse linguistic features used by biathlon sport commentators on two television channels, ČT sport and Eurosport, further to compare them and try to show a realistic view on the lexical aspect of the Czech sport commentary. The author first focuses on the Czech language theory, then the theory of sport journalism and spoken language. She further selects categories of the most used linguistic features in the biathlon commentary and shortly characterises the sport of biathlon. The findings are then applied during the analysis of a specific commentary on both television channels, where the work focuses mainly on the demonstration and examination of earlier stated most frequent linguistic features. Because of the character of the work, which is comparative analysis, the author in the end focuses on comparison of linguistic aspects on both television channels. She also briefly covers the content and the phonetical aspect of the analysed commentary and the overall impression taken.

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